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Balancing Neurotransmitters in a Mood Disorder Emergency!

It was around November or December of 2019, right before covid happened, when I had a most prophetic dream. In my dream I was in the supplement aisle of a health food store, Something telepathically whispered to me "zinc picolinate" followed by "sunflower lecithin." Then I woke up remembering the names of both supplements. At the time I wasn't feeling so great. My energy felt uncomfortably high. I was edgy and my immune system felt a bit off. I decided that perhaps the zinc picolinate and sunflower lecithin could help me feel better. At the very least it was worth a shot!

I was familiar with both supplements. I had taken zinc picolinate in the past but had switched to zinc orotate for some reason. After the dream I switched back to zinc picolinate and I did feel like the switch made somewhat of a difference with my immune health. I had also taken sunflower lecithin in the past but it was in combination with a few other ingredients in a sleep supplement called "Cortisol Health." It was a great supplement but I stopped taking it because some of the ingredients were not entirely correct for me.

So after the dream I went onto amazon and purchased an organic sunflower lecithin powder. I started taking it daily. After about a month on this sunflower lecithin powder I fell into a bit of a depression and I was quite lethargic all the time. Thankfully I had remembered reading some of the amazon reviews warning people who are prone to depression that the sunflower lecithin could make one's depression worse, or at the very least induce depression.

I wondered why my dream would guide me to take sunflower lecithin if it were to cause me to fall into a low energy depressive state. I let that thought go for a moment as I stopped taking the sunflower lecithin and tried to figure out how to lift my depression. Then it came to me! Copaiba oil by Doterra!

I had taken this oil in the past in combination with Lavender and Frankincense oil. It was prescribed by one of my integrative doctors for my anxiety. I wondered if this oil could lift my self-induced sunflower lecithin depression. I took a few drops, held them under my tongue for a moment and then washed it down with a cup of water. Like magic the copaiba oil immediately lifted my depression! I was amazed! I didn't even have to take the copaiba oil again. One dose of a few drops of copaiba oil was enough to lift my depression permanently.

After giving the sunflower lecithin some considerable thought, I decided that it wasn't the sunflower lecithin that really caused my depression... It was the extra large dose of it that I had been taking! I had been taking the recommended dosage on the package which was apparently way too high for me- a 110lb girl! However, I thought, perhaps at a lower dose this sunflower lecithin would become useful to me. Well, it took a while but the time finally arrived when I would need to experiment with the sunflower lecithin again. This time at a much lower dose!

Something had gone wrong with the neurotransmitters in my brain yet again! I was dealing with a bout of hypomania (or an energy level resembling hypomania). Basically my energy was a bit too high! I was uneasy, agitated, had anxiety and couldn't get to sleep at a reasonable time (although a reasonable time is a bit subjective). But knowing me, I was not tired when I should've been! And amount of activity would make me tired!

I remembered how the sunflower lecithin was able to take my energy down. Of course it took my energy way too down when I first experimented with it. I didn't want to induce another depression, but I definitely needed to take my energy down a notch so I could feel more comfortable.

So instead of taking the recommended dosage on the package, I decided to take a way lower dose- 1/4 teaspoon to be exact! I felt an immediate wave of calm come over me. I was shocked. The hypomania I had been experiencing was gone in an instant. And I was tired! Just like the copaiba oil had immediately lifted my depression, the sunflower lecithin had immediately brought my energy back down to a normal relaxed state. I knew I was onto something big here! Perhaps a cure for depression, anxiety and bi-polar disorder/ cyclothymia? Perhaps my prophetic dream was right after all!

I continued taking the sunflower lecithin for a few more days until I started noticing some mild allergy symptoms (which is weird because I don't remember having these allergy symptoms the first time I took the powder...or perhaps I was just too tired and depressed to notice?) Some people are allergic to sunflowers and thus would be allergic to sunflower lecithin as well! Was I one of these people? Well, the sore throat, cough and sneezing did go away when I stopped taking the sunflower lecithin!

