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Protect Your Car from Negative Entities and Curses!

In my last article, "Protection from Negative Entities & Demons Continued..."I described a few tools that one can use to protect oneself from negative entities and demons. But what if your car is being attacked by these malevolent beings? How would one go about protecting one's car? And, here's an even better question, how would you even know that your car is being attacked by these entities? Let me tell you a story or two...

Back in the day, when I was just a 19 year old college student, I passed my driver's test and received my driver's license. My generous father purchased a brand new yellow mustang for me to drive. It was a fabulous car that really stood out. However, I kept getting pulled over by the police and I kept getting parking tickets. Although I really loved this car, I couldn't afford the tickets that were accumulating.

When an ex-boyfriend had turned into a dangerous stalker, I decided to trade cars with my father's wife. She allowed me to use her Toyota Rav 4 and in exchange she got to drive my yellow mustang. Long story short, as I'm driving the Rav 4 the car ends up slipping on some ice, I lose control of the car and end up flipping over in the middle of a highway. The car gets totaled, but I come out without a scratch...thank goodness!

Fast forward to years later... I sold my yellow mustang and purchased a used Toyota Camry. The Toyota Camry was great for a while, but alas one day it didn't pass the California Smog test so I had to relinquish it. I believe the state of California gave me $1000 for the car. This was a long time ago so i don't remember the story entirely.

At this point my mother helped me purchase a used Toyota Scion. My mother was so worried about this car. She kept expressing her fears about the car getting totaled. Then one day I walked over to my parking spot to find that my car had been smashed up in a hit and run. When I took my scion to the body shop they told me that is was basically totaled! How do you like that one? Regardless, the insurance company paid to fix it, but the body shop did a terrible job. Sooner than later this car became an endless black hole. It kept needing repairs. So I let the car go...

Well, my mother had decided to purchase a brand new Honda CRV for me. She was tired of helping me pay the endless scion repair bills. She warned me that this would be the last car she would ever purchase for me. I better not get into an accident or run the car into the ground! Now, this car has been an interesting situation to say the least. I think it's because of how conscious I've become of negative energy, entities, spirits, curse and demons. I've been doing a lot to protect myself... but not my car! I soon figured out that my car would be in need of protection as well.

It all started one day in 2020 (3 years after my mother purchased this Honda CRV for me... and the year when corona virus/ covid began!) The car battery started to die. I had to get jump start after jump start. I took my car to Honda but they couldn't find a problem. Then I purchased a new battery but the problem continued! Something told me that the car needed energetic protection so I added the Black Cross Invocation to my car to protect my car from negative entities/ spirits. My car already contained a selenite crystal ball with reiki on it and some crystals. That apparently did not create enough protection though!

My mother told me to make sure I started the car everyday. I did my best, and for one whole week I drove my car everyday! No problem! Then I had a music video shoot to go to. As my friend and I were driving to the shoot with all our protection medallions on us (perhaps too I later discovered that we shouldn't be wearing more than two medallions at a time), a small rock hits the car windshield and cracks it! It was very small thank goodness. No need for an immediate repair. But it was weird.

Later on I had to leave the video shoot to go home, eat and feed my cats. I drive back to the video shoot afterwards no problem. After the video shoot ends my friend and I walk to the car. I click on the clicker but it won't work. It won't make a sound or open the door. So I figured that the battery must've died again! But as soon as I manually opened the car door, the alarm went off! So the battery wasn't dead! Very odd! So at this point it's around 1am and were on an empty street and the alarm is ringing like crazy and the clicker won't work to start the car. Thank goodness one of the guys from the shoot had jumper cables... but at this point I was convinced that the car was being energetically attacked...

So I started doing some things to protect my car from negative entities, energies, spirits, demons, curses and hexes. First I placed a protection medallion in my car called The First Medallion. Everything was going well with this medallion in the car. But then another incident occurred! I was dealing with some anxiety...and may have had an entity attached to me. I stepped into my car and started driving. I had two glass bottles of water on the floor by the back seat. All of a sudden the 3 gallon water bottle slightly taps the 2 1/2 gallon bottle of water and cracks it. Now the car is starting to get flooded with water! I pull over and remove all the glass from the car and put down a towel to soak up the water. I sit back in the driver's seat and a weird sense of relief comes over me. My anxiety is gone! Strange!

The next day I go to open my car door and the clicker doesn't make a sound but the car door opens. The battery is losing power again! So I turn on the car for a few seconds and then turn it off. At this point it was time to try some new things. So I started making sure all of my medallions were charged with sunlight for at least 2-3 hours a day. I started placing my AOS medallion (a much stronger protection medallion) in my car for an hour or so at a time every day and I would remove the First Medallion to charge it up in the sun and on my altar. So there would either be a First Medallion or an AOS Medallion in the car at all times!

I decided to take things one step further and play the entity attachment audio in my car once a day for about an hour or so. This would typically happen while the AOS medallion is in the car. I then added a pocket zohar to the car! I placed this zohar right on my driver's seat behind the lumbar pillow. I also started reciting the Thoth Prayer in the car. I speak of this prayer in my last article. It's a pretty fantastic prayer to remove negative entities. I also started reciting some of the Greater Miracles prayer (Usnisa Vijaya Dharani prayer) in the car. I've recently started memorizing it so it will be a little while longer before I have it completely down. But I do feel that this prayer is definitely shifting energy for me. It's a powerful one! I may write a whole article about it soon! And finally, today I played the Miracle Prayer: Breaking Curses and Removing Dark Forces Audio in the car.

There's been no issues for around 4 days now! So that's where I'm at in my process. On the ganden network, one of my followers (a tremendously helpful person) suggested placing The Zohar Volume 6 in the car. Volume 6 supposedly eliminates darkness. He also suggested placing a back obsidian in the car. Finally, two people on the ganden network recommended that I invest in the Defence Against Dark Arts Book. So I may be purchasing this soon! Let's see what happens!

I just wanted to add one more thing, looking back on all my situations with my other cars, I can't help but wonder, have all my cars been getting energetically attacked? It's very possible! Indeed it is! Do you think your car is being energetically attacked? It may be time to do something about it. Til next time... To be continued?

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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