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Senator Wiener's Bill that Would Have Allowed Minors to Consent to Vaccines, is DEAD!

SB 866 is DEAD! The CA Legislative Vaccine Work group is a Failure! 4 bills continue to Governor's desk so Send him a postcard! August 31, 2022 Update: On the last day of the legislative session, A Voice for Choice Advocacy is thrilled to share with you that SB 866, Senator Wiener's bill that would have allowed minors to consent to vaccines, is DEAD! Earlier today he put out a statement saying that he did not have the votes and was putting the bill in the Inactive file. The CA legislature is at the end of a two year session, so if this bill were to come back next year it would have to go through the full legislative process again, but for now we can take a moment and celebrate what has been accomplished this legislative session! 4 out of the 7 bills introduced by the CA Legislative Vaccine Work Group (spearheaded by Senator Pan) died, and others have been heavily amended. As A Voice for Choice Advocacy has said, since we raised the alert last October, these bills were an overreach and an infringement on constitutional and parental rights, as well as bodily autonomy.

The other three bills, SB 1479 (School COVID testing bill), AB 2098 (COVID Physician misinformation bill) and AB 1797 (Vaccine Immunization Registry requirement), are headed to the Governor's desk, along with SB 1419 (Minor medical records). While A Voice for Choice Advocacy's Legislative team and lobbyists reach out to the Governor's office, Governor Newsom also needs to hear from you. So this week, please send a postcard and call Governor Newsom. TAKE ACTION THIS WEEK...

1) SEND A POSTCARD TO GOVERNOR NEWSOM: We have 3000+ postcards on the way to Governor Newsom already, but we want that to be 10,000. It is super easy, quick and doesn't cost you a penny. You can see how easy here: a) Go to: b) Complete the form, including uploading an image for the front of your postcard (if desired) and a message for the back of your postcard c) Repeat for any other family members (children included) who want the Governor to Veto these bills

2) CALL GOVERNOR NEWSOM: Call Governor Newsom's office and leave a message (916) 445-2841 Sample Script: "I am a CA resident. I am calling to ask the you to VETO AB 1797, Assembly Weber’s Immunization Registry bill, AB 2098, Assembly Member Low’s COVID misinformation/disinformation bill, SB 1479, Senator Pan's School COVID testing bill And SB 1419, Senator Becker’s medical privacy bill when they are voted on on the Assembly Floor.”

3) SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! GET YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO CALL AND SEND POSTCARDS: Please share this email with friends and family, as well as on social media so we can get as many people as possible to call and send postcards. If every person gets just 10 other people to take action we would have tens of thousands of postcards. AVFCA can't do this without you!

4) DONATE SO A VOICE FOR CHOICE ADVOCACY CAN KEEP DOING THIS CRITICAL WORK FOR YOU: If you found this information helpful and appreciate the work A Voice for Choice Advocacy is doing, please support us by making a donation today. Together we can make change happen! C

Christina Hildebrand President/Founder A Voice for Choice Advocacy, Inc.


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