I was a bit disappointed about the allergy symptoms, however the hypomania was gone! So I didn't really need to continue taking the sunflower lecithin powder. So I stopped taking it. And the allergy symptoms subsided as well! I had also unfortunately developed a migraine after taking the sunflower lecithin, but I am prone to migraines. Just about anything can trigger one! So I really wasn't surprised.

Regardless of the allergy symptoms and the migraine I was happy because I was really onto something. Copaiba oil takes me up and sunflower lecithin takes me down. Would this continue to be the case? Have I actually found a natural treatment/cure for my mood disorder?

It's been about a year now since I had my prophetic dream that led me to experiment with copaiba oil and sunflower lecithin. I've continued experimenting and the results have continued to be the same. If I start to have negative/ sad thoughts or feelings, the copaiba oil takes these sad thoughts and feelings away. If my energy gets a little too high or I experience anxiety or trouble sleeping, the sunflower lecithin will balance that problem out. Both the sunflower lecithin and copaiba oil help calm down over-sensitivities, nervousness and jumpiness. And quite interestingly, if you feel like you're being haunted by ghosts or spirits, the sunflower lecithin and copaiba oil will help remove those feelings as well (even if the spirits are real- you won't notice them.) I have many a ghost story! Ha ha! It's nice to have a go-to remedy if you're not in the mood to be spooked!

Now of course, there's underlying issues that cause mood disorders. There's dietary triggers (caffeine and spicy foods), hormonal fluctuations, physical health issues (digestive problems), EMF's, etc. The copaiba oil and sunflower lecithin is not going to fix the underlying issues of your mood disorder, just like prozac and xanax won't fix the cause either. However, copaiba oil and sunflower lecithin provide great relief in emergency mood disorder situations!

Now the only drawback regarding these two supplements is the possibility of side effects. As I already mentioned, if you're allergic to sunflowers then you may experience an allergic reaction to sunflower lecithin. If you have gastrointestinal issues then the copaiba oil may invoke acid reflux or some other digestive disturbance. However, if you're taking cooling herbs then the copaiba oil shouldn't have such a harsh effect. It's all trial and error and finding your balance. And the dosage makes a difference too! You also must remember that neither supplement should need to be taken long term. They both trigger immediate responses- at least in my experience. So an allergic reaction or slight stomach upset is not a big deal in the overall scheme of things!

Now if neither of these supplements work for you, there's a few other supplements you may wish to try: activated coconut charcoal, carbonized bamboo, food grade hydrogen peroxide (please review the 1 minute cure) and ophora water. Organic sulfur may also lift depression quickly. Just be careful as the detox symptoms can be quite wicked!

I also recommend taking mood balancing supplements on a regular basis. Some of my favorites are: NAC, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, Curcumin, Selenium, B Complex (with natural non-synthetic B12 and folate), CoQ10 and Fish oil.

In summary... Are you struggling with depression? Try a few drops of copaiba oil to boost your mood! Hypomania and/or anxiety keeping you up at night? Try some sunflower lecithin to take your energy down! Til next time! Try your best to keep your mood balanced and stay feeling good! Peace and Blessings!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical professional, nor am I administering health advise in this article. I am simply telling my success story. Please talk to your doctor before trying any new supplements. Some supplements may have bad interactions with medications. This article is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any health issues or diseases. You as the reader assume all responsibility and risk associated with trying any supplements mentioned in this article. Stay well!

UPDATE January 5, 2021:

I just discovered another cure for hypomania thanks to the brilliant Monte Potts on Etsy! Ormus! Pott's Ultimate Ormus stops hypomania right in it's tracks! Within minutes of taking this stuff I felt like I was on cloud 9! Wow! Much better than copaiba oil and sunflower lecithin combined! I even experienced incredibly positive dreams after taking it! Here's Pott's Etsy page if you want to order some:

Monte Pott's is my new hero! :)

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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