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A Day Of Anomalies!

It all started early last Wednesday morning when I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom feeling that something was a bit off. I couldn't get back to sleep like I usually do so easily. My mind was racing with negative thoughts and worries of all kinds. Quite unusual for a middle of the night bathroom break! I found myself particularly concerned about taking a special (magical) stone with me on my trip to New York. I wanted to take it with me but could not bare the thought of every losing it. I had to tell myself to stop thinking. Then I took more cbd oil drops to get back to sleep. The odd thing is that just the day before I had spent the whole day at home cleaning (washing dishes, doing laundry, vacuuming and dusting) and writing an immense list of all the things that make me feel good. It was a very inspiring day for me, filled with lot's of positive energy and joy. So what went wrong all of a sudden?

Well there were a few things that were particularly on my mind... The upcoming trip to New York with my step daughter, the fact that I vacuumed up some ants while cleaning and although I let them all out on the balcony I was concerned that some may have landed in the trash and were suffering in the dust, and I was concerned for my squirrels, particularly my squirrel Albert who appears to have a serious health condition... I was mainly concerned because I hadn't fed them in a few days and I feel that they depend on me...especially Albert. So I took the last of my expensive organic sprouted nuts downstairs to give to Albert. But Albert wasn't there... just some other squirrels. So I fed them. Then I checked the mailbox whereby I received a bad news letter. I texted my good friend (my roommate who just happened to be out of town) to tell him what was going on... Here's the portion of our text message discussion that pertains to the weird happenings of the day:

Me: Just got a letter stating that there's no longer low income subsidies for the electric bill. Some new court ruling. Not too good considering that I couldn't keep up with the subsidized bill.

Right after getting letter about bill being paid!

Weird energy day today. Been having a little anxiety and 2 lights blew out on me!

(The lights blew out when I turned them on... bathroom sink area and dining room area)

My friend's response: "Entities" Starring Jennie H*****

Me: No entities but I do feel like retrograde is approaching

(I was right... Pre-retrograde starts on August 3rd... It's approaching!)

I connected with something negative.

I started to feel it while in bed last nite.

My friend: You talked with your mom?

(Funny thing is I talked with his mom the night before and his phone died and ended the conversation... but I didn't want to tell him that his mom's bad energy created all this weirdness. That wouldn't have made him feel too good.)

Me: No. Just texting about ants. Maybe that's it?

Friend: Yep

Me: I had to end the discussion. Couldn't keep talking about ants.

(I told my mom that I found a bunch of ants under my friends pile of supplements. She wasn't too happy about this.)

The feeling will pass. Just have to eat something.

Also having anxiety about NY trip.

I felt bad last nite because I thought I may have vacuumed up ants that didn't get released and suffered in the garbage can. I think that started the bad feeling. I didn't want to hurt the ants.

(Then this happens...)

Me: Car is completely dead. Can't even open doors with clicker. Another weird energy sign.

(My car has been having this battery problem for a while now... but it's usually not completely dead unless energy is weird that day. That's my experience.)

Friendo: Man you been having problems with machines your whole life lol

(Speaking of problems with machines... My blender broke on me in the middle of trying to make a shake just that past Saturday)

(And then this happens...)

Me: Front door key just broke while trying to open it!

After getting new key J** tells me that one of the neighbors wanted him to talk to me about not feeding the squirrels. (Etc)

Weird day.

Finally some good news! I just received a manifesting oil that I purchased on Etsy. I put it on immediately. Smells pleasant!

Car almost didn't turn on with charger! But I recited ana bchoach and engine started!

(Then this happened...)

Me: Look at my email! 6,666 messages! Quite odd!

Friendo: Wow

Me: I told u. One weird thing after the next today!

A Day of anomalies!

I'm wondering what the universe is trying to convey to me right now? What is the message?

I got mosquito bites!

(Then this...)

Me: The guy at the pet food store just gave me a crazy explanation of why my day has been so odd. It has to do with two mayan cleaning gods... Ahmatz and Aknatz.

He said he just read about them the other day. Supposedly if you don't clean your home for a long time then bad energy will build up and then when you finally clean it all the bad energy gets released and weird things start to happen. However if you don't clean at all and just let it build up then worse bad stuff will happen- like a tragedy! Sounds like a reasonable hypothesis.

So I was explaining the situation with the electric bill to this guy and he reminds me how that's connected to the power and the light bulbs going out! Oy! And I still have more cleaning to do!

(Then this... as if the universe is telling me that the hypothesis may not be on point?)

