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30 Things They Don't Want You to Know!

1) America is the Holy Land- Not Israel!

2) Israel is a God Consciousness- not a physical place!

3) We've never been to the moon! We're actually trapped on this planet!

4) The world is round, but it's also flat! The inside is round but the outside is flat!

5) Dinosaurs still exist in Antartica! They are not extinct!

6) Pale skinned people (aka caucasian/ white people) however are going extinct!

7) Humans and this planet were created (terraformed) by extraterrestrials/ other dimensional beings.

8) We were created to be a slave race!

9) Most of us have been bamboozled into worshiping demonic beings believing that these beings are actually the God(s) that created us.

10) The woman was created first followed by man- not the other way around!

11) Jesus (actual name Yehoshua) was a melanated (aka black) man of extraterrestrial origin! He wasn't white and he wasn't human!

12) Yehoshua was actually sent here to help us, but the Jews rejected him because he was darker than them (and for other reasons)!

13) The extraterrestrials that created us (and sent Yehoshua to this planet) are melanated (aka black).

14) God is black! Black Lives Do Matter! A lot actually!

15) However, black in not a nationality. It's a color. An adjective if you will! You can't get reparations for being an adjective!

16) The mayan calendar didn't end in December of 2012. It ends this year in December 2020!

17) The Hebrew prayers in the Zohar are actually spells! The Zohar is a book of magical spells!

18) The central banking system has enslaved the majority of this planet by using these spells in a negative (distorted) manner.

19) Your money is not safe in a bank. You should take it out now!

20) The Constitution of the United States was not written for everyone. It was only intended for the elite!

21) The birth certificate is actually a certificate of title to property you DO NOT OWN! This certificate and you are owned by the state.

22) If you are a Public U.S. Citizen then you must pay taxes. If you are a Private State Citizen then you don't!

23) Child Support is illegal since a contract was never signed! (and for a few other reasons) They are a fraudulent agency!

24) Hilary Clinton, Obama, Biden and quite a few other politicians are no longer alive. They've been tried for crimes against humanity and found guilty. Their stunt doubles are clones!

25) Many celebrities are no longer alive. Their stunt doubles are clones as well!

26) Covid-19 is a lie. it doesn't exist!

27) Regardless of who wins the election, the results will be the same! They're all working together. They put on a great show! Excellent actors! Bravo!

28) Your vote doesn't count- but if people knew this there would be complete anarchy!

29) Regardless, a civil war is predicted to occur! We shall see!

30) There is also an extinction level event predicted to take place in the near future- but the righteous ones shall be saved from this!

So being a good person is a good idea right now! FYI... being a good person entails exhibiting kindness towards all living beings of all colors, races, genders, religions and so forth! When all else fails... you are supposed to love God and your neighbor as you love yourself!

Okay... so who knows if any of this is really true? But it does make you think doesn't it? Perhaps it's time to start questioning reality instead of just blindly believing what we are taught to believe. What if all the truths we've been taught to believe are actually lies? And the lies are actually the truth? Do a little research! Perhaps on the dark web (Tor Browser) which is not censored like the rest of the internet browsers (especially in the U.S.)! You may be surprised at what you find! Til next time... Stay righteous and open-minded! The truth shall set you free!

UPDATE January 30,2021: CORRECTION: Dinosaurs never existed. They are a lie. What's existed is reptiles and dragons. Many of these reptiles are still living (hiding) in Antartica. Also, the first humans were neither male nor female. They were androgynous/ hermaphroditic!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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