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I Feel Good and I Keep Feeling Better!

"I Feel Good and I Keep Feeling Better!" That's easier said than done I suppose... but the fact still remains... if you say this phrase enough times you may actually start to feel good... and perhaps even start to feel better? I have been feeling pretty bad as of late... Well, I'd rather say that I was feeling pretty bad... I was feeling like a serious loser. I was depressed. I had anxiety. I was contemplating starting a whole new life. Now I feel good and I keep feeling better... (I'm trying) I have been going through a rollercoaster of sorts. My living situation has been feeling quite uncomfortable and my financial situation has been looking quite bleak as well... but it's all getting better now ever since my spiritual mentor handed me a secret audio book... one that I am not allowed to share on my blog unfortunately... at least not the name of the audio book or the author's name... but I will share bits and pieces of information with you in articles... I can at least do that!

So I'm listening to this audio book about how the law of attraction really works and I'm actually feeling pretty good about what I'm hearing. This audio book states that one of the most important things that one must do in order to attract what they really want out of life is simply... to feel good! And to keep feeling better! So I started meditating on feeling good and feeling better. A vision came to me! Earplugs! Wow! The energy of the universe told me to start wearing earplugs around my step daughter. She screams quite a bit, but there's also an energy in her voice, a tone if you will, that I find to be quite irritating and even maddening at times. Her voice triggers me. It's harsh. I'm not going to go into too many details. I would rather not speak badly about the poor child who just lost her mother to drugs only a few months ago. She's really been through a lot... and I can sense it off of her... her pain and irritation affects me greatly... but her voice... that really affects me! Apparently I am highly sensitive to sound... more than I ever knew!

Then the spirit told me to take it one step further... silence! Start ever morning in silence with earplugs in! I drive my step daughter to school everyday and I pick her up from school everyday, and honestly it has not been very fun at all to say the least. The mornings seem to be the worst... But it's all starting to feel pretty miserable. She can be very moody and particularly rude! The earplugs and silence have helped quite a bit... At first things felt wonderful but then my step daughter adjusted to the new silent me. Unfortunately I had to the break silence when she started acting up and ignoring me. I didn't want to get physical with her. When I say physical I don't mean hitting her... if anything I have to block her from hitting me... But if she's not moving, and completely ignoring me, and we have to get out the door to get to school on time then something must be done... or said! So I had to speak... and it destroyed my peace... for a moment...until I remembered... "I feel good and I keep feeling better."

So in the car we were silent again, that is until my intuition reminded me that this child hid her hairbrush somewhere in her jacket or in her book bag, when she was told that she couldn't take it to school with her. The last time she took her hair brush to school she lost it. I had to speak to get the hair brush back from her. She wouldn't comply. So I had to call her father and put him on speaker phone. She was still being difficult. Finally she takes the hair brush out of her book bag and aggressively hands it to me (but she wanted to throw it at me) and she says "Here's the damn hairbrush." She's 6 years old...nice language huh? No believe me, damn is nothing... This girl has acquired the vulgar vocabulary of a drunken sailor... she is well versed in quite a few curse words... and her father allows her to say them. But it's not really the words that bother me, rather it is the energy with which these words are spoken. It's harsh to my system. Shrill. Piercing. I can feel the bad energy radiating throughout my entire body. Thank goodness for earplugs! They do help.

I feel good and I keep feeling better... No, this has not been an easy ride for me and sometimes it is very difficult to feel good. But I managed to do something right... This affirmation is doing something because all of a sudden money is starting to come to me... from different sources...from all around! Perhaps it's the affirmation, or the earplugs, or the silence... or just the knowingness that everything is going to be okay and keeps getting better... I am trying and doing my very best to defeat negative cycles right now... and I know that the most high divine creator, the spirit of the universe, the stuff that everything is made of hears my prayers, hears my thoughts, hears my intentions and is doing everything in it's otherworldly power to manifest the best possible reality for me right now! And knowing this does feel good! It feels quite good and will continue to feel better.

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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