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From Resort To Concentration Camp: This Summer's Trip to New York (LI, Queens, Brooklyn, PA and NJ)

This article is being published a little late because I actually just got back from my trip yesterday! I am still a bit jet lagged, however I feel that it is absolutely necessary for me to review my trip via this blog. Not necessarily necessary for my readers... but definitely necessary for me! Because after what I've been through these past 8 1/2 days... I need some therapy! And writing is my best therapy!

My dad (and his wife) purchased plane tickets for me and my 7 year old step daughter to fly to New York approximately 2 1/2 months before the trip. He also made a reservation for me to stay at a luxury hotel on the water in Port Jefferson for 3 nights. My dad and his wife were hoping that I would stay at the hotel and my step daughter would stay with them... My step daughter said she was okay with that even though she only met my dad in person once and met his wife over the phone and whatsapp. 3 1/2 days into the trip my step daughter and I were scheduled to meet up with my mom and her long time partner/ boyfriend. As the date for the trip drew closer my anxiety grew! I never traveled with my 7 year old step daughter before. She moved in with me approximately 1 year ago after her mother passed away, and it was not an easy year at all! But our relationship improved enough where I felt that I could handle an 8 1/2 day trip alone with her...and my family!

My spiritual mentor told me that visiting my dad would be like spending time at a luxury resort, whereby visiting my mom would be like visiting a concentration camp. However, he felt that the concentration camp scenario wouldn't be as bad as it could be because my mother would have warm maternal feelings towards my step daughter which would change the whole energy of the situation. I was hoping my mentor was right! But the fact of the matter remained... my mother asked me not to bring my step daughter at all. And right before the trip commenced she asked me again to leave my step daughter with my dad and his wife while I visited her and her boyfriend alone.... I told her I couldn't do that. Plus, I felt that my step daughter would help make the visit better for me, since visiting my mother is usually very negative and torturous. I needed a buffer!

2 weeks before my trip was to commence my friend who works at my neighborhood farmer's market told me that I could opt out of the the full body scan at the airport. He said he's done it. All you have to do is ask the airport security to opt out of the full body scan and get a pat down instead. So I made up my mind that this is what I would do...! I was very nervous that trying to opt out of the full body scan was going to slow us down and possibly make us late to the I planned to arrive at the airport extra early!

I had anxiety about the whole trip, flying on the plane, being around so many people, wi-fi radiation, the idea of having to remove my protection medallion/ pendants and my powerful healing stones, my excessive amount of luggage (I didn't want to check anything), my ridiculous amount of liquids, and the negative environment I would encounter with my mom... so I was nervously cracking jokes the entire time at the airport which helped me cope with the anxiety. It was a red eye flight and so the line for airport security was pretty light. I soon discovered that adults accompanied by young children were automatically opted out of the full body scan but had to go through the metal detector instead. I asked airport security if I could be patted down instead of taking off all of my metal jewelry. They told me I would have to wait for someone to come pat me down... so I patiently waited... and cracked jokes. I had my step daughter laughing and airport security laughing. They were actually very nice to me and the pat down was very peaceful. The lady patting me down had good energy. Then all of a sudden, as expected, my bag of liquids was red flagged. The security officer asked me what was in all the unmarked glass bottles. I laughed and told him that they were filled with mountain valley spring water and electrolytes. I was planning on drinking them when I landed...just in case my dad and his wife didn't bring any water! I also told him that two of the bottles had spring water along with irish sea moss and organic sulfur! My answer seemed to appease him and he gave me back my stuff!

I found that my extra bag of seat pillows was kindly accepted by Jet Blue, and to my even greater surprise my step daughter and I could board early because we were a family with kids! When on the plane the pilot made an announcement that the wi-fi was currently not working! I was beyond happy! I have emf sensitivities and wi-fi is terrible for me! Just in case though, I was wearing two emf hoods over my head and I placed an emf protection faraday fabric over my seat! What a wonderful flight this would be! Well, not quite. I thought I was going to get a good night's sleep on the plane! What was I thinking? It was awful. I barely slept at all. Finally, as the end of the flight was approaching I did something I had never done before on a plane. I recited all the Jewish morning prayers including the hand washing prayer. Oddly, it was very emotional and inspiring for me and I started to cry! Then I recited even more prayers with my eyes closed in a meditative state. And these prayers ended exactly when we landed. The timing was superb!

So now to give you a quick run down of the highlights (and lowlights) of my trip!

My dad, his wife, myself and my step daughter decided to immediately drive into Manhattan to do something fun. We ended up waiting on line for approximately 2 1/2 hours to get into the museum of natural history! We watched a great movie about planets in the planetarium but my eyes were so heavy from lack of sleep that I struggled to keep them open. We looked at the dinosaurs and then my dad's wife purchased a stuffed animal for my step daughter in the gift shop. We couldn't get her to separate from this stuffed animal for the next few days! While walking to the museum or back to the car I saw an interesting looking bug in the middle of the sidewalk. I started talking to him and tried to reach down to pick him up and get him out of the way so no one would step on him. He ended up jumping on top of my head, but flew away before we could get a good photo!

