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My Father's Visit (and Healing)

My father visited me for a short, yet potent 24 hour visit the other day. This was the first time I saw my father since covid happened. He recently received the pfizer vaccine, against my wishes, and so I felt obliged to provide him with as much healing energy as I possibly could during the extent of his very short visit with me.

I picked my father up at The Hilton Hotel by LAX (Los Angeles Airport) at around 2:15pm or so on Monday afternoon. My dad looked good considering all that we've been through over past year and change. As we drove back to my place, hidden under the sound of a classical music station, I was playing an audio by Tybro called "Breaking Curses." I think the name is self explanatory. I was also carrying my AOS (Angels of Sanctification) medallion on me for protection and my Miracle medallion. And I was wearing a whole slew of energy devices including the super powerful Ye Ming Zhu/ Dragon's Pearl.

Well, perhaps my father's demons were struggling in the confines of such a small car space. Sooner or later my father started speaking very badly about my best friend and music partner of 20 years. And he began the same uncomfortable line of questioning that seems to resurface every time he visits. My father always asks a whole line up of questions about where my friend is living. When my father became satisfied with all of my answers to his questions he began a heated political debate, knowing that we don't share the same opinions at all. I reluctantly participated, and somehow miraculously won the debate, at which point my father didn't wish to debate anymore...ofcourse!

We stopped at my neighborhood weed shop and my father picked out some marijuana to smoke. We went back to my apartment where my dad took a few hits of his weed and then proceeded to play a few games of online chess. My apartment is super packed with energy healing devices... even moreso than what I was wearing in the car. And I had the Ana B'choach Miracle Prayer playing in the background. Perhaps once again the energy became too intense. My father decided he needed to take a walk... by himself! So I decided to take a meditation power nap in my meditation pyramid while my dad took his walk. The plan was to go out to eat together at his favorite happy hour bar when he returned.

So you know what happens next? My father returns from his walk and admits to me that he went to the bar without me, drank some alcohol and ate a meal! Wow! So now we walk back to the bar together, as my father appears to be passing out, and he watches me eat a whole meal (a burger and fries). When we return to my apartment he plays a few more rounds of chess and than turns in for the night. Little did he know I had placed a super powerful Ye Ming Zhu/ Dragon's pearl stone under his bed charged for his healing. I also placed a mini zohar and a super charged amethyst under his pillow. Finally I had a cellular regeneration audio playing in the background to heal my father's entire body. And I was wearing my ultimate healing tool that had just arrived in the mail. My Healing Spell Amplifier Medallion which amplifies the healing energy of the cellular regeneration audio. I started putting reiki symbols all over the room as I wore my high frequency healing medallion. I showered the room with energy!

My father woke up telling me that he had the chills but didn't want to close the window. He had to open up his blanket to stay warm. The next day he told me that after he had the chills he started to sweat. He had also been coughing a bit. He complained of hernia pain that afternoon. He wasn't sure why he was experiencing all these symptoms. I told him that he may have been experiencing a healing crisis/ detoxification from all the healing energy in the apartment. I started playing a healing words audio in the background.

On the drive back to the hotel at the airport the conversation became very interesting. I could tell that my father had been affected in a profound way by all of the healing devices and energy in the apartment. We spoke about my childhood and unanswered questions. Things I had been thinking about for a while but didn't really want to ask. My father started talking about these things which surprised me. He told me how bad and guilty he felt for things that happened to me during my childhood... things he wish he could've prevented but didn't know how to. I told him it was okay. I do not regret my difficult childhood and I do not blame my dad for any of it. He was also quite apologetic for visiting me for such a short period of time and he promised to visit me again soon for a longer period of time. It was a very eye opening positive conversation. I had the Ana Bchoach playing in the background the whole time ofcourse!

Finally when we get to the hotel and were getting out of the car my father asks me if I felt that his visit was a positive one. I explained that the visit had both positives and negatives...duality. I told him that I didn't like that he talked badly about my friend and then proceeded to ask me the same questions he asks me about this friend every time he visits. My father understood and promised to never talk badly about him again or ask the same questions about him again. I also told him that I don't enjoy our political debates. We have different opinions and we should just leave it at that. He agreed. Finally, I didn't like that he went to eat dinner without me. But I told him that he gets a curve. He was high and drinking alcohol. So I understood. We hugged and said goodbye.

As I drove back home I realized that the final conversation I just had with my father had made the visit a perfect visit. It was an important conversation that would've never happened had my father not asked me how I felt about the visit. The next day I decided to call my dad and tell him how much I appreciated his visit...especially that final conversation. He called me back and told me that what I had said to him on voicemail was a really kind thing to say. I could tell that I made him feel better about the visit....and better about our relationship. I believe all the healing tools I used (audios, medallions, crystals, stones, zohar, reiki, etc) were beyond helpful and thus made this visit with my father a grand success! In the past my father's visits would create anxiety, depression and headaches. This time... No negative symptoms whatsoever! Only warm positive thoughts and feelings. I am truly blessed!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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