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Balance on Planet Earth

There is a delicate balance with everything that exists on planet earth. If a species of animal or insect begins to multiply at an unusually fast rate, somehow a predator will come into existence to lower this species numbers. This is how things work here. There must be balance. Without balance this dimension could not exist.

Humanity is multiplying at a particularly fast rate and is also destroying the planet at an incredible rate. Pollution, deforestation and species extinction is an unfortunate bi-product of humanity... or perhaps we can say this is the bi-product of corporate greed which has been constructed by certain facets of our society... The fake monetary system and so forth! Still, humanity is causing a lot of harm to the planet and to all of the beautiful peaceful creatures that inhabit this world.

The powers that be are aware that there is a definite problem here. In an effort to create balance, maintain control, play God and implement other insidious negative agendas that we may not be aware of, the elite are systematically poisoning the human population. Pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, chemtrails, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, fluoride and other toxic chemicals in the water supply, EMF poisoning with smart phones/ smart meters, massive pollution in the air, land and sea.

Then we've got mass manipulation/ mind control to keep the population distracted so they don't realize what's going on. Even worse, we are purposely being kept in a state of fear, anger and distress. We must constantly work to feed ourselves, pay bills, have a roof over our heads and keep all the nice things we've acquired for ourselves throughout the years. We are constantly being bombarded with negative fear mongering information and images in the media. Disease rates are higher then ever. Holistic doctors that find cures for these diseases somehow go missing or are found dead at an alarming rate. Depression and anxiety rates are higher than ever. And the list goes on and on...

Do you believe this is all happening by chance? Yes, population control may be necessary in order to create positive change on this planet. We may actually need to lower our numbers. The movie “Infinity War” pretty much says it all. Thanos, the anti-hero of the movie, travels from planet to planet exacting universal justice by either destroying the planet in its entirety if there is no hope of things improving, or just incinerating half of the population so that the planet can get a fresh start. The age old question… Is Thanos doing the right thing?

All the heros in the movie are trying to stop him, however in reality Thanos is actually making things better and creating balance in the universe. His balance is brutal, however it may be justified? But is it really justified for a being to take it upon himself to make this decision? Don’t you think the universe, in all of its divine wisdom, can create this balance on its own? Does it really need our help to do this? Is it wrong to try to play God? What right do we have to interfere with the natural ways of this reality? Haven't we done enough harm already?

I believe that this overall plan for depopulation, that is being implemented by the elite, may actually work against them at some point. The universe has an innate way of keeping the balance on this planet. Man can only play God for so long. At some point the universe will come along to put man in check. Even though I do believe we are all Gods of our own realities, and together we are co-creating this reality, playing God for others and ultimately deciding who lives and who dies on this planet may not be a decision that we are meant to make. But here's another question... Are the elite really deciding who lives and who dies? Or are we making this decision for ourselves? This is something to think about.

I believe there is an ultimate karma to all of this. Individually and collectively we all have a purpose in this reality. We are all connected to one another and to the ultimate power that is overseeing this dimension. Universally speaking we are all equals, but energetically and karmically that may not be the case. As my good friend/ spiritual mentor says, “Some of us sit a little closer to God at the dinner table.” We are all connected, yet we all have different lives to live. Some of us will remain distracted and some of us will wake up. I am here to help people wake up, but there's only so much I can say and do. Not everyone is meant to see the true reality of this grand illusion. Perhaps ignorance is bliss, although I'm not so sure it is!

I’ve been told and I believe that those who are pure of heart and are truly good people are being protected by a higher power. I’d like to believe that I am one of these people. Those who truly care to make a positive difference on this planet are the type of people who should be here for the next phase of our evolution. The universe knows this. Regardless, there is a duality to this dimension. There must always be an element of both good and evil…balance! Plus we must also remember that this entire reality is actually an illusion and there is no death. So regardless of the philosophy of what is right and wrong here, there is actually nothing to fear. In the end everything will work out for the greater good. I believe the universe has a divine plan. We just all have to hang in there and know that everything is going to be ok! The best thing we can do is stop worrying, stay positive and trust in the divine wisdom of the universal spirit. If we are meant to be here we will be here. If we are meant to go then we will go. Regardless we are all eternal. Matter and energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it simply changes form!

As I state in my poem “The Illusion of Death” from my spiritual self-help poetry book “A Lover in the Land of Hell” … Don't worry about the future, don't fear what you can't see, for in due time it becomes apparent, you are Infinity!”

Jennie Haiman is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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