My step daughter and I ended up staying at the fancy hotel that my dad and his wife booked for me on the water in Port Jefferson. My dad told me to purchase anything I wanted and just charge it to the room. We were in heaven! My step daughter was supposed to stay with my dad and his wife at their place but after staying with me the first night at the hotel, she didn't want to stay with them at all... unless I stayed there with her. She really didn't want to separate from me. She was being very clingy which I was okay with. Although it would've been nice to get a break and have some time to myself. But she was being really good. An outstanding travel companion! And it seemed like we were really bonding on this trip!

My dad and his wife were wonderful! They loved my step daughter and my step daughter was having a great time. They kept taking us out to eat at nice places and paid for everything.

The next day I performed songs with my dad at a nursing home that he plays the piano at. They loved my singing and energy so much that some lady made a specific request to hear me sing another song! I ended up singing "The Rose" (which was planned), Italian Street Song from Naughty Marietta (completely unplanned), Funiculi Funicula (again unplanned) and finally Memories from cats (when the lady requested for me to sing). It was all very unexpected since I was only supposed to sing "The Rose." My dad seemed very pleased as I was getting tons of compliments and thank yous when the show was over. I felt very good about it too... considering that my eyes were closing from jet lag and I had to sing to stay awake! lol My step daughter didn't look too happy but she sat through the entire one hour show. She was really well behaved. So much so that one of the elderly women in the audience remarked that she used to teach 2nd grade and she could tell that my step daughter was a good student. I suppose because she was able to sit still through an hour of music that didn't really appeal to her!

My dad's wife was so impressed with my step daughter's behavior at the concert that she invited her to go on a shopping spree at target. My step daughter was overjoyed as we headed over there immediately. It was a great time! My step daughter was so happy!

Unfortunately my dad and his wife's cat became ill when I arrived. I gave their cat some reiki energy healing, reiki on crystals and spring water. Her health improved temporarily, however she had to return to the vet once again to get something removed from her colon! (Update: After sending lot's of reiki energy healing and prayers to their cat her health did improve!)

The next day my dad, his wife, myself and my step daughter all went for a trip on my dad's friend's boat! I loved it but my step daughter was upset when she found out that plans had changed and we were not boating over to the beach at fire island. The winds were too strong. Instead we took a tour of mansions on the water and then parked the boat at a restaurant where we ate lunch. Once again, my step daughter wanted her drink to be served in a fancy wine glass and we were all okay with this! We were living the good life!

Then an interesting conversation came up. The guy who owned the boat saw how healthy I was eating and mentioned that I reminded him of his niece. Then he said that he doesn't take any pharmaceuticals. He also mentioned that he was 81 years old. I was impressed! I told him that I don't take any pharmaceuticals either. Then, I apologized to everyone for the controversial topic I was about to bring up... I couldn't help myself and asked him if he took the covid vaccine. He admitted that he took the first two shots but that he didn't want to do it and that now he regrets it. I asked him why and he said that it affected his taste and smell. Then my dad's wife chimed in and said that her friend took the booster and she ended up in a nursing home because of it. My dad was silent with a weird look on his face because I had adamantly warned him way in advance not to take the covid vaccine. I warned him before a vaccine even existed. So I said out loud that I know that my dad and his wife took the vaccine but they seem to be doing okay considering...unless there's something they're not telling me. They both remained silent... as if to say without saying it... that there was something they were not telling me... and then the conversation ended!

So then I'm at my dad and his wife's home on the last day of the visit and a good family friend comes to see me and my step daughter. He is also a lawyer. My dad and his friend are talking politics and then my dad turns to me and makes a joke about Trump being the real President. So I say that perhaps there really is no President and that our country has actually been sold to China, after all the United States has been a bankrupt corporation since 1933 when they took all of the gold away. A shocked silence swept across the room and the lawyer friend simply stated "Took all the gold away?" And that was it! Usually there would be a debate and I would look like a young idiot... but for some reason... this time my statement just caused shocked silence! I was in awe of the effect my words had on my dad and his lawyer friend of the family who I've known since I was a baby!

So my dad and his wife drove me and my step daughter to my mom's place in Queens where I grew up. Earlier that day my dad told me that he spoke to my mom for a very long time that day and told her what a great parent I had become. My dad and his wife were very impressed with my relationship with my step daughter. During the conversation with my mother, my dad also apologized for being a bad husband. So we finally get to my mom's place. I had warned my step daughter previously and let her know that my mom and her boyfriend are going to be a totally different situation then my dad and his wife. So we ring the door bell and my mom immediately let's out a blood curdling scream. She opens the door and looks down at my step daughter with a cold disapproving scowl. I watch as my step daughter's facial expression instantly transforms from happiness to shocked terror... Oh my... What have I done?

To be continued...

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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