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Healing Albert The Squirrel

So after my hummingbird Henry disappeared and was replaced by a group of indistinguishable hummingbirds, I came upon Albert the squirrel. Albert was experiencing difficulty chewing nuts and I realized there was a serious problem when he was unable to open a peanut shell that another neighbor had given him. Out of concern I contacted Sharon (once again) at the Squirrel Mender Wildlife Rehabilitation non profit. The following was our conversation:

Hi Sharon. This is Jennie. Hope your having a good weekend. We texted back in April regarding my squirrel Patches. Since our last conversation Patches has disappeared however there is another squirrel I've been feeding at my building who appears to have the tooth issue you mentioned... malocclusion. One side has grown too long and he is unable to bite through the shell of nuts. He also has difficulty eating nuts without shells. I am considering trying to get him into a container and taking him to you. Would I need to schedule an appt or could I just bring him in during certain hours? Thanks!

I feel really bad for this poor guy. Its almost an hour later and hes still in the same spot trying to eat the nuts I left him.

Sharon's response: I can no longer cut teeth. Call California Wildlife Center and see if they can do it.

I said: Ok. Thanks!

Sharon writes: My arthritis is too bad to handle the squirrel and use the clippers.

I write: Ok. Im sorry to hear that!

Sharon: Tough getting old.

Me: This sulfur may help?... I study natural cures. If you call the number and speak to Cindy about your condition she will be able to tell you if her sulfur can help. I've personally witnessed miracles with this sulfur. Cant hurt to try?

You can also google cellular matrix study to read more about their sulfur and what it does.

Sharon: I do a lot of homeopathy, both for me and the squirrels. Thanks for the info.

Me: Have a goodnight!

So next I call the California Wildlife Center and they tell me to text photos of Albert to their veterinary number.

So this is what I text them: Hi. One of the squirrels I feed at my building appears to have malocclusion. He cannot bite through peanut shells and he is having a difficult time eating nuts without shells. I attached a photo. I feel really bad for him and would like to help him. Please advise. Thanks.

California Wildlife Center responds:

If the squirrel declines and becomes easier to capture then you can message us again but there's not much we can do since the squirrel is mobile

Well that's not much help is it?

At this point I prayed for Albert and placed his photo on a healing radiator on my altar...with a healing stone to charge up the intention! Albert disappeared for about 2 days and when he reappeared he was looking better and eating his nuts faster! But he still had a big lump on the right side of his face!

Back to texting Sharon: Hi Sharon, I contacted the california wildlife organization as you suggested and this is what they told me: If the squirrel declines and becomes easier to capture then you can message us again but there's not much we can do since the squirrel is mobile

Do you have any other suggestions? My moms friend seems to think if he doesn't get help he will die.

Fyi... In my opinion he's looking better than when I photographed him. Hes eating faster now and seems ok although he wont eat almonds for some reason. Just peanuts, walnuts and other nuts. He does have a big lump on the right side of his face though. I'm hoping he gets better!

Sharon: Almonds are not that great for him and not a favorite for squirrels. If the squirrel is mobile they are hard to catch. We all hate to trap a squirrel unless we have to.

I wrote back: Ok

I will stop feeding them almonds and I will keep a close eye on my squirrel.

Sharon: Let me know. Good luck.

Me: Thanks!

So now I'm waiting for Albert to make a miraculous recovery! I am expecting a miracle therefore it must occur!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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