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The Life of a Projector Mastering Projector Lessons

The following is my text message response to a series of text messages recently directed to me by a close family member:

"Beautiful memorial! My feelings are not/ were not hurt. I appreciate all your thoughts and opinions. People have been disagreeing with me my entire life. I am used to it. I even expect it and I can handle it. I am that crazy black sheep conspiracy theorist know it all that nobody wants to listen to... at least most people don't, especially my family... and that's ok.

I know who I am and I like who I am. Often times it just takes too much energy for me to express an opposing view point and get caught up in a debate which just irritates everyone so I'm better off remaining silent. I've learned that it doesn't matter who is right or wrong anyway. All that matters is maintaining peace. So with that thought in mind I've learned from experience to just stop talking, texting and expressing my opinions altogether. It's become easier to do so since I started writing my online blog around 6 years ago. I can simply express my thoughts there without experiencing much backlash.

But back to what you were saying... I'm good. Feelings aren't hurt. No offense taken. Glad were getting along. Hope you're day is going well! ❤️👍😃 FYI We may have experienced a miscommunication. My last? email message was directed to my dad. For some reason I thought he was the one who responded to my email message with the question 'so what are you getting at?'

My responses often reflect the energy I get hit with from the words being directed at me in a message and then I visualize who may have wrote the message. You and I were texting so I thought my dad was emailing with me since he doesn't like to text. It gets confusing knowing who I'm communicating with since you both share the same email address!

I think you both sharing an email address may have caused many unfortunate miscommunications throughout the years...especially when you have responded to messages that were intended for my dad. I tried to tell my dad this a long time ago, but my thoughts, opinions and feelings are often not considered and just blatantly ignored. So be it! This is my life, my plight, my grand lesson!

Maybe I will pass the test this time around? Supposedly my opinions upset a lot of people in my past life... and in this life! So I have to learn to do better this time around! I have to learn to just shut my mouth and let people live their lives, believe what they believe, make their own mistakes and learn from them... And only give my opinion when I am invited to do so! I'm trying to get it right! I am getting better with this!

Anyway, perhaps I have explained to much? Hope you're having a good day. Don't Worry Be Happy!"

Ahhh...The Life of a Projector... Forever waiting for the invite! Never actually being heard! Well, at least my 3 cats hear and understand me... even if they too appear to be ignoring me! But I'm used to that!

* Funny thing... As soon as I finished typing up this article my dad calls me up. He tells me that both him and his wife had read my email and he told his wife to write to me saying "so what are you getting at?" So I was right... it was my dad's message that I was responding to. So my dad continues saying that that's neither here nor there. Then he goes on to say that if I want to contact him directly then I should just send him a text message. Well, that could've solved a lot of problems a long time ago. But better late then never I suppose! It's nice to know that my thoughts and feelings are actually being heard and that no one took offense to them this time! Wow! Things are changing for the better! Splendid!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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