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To Sun Gaze or Not To Sun Gaze?

It's been quite the interesting week. Hidden, yet intuitively known truths have been exposed amidst synchronicities... and as new opportunities for my spiritual evolution unfolds! That's a lot squeezed into one sentence! Around 3 weeks ago I read a Rosicrucian lesson regarding superstitions, lucky amulets, medallions, etc. This lesson led to me contemplating a protection medallion that I wear at all times and almost fear taking off. That seems to be an unhealthy relationship with a piece of metal that supposedly provides energetic protection. However I intuitively knew that the fateful day would soon arrive... An eye opening day...a day of reckoning that would force the inevitable disruption of this negative dependency that I had developed with my protection medallion. This day came sooner than I could have ever imagined!

So last Monday, June 10th, I discovered that my close friend/spiritual mentor had been referred to a secret solar group by his close friend/spiritual mentor. Supposedly this group engages in sun gazing. My friend told me that he would have to get to know the group before referring me, however in the meantime he suggested that I start sun gazing for 15 minutes a day with my eyes squinted until they got strong enough not to have to squint. He didn't give me any further instructions... Now, I heard that people could really hurt their eyes and/or go blind sun gazing and thought it might be dangerous, especially at around 3 pm in the afternoon in June in Los Angeles. But then I thought about 'RA', the founder of Human Design, and how he created the whole system by staring into the sun (mid-day)? He didn't go blind, so surely this idea of going blind by staring into the sun is a myth perpetuated by the dark elite to keep the population unenlightened and enslaved.

So for two whole days, around 3 pm, I did my very best to stare into the sun for approximately 15 minutes a day. Why 3 pm? I have no idea! That just seemed to be the time that I made it onto my balcony to engage in this activity. I could barely do it though. The sun was too strong! Interestingly I learned that my left eye is much stronger than my right. Regardless, I felt empowered by the tiny moments (milliseconds?) that I was able to allow a hint of the sun's powerful light into my eyes. At the same time I still questioned whether I really should be sun gazing without having joined the group yet. As usual, the answer came quickly.

On Friday, June 15th, I discovered that someone I knew, not personally, but someone I purchased spiritual items from including my beloved protection medallion, had been kicked out of this secret solar group 9 months after joining. Wow! Turns out that he became demonically possessed, went against the order and started selling their powerful audios! At this point I had a realization that staring into the sun could be dangerous...and that's when I was told by my friend to stop. He actually talked to the lady in charge of the group about me sun gazing and she told him to tell me to stop. Apparently I was in danger of going crazy! So perhaps this so-called blindness that we can all be inflicted with by staring into the sun is actually madness?

At this point I had a vision of Aleister Crowly. Is it possible that he was a member of this powerful solar order, got demonically possessed and went mad? It would appear to me that egotistical types who wish to be worshipped are the ones who typically fall from grace, break oaths and get kicked out of secret groups. A prime example would be L Ron Hubbard who founded Scientology but got kicked out of Masonry for starting his own order and divulging Masonic Secrets. Well, I don't think I have anything to worry about. I'm not egotistical and have no desire to be worshipped or followed. I may talk a lot but I never divulge secrets that I'm told not to divulge. I just wish to become the best version of myself that I can possibly become and help others on their journey of enlightenment as well. But I'm really not the cult leader type. In fact, as a Projector in the System of Human Design, I can hardly get anyone to listen to me or take my advice about anything...and that's okay!  People would rather get sick and die than hear that I have the antidote for their pain and suffering. They simply don't believe me!

Most people just look at me and assume that I'm a nobody that talks too much. I'm too friendly in an unfriendly city. I must not be doing anything important. I must not know anyone important. I must not know anything important. Most people are blind. Only certain spiritually open people can feel that I'm connected to greater things. But even some of these people are trapped in their own spiritual prisons unable to evolve and see past the group that they are currently involved with. I've met these types of people and they just know that there's nothing beyond what they are currently involved with. They will even criticize me for bouncing around trying different spiritual methods and groups. Or they will be judgmental saying Reiki is ok but some other method or group is no good. Some people just feel so comfortable immersed in their belief or group that they couldn't even fathom looking into any other belief, group or practice. But there is always more! I believe that true seekers of truth, knowledge and enlightenment never stop seeking. Once you stop looking you will stop finding. And we are only going to find what we believe is possible to find.

Okay, so I went on a bit of a tangent... but in the end I threw away everything I purchased from the guy who got kicked out of the solar group with the exception of my protection medallion which I stopped wearing and placed on my ancestor altar, and my 'Ana B'choach Prayer' medallion which I'm allowing my friend to hold onto right now. Both got a good rub down with my new 'Evil Be Gone' oil that I just so happened to buy after a recent haunting occurred. I knew that haunting happened for a good reason. I've also stopped listening to all the audios! It was a difficult decision. I had paid a ridiculous amount of money for all of this spiritual stuff and I do feel that it had helped me quite a bit. But as I mentioned in the beginning of this article...the Rosicrucian lesson had prepared me for the inevitable! So now I just wear my Solomon's Seal (oddly spoken about in the following week's Rosicrucian lesson) and my 'Evil Be Gone' oil. I also wear a very powerful Ye Ming Zhu stone from China that provides me with a great deal of protection. I still feel very protected!

So I was told to watch the movie "Doctor Strange" to get a better understanding of the solar group that I will be joining soon. I watched this movie over the weekend and was left wondering if this could all really be possible... Am I really going to develop super powers and end up fighting bad guys? Finally, after driving my friend crazy trying to get him to give me more information about the group and sun-gazing, he spoke to the lady in charge of the order and was given 3 great books for me to read. So far I read two of them... and then got very upset. The reason being, my friend had to know that staring into the sun at 3pm was not proper yet he did not stop me from doing so. I was also upset at myself, because I actually knew the sun gazing instructions explained in these books. I should've remembered. I tried sun gazing before in the past but had a very difficult time getting up early in the morning.

Basically, in summary one should start slowly with sun gazing... 10 seconds the first day, 20 seconds the second day... adding 10 seconds of sun gazing every day until you make it to 45 minutes 9 months later. Also sun gazing should only take place 30 minutes to one hour after sun rise or 30 minutes to one hour before sunset. Not mid-day! Although when I join the order this may change? Finally, it's best to engage in sun gazing from a high up location whereby there's no obstructions to viewing the sun and barefoot on grass or dirt so you're picking up the earth's energy while doing so.

Final thoughts... Sun gazing could be dangerous if not performed properly and is best done with the proper guidance and protection of a reputable sun-gazing solar group! My plan is to follow the instructions provided in my new books and start slow. Since getting up early can be quite difficult for me I will probably end up sun gazing mostly before sunset. I am also sun bathing at least 20-30 minutes a day now and performing my "Salute to the Sun" Qi Gong Exercises daily to further my connection with the powerful sun. So that's the story! I've got to be patient! Great things are in progress! Spiritual Evolution is inevitable! I can't wait to join this group! Unfortunately, I've been told that I'm not allowed to write articles or talk to anyone about what I learn in this new group. Well, that's what happens when you join a secret group! So be it!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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