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Practicing Silence

My good friend/ spiritual mentor is constantly reminding me that I talk too much! Perhaps growing up in New York, with two exceptionally talkative parents, I really didn't have much of a choice. Regardless though, being so talkative is not always such a good personality trait. Even if I do happen to be quite entertaining... and I am! However, when my spiritual mentor told me that I could be stopping myself from manifesting what I want in life because of my excessive talking, I knew I had to put in some effort to change this habit. Supposedly all of my talking has been wasting too much energy... Energy that can be used for manifestation. And, it's true, I've noticed on several occasions that I've completely exhausted myself from over-talking. But for some reason, I was unable to stop myself. Even when I knew I was talking too much... I just couldn't stop. So it was finally time for me to exert some self control over my big mouth!

I was told that I needed to spend a lot of time practicing silence. This means spending hours not talking at all! Perhaps even a full day! But considering that I talk to my 3 cats all day long, this would not be an easy task for me. And ofcourse, once I walk out my front door I would have to engage with neighbors, clerks at the grocery store, etc, etc... Going out into the real world and not talking out all is quite difficult unless you are deaf or mute. Then ofcourse it is perfectly acceptable to not talk because, well... you can't. But I can talk. I sure can talk. So I had to create a plan. Somehow I would go out into the real world but not talk... So what did I do? I got creative... I created a sign, in the shape of a heart, which reads “I am practicing silence thanks.” Genius! This way if anyone tried to get me to talk I would just point to my sign which would explain everything. I couldn't wait to try this out!

So funny story... I'm at fedex kinkos laminating my new practicing silence sign. I am getting ready to try it out for the first time. I punch holes in the sides of my sign and put a string through the holes so I can wear the sign around my neck. I walk out of fedex kinkos into the street with my new sign around my neck. I am beyond excited because I am not going to talk at all! All of a sudden a group of young men with clipboards come up to me... They are preparing to make a pitch... They want me to donate money, sign my name for some cause or whatever right? It's the kind of annoying clipboard people that we all try to avoid. You know? The ones that have to hear people say all day long, “Oh I'm so sorry, I just don't have time right now.” I usually feel bad for these clipboard people and start talking to them, since no one else will. I never intend to sign their clipboard or donate money. I'm just trying to be polite. But just engaging with these people can be very draining on my energy. So here I am with these clipboard people in my face and I immediately point to my sign with a big smile. They had no choice but to leave me alone. I laughed to myself and thought, “Wow! This is awesome.” I didn't even have to say one word!

So I went to the farmer's market one day with my sign on. I usually talk to everyone at the farmer's market. Not this time! I was silent as can be and proudly pointing to my sign the entire time. But then the universe threw me a curve ball... A test! To see if I would break! I crossed the street with my full bag of vegetables, greens, fruits, etc... And some guy randomly pops out of an alley way and starts talking to me. Blah blah blah. He was nervous. I could feel his energy. He was the type of guy that was not so attractive and scared to talk to women. He's probably been rejected quite a few times. For some reason he decided to be brave and talk to me. But he sure picked the wrong person...or at least the wrong day! Under normal circumstances I would be very nice and talk to this gentleman. He obviously needed some reassurance and I am the type of girl that would give that reassurance... But now was not the time. He kept talking and talking and I just stood there and smiled. He obviously did not notice the sign I was wearing. Finally, he asks me a question about getting together or something? There's a pause as he awaits my response. With an apologetic smile I pick up my sign and point to it. This poor guy. He was so upset... His face dropped and he gave me a very pronounced middle finger. I was shocked. But I held my tongue and walked away! Wow! I passed the test. I stayed silent. But that was pretty crazy. I was not expecting that! And ofcourse, this poor guy was not expecting me to be practicing silence. Cause who does that, right?

I had quite a few interesting experiences wearing my sign, but the most important thing was that it was working. I found a way not to talk. And I noticed that I actually felt relieved that I didn't have to talk. And I was conserving energy. I didn't have to explain anything to anyone. My sign said it all. Although sometimes people would start asking me why I was doing this and for how long, etc... It's funny how people will still attempt a conversation and try to get you to communicate even when they know that you're not trying to talk. And so I did find myself writing down answers to people's questions from time to time. People are always quite intrigued by my practicing silence sign and want to know more about it. You don't really see people wearing these types of signs. But perhaps more people should try it? It's a great way to conserve energy... and a rather creative way to ensure that you are taking the time to practice silence! If you feel that you expend too much energy talking, you may just want to try practicing silence yourself! And if it's too difficult... then try wearing a sign! It's a unique experience at the very least!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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