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Embracing The Will Power to Master Oneself and Succeed at Life!

There's been so much going on in my life the past few weeks that I've struggled to find a title and a focus for this article. As I write this article I am feeling a bit overwhelmed... I am dealing with a pinch of anxiety... Because earlier today I connected with some energy that triggered my anxiety. I connected with a man who is experiencing anxiety, nervousness and worry. If it were a typical situation I wouldn't even answer his phone calls. But this is no typical situation... In the end it will all be worth it! They say no pain no gain! And I am always up for a serious challenge! Perhaps being empathic is one of the greatest challenges I've ever experienced in this lifetime... besides dragging myself out of bed early in the morning (but we'll get to all of that in a moment.)

First, approximately 45 days ago, my best guy friend's baby's mother passed away. Perhaps this was the initial catalyst for the rapid transformation that's been taking place in my life. I have become 'Mom Part 2' for my friend's 6 year old daughter. And I now affectionately refer to her as 'my daughter from another mother'. She seems to be okay with all of this. She likes me very much. And I like her very much! So it appears that I've inherited a daughter! Yes, that alone could've been the subject of this entire article! But no, there's a lot more going on then that!

Days after my friend's baby's mother passed away I found out that the neighbor living under me finally got rid of his toxic wi-fi! Hallelujah! I believe that his extra strong 5G wi-fi had been seriously affecting me in a negative way for a very long time. On June 11th, after becoming inspired by reading the Torah Portion 'Naso', I started covering my hair with hair wraps and wigs at all times! It has definitely been an interesting change of pace to say the very least! Especially when I'm wearing my afro! lol On approximately June 13th, while reading an incredible Taoist book about achieving immortality, I started a grain free/ starch free diet. I was craving sizzler cheese bread for the first few! The cravings were horrendous! However I did not submit to them whatsoever! On June 15th I received my first ever cintamani stone in the mail. I had discovered this stone during the new moon when I had encountered a very interesting older gentleman at whole foods in Glendale. He was wearing the cintamani stone around his neck. I had never heard of this stone before, yet when I saw it I knew immediately that I had to purchase one for myself. Turns out that the cintamani stone is the sister stone to moldavite. They balance one another! The cintamani stone grounds the moldavite stone. It appears to be just what I needed! This amazing cintamani stone grounded my entire bag of high frequency 'synergy' stones and has made it easier for me to meditate with them. The cintamani stone is also a powerful manifesting stone! I am now witnessing the immense manifestation power firsthand! I will go into that story shortly.

The same day that I received this amazing stone I had made a conscious decision to start waking up early in the morning. For the first two days I was up at 7am. After that I was up at 6am everyday. Perhaps for some people this is an easy thing to do... but I have been a late sleeper my entire life and I have struggled with getting out of bed in the morning for as long as I can remember. As far as challenges go, getting out of bed in the morning has been one of the biggest challenge of my life. I have actually quit jobs because I couldn't get out of bed! I've suffered from terrible anxiety and depression and a lack of will power and exhaustion that has made getting out of bed the most torturous event of my existence. But I knew that I had to conquer this bad habit if I were to move on to the next level of my evolution and manifest everything that I want and need in this physical reality. I noticed that when I performed a 72 day liquid fast I had no trouble getting out of bed in the morning. Now it appears that the elimination of grains and starches from my diet has made it easier for me to get up early as well! I am proud to announce that it's been 22 days since I started getting up early... and not once did I press the snooze button on my alarm clock! Well, actually, my alarm clock doesn't have a snooze button... but not once did I lie back down and go to sleep although I was very close to doing so on quite a few occasions!

Perhaps Mucuna Pruriens has been boosting my will power? On June 17th I started taking a supplement called 'Mucuna Pruriens.' Mucuna is known to improve energy, endurance and intellect. It promotes a healthy nervous system, supports the brain and intellect, supports motor skills and coordination, revitalizes the reproductive system, promotes healthy sexual energy and libido, supports healthy digestion and elimination, provides significant nutritional content and is a natural source of levodopa (L-dopa). Yes, I could feel a difference as soon as I tried it. Excellent stuff! And perhaps one of the main reasons why I am still getting up early in the morning! Even if I only get 5 hours of sleep sometimes! I tend to go to sleep late but I am working to change this! And when all else fails I can always take a nap in the middle of the day! Naps can be lifesaving for me!

On June 26th I went swimming for the first time in ages and I swam again just yesterday! I've also been driving my 'daughter from another mother' to summer camp everyday and picking her up! At some point while doing everything I just mentioned... I cannot recall the exact day... I attracted an incredibly lucrative charitable business venture... ! This amazing business opportunity is so crazy amazing that I really can't even talk about it here in this blog. It wouldn't be proper. But I can say this... I will finally have the ability to be the greatest philanthropist (and entertainer) that I can possibly be... the philanthropist that I was always meant to be...and make this world a better place! I will finally have the resources to live out my true purpose on this planet! The most high divine creator has finally opened the floodgates for me... But it did take some work! This is no coincidence whatsoever!

I have been diligently practicing many powerful manifestation techniques for a great number of years now and I never gave up! I never gave up practicing and I never gave up hope... no matter how difficult things were for me at matter how much I struggled. I always searched for answers and the answers always came! I've been practicing the Law of Attraction, reciting powerful Kabbalistic Prayers, performing Jade Emperor innovations and offerings, listening to powerful Voodoo music, Listening to all types of high frequency audios to become better and more evolved, I've been practicing reiki, qi gong, breathing exercises, yoga, chakra cleansing, I've been reciting and listening to all kinds of powerful prayers daily... Listening to positive affirmations and reciting positive affirmations daily, I gave up television, I gave up normal life, I started covering my hair, forcing myself to wake up early, going kosher, visiting the mikvah every month, observing Shabbat, eliminating even more foods from my diet... Being a good person... Saying prayers and sending healing and protective energy to my family members and friends, Feeding the squirrels and the bees, being a good cat mom and being a good 'Mom #2' to my friend's daughter... Everything I've been doing to boost my karma points and manifest abundance in this reality is finally working! Thank you Hashem, Jade Emperor, Kabbalistic Angels, Ancestors and all the spirits who are guiding me and protecting me and helping me to manifest abundance! Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! I have embraced the will power to master myself and everything is finally coming to fruition! I am Success. Success is me!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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