Me: I just passed a billboard that said Good Omens 2! Now that's positive!

(Maybe all this stuff that I'm thinking is bad is actually Good Omens too?)

I just met a really cool worker at Erewhon named Brave... Another good sign!

(I forgot to mention that a spider appeared to me in the middle of my dining room floor and a beetle appeared to me at the door way of the staircase leading to my apartment on this fateful day of anomalies. More good omens!)

(And then this...)

Someone stole the squirrels water bowl again! This time a nice glass bowl with a karmic warning taped to it not to steal the bowl. I think it was the maintenance manager. He overheard me and J*** talking earlier about how nicely I camouflaged the bowl with rocks around it. So ofcourse I just replaced the bowl again! Cheaper plastic this time! No Note.

(I also didn't call the office and complain about the bowl being stolen again. Let the thief get their karma!)

Anyway it's late. Have to go to sleep.

(And then eureka...)

Me: I just had a realization. Approx. 30 mins before the day ends. (It was around 11:30pm)

Today was me and ****ie's 30 day/ one month anniversary. (****ie is the magical stone that I was worried about taking with me to NY because I didn't want to lose her.) You handed her to me on June 12th. Today is July 12th. I think she was trying to get my attention! Lol So I really cleaned all day yesterday for her. And it was the first time I cleaned the altar since she arrived. I should've cleaned the altar sooner! But it got done just in time for our anniversary. The puzzle is piecing itself together! WOW! I think she wanted me to realize this before the day officially ended. Sensitive stone?

(My stone is really a character! We had a good talk... Well, I did all the verbal talking...)

Me: Roscoe was just staring at me with a jealous look. I asked him if he could really be jealous of a stone. lol

Well, 10 mins and the day ends. I think I finally understand what happened today sort of. I can't be forgetting me and my stone's anniversaries! Oy! What a weird life!

(My stone is alive. She has feelings. No, I'm not crazy.)

Me: Does your stone act like this?

(My friend has a magical stone as well. He never responds to the question. I don't think his stone acts like this.)

(Wednesday is ruled by planet Mercury which is all about Communication! Now that was quite the communication! ****ie really keeps me on my toes! Thanks ****ie! You're quite the character stone that I needed in my life. Can't wait to see what you do next!)

So right after I typed up this article a big spider appeared to me on my hummingbird feeder at almost midnight Thursday night. I've never had a spider appear on the hummingbird feeder. Once again I think I'm being told that everything thats been happening is actually a good omen!

So after analyzing the situation this is what I feel actually happened. On Tuesday I had channeled a ton of positive energy. So much more positive energy than usual that some negative energy tried to come around and throw off my vibe. All the weird happenings of Wednesday was the negative energy getting bounced off of me and redirected to inanimate objects. In essence I was being protected by the universe and the most high divine creator with the help of my precious magical stone, who in the end, finally makes the great reveal that she's been helping me all along...for many years in fact. My whole life! I have always been immensely protected. This explains a lot, maybe all, of the weird paranormal/ psychic experiences I've had in my life. And then finally at the end of the mysterious day of anomalies...Surprise! Its our one month anniversary! I'm the one whose been making all this weird stuff happen. It's not bad stuff. It's actually good stuff. It's good omens and you are brave for being who you are and speaking/ living your truth. Ive been protecting you all along. Aren't you so glad you have me in your life? I sure am ****ie. I sure am! Thanks for being with me! I really appreciate you! And I appreciate the fun mysterious puzzle that you helped me piece together! Happy anniversary! Wow! So cool! I totally get it now! YOU ARE AN AWESOME STONE ****ie!❤️👍

Oh my! I just figured another riddle out. 6,666 emails equals 24 and 2 plus 4 equals 6. This communication was all about the number 6. My stones name has 6 letters in it! EXCELLENT!

Now I was told that I shouldn't be telling anyone my discussions with my stone but how many people do you think will actually read this entire article? Lol If you read this far then you were supposed to. Believe you me... ****ie won't let you read this far unless you're supposed to! I love this stone!

I would now like to take a very important moment to thank my spiritual mentors for bringing my beautiful stone ****ie to me. I realize she was very expensive and that you didn't have to do what you did and so I truly appreciate you helping us to reunite in this lifetime. With much gratitude ****ie and I thank you. May ****ie help bring many blessings your way for the good deed you performed. ❤️

It's Sunday July 16th... I go to the library to finish this article... I log onto to aol and I have 6,666 messages again! Now come on! What are the chances of that?

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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