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Does Tzittzit Protect from Sexual Demons/ Negative Entities?

I seem to have lost my sex drive in this physical dimension many years ago. But for some reason, my sex drive appears to return when I'm in a dream/ sleep/ astral state. In fact, it seems that there's some kind of energetic manipulation taking place when I'm asleep and vulnerable. At times I appear to be getting seduced by spirits while dreaming. I believe that these spirits may be trying (and oftentimes succeeding) at stealing my sexual energy. Perhaps even to the extent that I no longer have a sex drive in this physical reality.

Some of these spirits have been men, some women and the most disturbing was a baby boy! Sometimes it's a person I know, other times the person feels familiar and sometimes it's a stranger but there's always some kind of irresistible sexual energetic connection. Sometimes I am the pursuer and sometimes I am the pursued. No matter what... I almost always seem to succumb to the sexual advances of these dream state beings. Even if I am the pursuer... the pursued becomes irresistible to me. Many times I wake up from these sexual encounters in the middle of being penetrated by the spirit, with the sensation that I'm about to orgasm. Sometimes I actually do orgasm. There was no penetration with the baby... thank the heavens! But I was highly aroused and disgusted. Then again, I was aware that this baby was not actually a baby but probably some kind of sexual demon disguised as a baby. In real life I am not attracted to babies (at least not sexually)!

Wearing my AOS protection medallion and my King Solomon's seal medallion and my Shma Israel Prayer Spiral Mezuzah & Scroll with Road Blessing has not stopped these sexual attacks from occurring. But something strange happened when I started wearing tzittzit to sleep. I had a dream that I was giving a handjob to a man that I went to elementary school with. For some reason, in the middle of this dream I realized that I was already in a relationship with someone else and no longer wanted anything to do with this guy from my elementary school. He began to pursue me like a stalker but could not gain my interest back. I woke up thinking that this scenario was interesting. Under normal circumstances I would've probably ended up having sex with this guy in the dream. But not this time. I had maintained control over my sexual urges!

It happened again. This time I was dreaming about an ex-boyfriend. I've had many dreams about this particular man. Oftentimes we end up kissing and engaging in sexual intercourse. However, this time, although I was highly aroused in the dream, we only engaged in a conversation. Interesting!

So far, since I've worn the tzittzit to sleep, I have not orgasmed in a dream nor have I orgasmed when awaking from a dream! It's almost as if the tzittzit allows me to control my sexual urges while in a dream/ sleep state...and protects my vital sexual energy from being drained from me by hungry spirits! I think I'm onto something here!

UPDATE! I had a few more sexual dreams since writing this article. I was actually engaging in intercourse with an ex boyfriend in one of these dreams... I didn't wake up abruptly and there was no orgasm! Yes, the tzittzit is indeed working! No, it didn't stop the sex act, but it did stop the orgasm and draining of my vital energy! Wonderful!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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