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My Bedroom 'Was' Hiroshima!

There's nothing like the shock and horror of finding out that you've been sleeping in toxic levels of 5G wifi radiation caused by the zombie neighbor who lives under you... however this is the reality of my May 2022 Mercury Retrograde! Maybe it's all the Scorpio in my chart! Or the fact that I thrive on chaos, obstacles and challenges? Or perhaps the universe is helping me by giving me yet another topic to write about? This actually reminds me of an article I wrote a while back titled "Blocking Out The Noise". It would appear that the negative side is always attempting to disturb my peace. I live in an apartment that is really a spiritual sanctuary. There is such an abundance of positive healing energy in my apartment that I suppose it becomes necessary for the universe to balance this out with some kind of negative energy. It never ceases to amaze me how the negative side just seems to sneak its way back into my space... over and over again! Whether it horrible noise, negative entities, a disgruntled neighbor or higher than normal levels of radiation... it's always something!

So the truth has been revealed! And a horrible truth at that! Especially for an EMF sensitive empath such as myself! So how did I find out? Well, I struggle to get out of bed everyday... but that's been going on for years! Way before wifi was invented! Recently an AT&T technician came over to fix my ethernet connection. You heard me right! I don't have wifi in my apartment! However, to my absolute horror and dismay, when the technician took out his radiation testing meter he found the most horrendous levels of radiation streaming into my bedroom... worse than he's seen in a long time! He basically said that I was cooking in my own bedroom! Apparently the neighbor living under me has the strongest 5G wifi router currently available and his wifi router is located in his bedroom right below mine! The craziest thing about this is that my neighbor's girlfriend/ wife who lives with him recently recovered from cancer. In fact, there's a whole bunch of people in my building who have had cancer... people and animals! You think it's time for me to move out? lol

I thought it was odd that the snake plant in my bedroom dries up faster than my snake plant in the kitchen and my snake plant in the living room. The snake plant in my bedroom needs to be watered more often. I was wondering why my bedroom has a dryer atmosphere than the other rooms... I thought this was actually a good thing because in the system of Human Design I actually function better in less humidity. I do well in dry heat desert environments. However, I'm not so sure about dry heat caused by toxic levels of wifi radiation. My poor cats! Especially Roscoe! He sleeps in the bedroom with me every night!

I suppose it must be the Law of Attraction! Afterall, I've been talking about the dangers of wifi radiation for a very long time now. I've always had my suspicions. I even approached the neighbor living under me a while back and asked him if he had wifi and if he always kept it running. He didn't seem like he wanted to engage in the conversation so I left him alone. But I intuitively knew something was up and so I decided to strategically place wifi warning signs all around my building. Apparently that didn't have the desired effect on my neighbor that I was hoping it would have!

After finding out about this high level of radiation pouring into my bedroom I found it even more difficult to sleep. Perhaps it was also the full moon in combination with the lunar eclipse? I already sleep with an earthing/ grounding sheet plugged into the grounding port of the power outlet. I have orgonite and shungite pyramids under my bed... a shungite ball that I sleep with... a tensor field generator under my bed and under my mattress... a piece of emf shielding fabric which I moved from being under my grounding sheet to under my bed. Perhaps that caused more problems? I think it needed to be right under me!

Anyway, long story short...I purchased even more emf protection stuff! I purchased two more pieces of emf shielding fabric which I taped in place onto the wood board under my enormous mattress! This took a lot of effort actually. My mattress is super heavy. Then I placed 6 pieces of thick shungite tile under my mattress directly on top of the emf shielding fabric and directly under the earthing mat that I sleep on. I also ordered two more shungite balls to hold while sleeping and an elite shungite stone to wear around my neck.

In reality I really just wanted to move out and find another apartment... but that would be quite difficult to do right now. Finally I received the best news ever... My best friend spoke with our spiritual mentor who just happens to be close friends with the neighbor who lives beneath me. Amazingly he managed to convince our neighbor to remove his wifi altogether and get an ethernet cord connection. My neighbor finally understands the dangers of wifi! Supposedly our neighbor kept getting sick and didn't understand why! And his wife/ girlfriend has always been sick. Well, perhaps we can all get a little healthier now! Hallelujah! Thank the heavens! After all these years it's great to finally have a Happy 'Mercury Retrograde' End to this Story... which was originally titled 'My Bedroom Is Hiroshima"... Now titled 'My Bedroom Was Hiroshima! Amazing! Thank you mentor! I feel much better now!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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