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Magic Mushrooms: The Ultimate Protection Against 5G!

It's been a very intense Mercury Retrograde for me these past few weeks. I've been channeling a lot of healing energy as well as important spiritual information/ guidance that will be needed for the upcoming days. I've been considering trying Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybin) for a while now. Magic Mushrooms are a psychoactive entheogenic plant that induces a hallucinogenic state. However, caution must be taken with psychoactive substances if one is prone to mood disorders. I have the genetic predisposition for mood disorders and I've experienced mood disorders first hand, therefore I've been a bit reluctant to take the Magic Mushroom plunge. But the interesting thing is that although conventional medicine is against giving Magic Mushrooms to those with mood disorders, there is a whole other alternative medicine world that is prescribing Magic Mushrooms in micro doses to those with depression. These natural mushrooms are also being prescribed for cluster headaches as well as cancer. The universe has been showing me signs for a while now. I've been dealing with some incredibly terrible headaches for the majority of my life. More recently these headaches have improved, but a while back, on an occasion when the pain was pretty excruciating, a good friend of my spiritual mentor's told me about micro dosing with Magic Mushrooms to relieve headaches. At the time, I mentioned the mushrooms to my Naturopathic doctor who specialized in homeopathy for mental health. She was against the whole idea stating that a hallucinogenic drug could make my condition worse, so I decided against trying the mushrooms and left the whole idea alone. Soon after though, I decided that homeopathy wasn't really working for me either and I ended up moving on to acupuncture and herbs which has actually been outstandingly helpful for my mood and physical health! More recently, after having a colon hydrotherapy session, my therapist asked me if I had tried plant medicine to treat my health issues. I told her that I've been considering trying Magic Mushrooms, but that one of my doctors warned me not to do it. The therapist gave me a funny look as if to say, “Why would you trust your doctor?” The conversation ended but the thought stayed with me. I've somehow managed to stay away from psychotropic drugs no matter how many doctors tried to prescribe them for me throughout the years. And I've been finding all types of natural cures for my physical and mental health issues. So why have I not tried Magic Mushrooms yet? Well, I did go through a very strange phase where I was on a raw vegan diet and went B12 deficient (hormone imbalance, etc) while taking something called Monoatomic Gold which opens up the 3rd eye. I started having communications with all types of spirits and entities, but I also started getting haunted. It's a long crazy story, and I will write an article about it one of these days, but it took me quite a while to get back to normal again. So I suppose I am concerned that the mushrooms may bring all of this back- and I definitely do not want that! It was a real crazy fascinating time for me. I learned a lot about the spirit world and how to protect myself from negative entities, however I had a real difficult time making a living and staying grounded in reality... which is not so good (especially if you've got rent and bills to pay). I've also had some pretty terrible times with marijuana, particularly THC. I do not react well with psychoactive substances. So am I ready now to go deeper into the rabbit hole with magic mushrooms? I'm really not so sure. But then some new illuminating information came to me through one of my spiritual mentors. Magic Mushrooms provides protection against the new 5G! How could this be so? It appears that humans are becoming extinct.. or perhaps you can say we are evolving. But evolving into what? There is currently an agenda to make every human on the planet into virtual reality robots via the highly anticipated 5G super computer network (Artificial Intelligence Technology) that is coming out soon. However, many of us (enlightened souls) are not interested in this transhumanism hive mind/ mind control agenda that is being covertly pushed on us. And, although it appears that we are all at the mercy of the smart/ nano dust chemtrails and the new inescapable 5G worldwide web, we do in fact have a choice in the matter! There is a way to protect ourselves from going full robot. You see... we are all evolving... But we do not necessarily have to all evolve into robots. There is transhumanism, whereby our organic physical bodies are intertwined with robotic AI computer technology, but you also have the choice to become Super Human! And Super Humans cannot be made into robots! And what is the recipe to become a Super Human you ask? Well, there's quite a few factors that are leading many of us into becoming Super Humans right now. Practicing Meditation, Qi Gong, Reiki, Pranayama Breathing Exercises... Crystal therapy, Earthing/ Grounding, Fasting, Eating Super Foods, Cleansing, Detoxing etc... But as I have just discovered, Magic Mushrooms appear to be a vital factor in our evolution to Super Humanism, thus completely bypassing the current transhumanism agenda that is being imposed upon humanity whether we like it or not. So how does Magic Mushrooms protect us from 5G (and other forms of biological warfare) and help us evolve into Super Humans? These magic mushrooms have been around for trillions of years. They contain the akashic records for this planet- which are the entire records of the earth's existence in the past, present and future. The brainwashing information that is embedded into the artificial intelligence, that is being used against us now with these new technologies, have not been around as long as these mushrooms have. The power of the mushrooms therefore bypasses the power of the 5G and other artificial intelligence weaponry that is being used against us. I'd like to take this one step further and explain my hypothesis, which may be wrong, but is based on some reading I have done and some intuitive channeling. It has been said that some of the smart dust that we are being exposed to is creating new circuitry/ pathways in our brain for the 5G supercomputer to connect to. The magic mushrooms also happen to create new pathways in the brain. So, my intuitive feeling is that the new magic mushroom pathways that are created in the brain will compete and successfully outweigh the artificial intelligence pathways due to their spiritually advanced nature and organic connection to the planet's original grid. There's also many videos about this topic on youtube. I suggest looking up “Baba Kilindi Iy” for more enlightening information on Magic Mushrooms and 5G biological warfare. There's a choice to be made, however if you don't make a choice then THEY (the powers that be) will make the choice for you! You will become transhuman along with the majority of the population on this planet.. and resistance is futile! (Welcome to The Borg) I for one choose to be Super Human!

Disclaimer: The information discussed in this article is intended for Educational Purposes only! It is not to be construed as professional advice. Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms are currently considered an illegal substance in the United States, and I am in no way promoting the use of illegal substances. Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms may also be dangerous if taken without proper guidance/ preparation. You, and only you, are responsible for the choices you make based on the information discussed in this article. You, the reader, hereby waive all rights to file lawsuits or claim damages for the use or misuse of the information stated in this article. Please act responsibly! I suggest doing your own research! Peace and Blessings!


So I've been micro dosing on magic mushrooms for a few weeks now since writing this article. I figured out that .1-.2 grams every 3 days in a superfood shake is just about as much as I can handle. Higher doses have caused me to become over emotional. I've been finding that the 5G is starting to affect me adversely even with the addition of the mushrooms. So ofcourse I had to continue my research. Now, I recently found out that the less melanin one has, the more one will be affected by the 5G. So basically the darker your skin color, the more protected you will be. If you are lighter in complexion there are ways to increase your melanin with a combination of B vitamins (specifically B12 methylcobalamin and B9 folate), Vitamin D, Copper, Vitamin C and the amino acid L-tyrosine. I've been taking all of these vitamins except the l-tyrosine which is about to be added to my regimen. L-tyrosine is a precursor of melanin. This means that certain biochemical pathways convert L-tyrosine into melanin. So we shall see what this does... Interestingly, a while back I was taking a pill with l-tyrosine in it that was referred to me by one of my doctors. But the pills were pricey and not everything in them were good for me. Now I will just take the l-tyrosine along with l-theanine and a few other supplements. Hopefully this all helps! To be continued...

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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