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Lessons Learned This Mercury Retrograde

A little over 2 weeks ago my laptop crashed! I still haven't purchased a new one... This is partially because I've been stuck in Mercury Retrograde malfunction mode. If you don't know what Mercury Retrograde means then I think it's time for you to go onto google and look it up...or read one of my fabulous retrograde articles! You should find this information quite handy 3-4 times a year when Mercury goes Retrograde and everything gets a bit crazy. Mercury Retrograde is particularly known to affect communication... thus my computer crashing! It all synchronizes!

However, things started getting weird even before the computer crash. Everything started to go awry when I began taking supplements that I knew I shouldn't be taking. I was trying to resolve my circadian rhythm imbalance (before my father visited me) and get my sleep cycle back to somewhat normal... or at least to what's considered normal in this society. My sleep patterns have never been normal though. Ever since I was a young child I would go to sleep late and struggle to wake up in the morning. I usually slept through the whole afternoon. Thank goodness I don't do that anymore. But mornings have been quite difficult. So I recently started taking a sleep supplement that I used to take called "Cortisol Health". It used to be a great supplement for me... not anymore though! But it's Mercury retrograde... so I traveled back in the past to try this supplement once again.. a terrible idea! But a great learning lesson!

On a recent video shoot I met an older shaman lady. I could tell that she really knew her stuff. Her energy was fantastic! We were talking and all of a sudden she pulls a bottle out of her bag and rubs this clear liquid all over my arms... without asking my permission! I was okay with this though. I trusted her. The liquid she rubbed all over me was called "Florida Water." I heard about this special water before when watching a video that was shared with me through a wonderful gentleman on Tybro's Ganden Network. This shaman lady told me to place the water on my arms, face and bed before I go to sleep every night. She also told me to splash it in the four corners of my home. This would provide me with protection against negative entities and so forth. I was super excited and ready to buy tons of Florida water!

Then when I looked it up online I discovered something a bit alarming. The popular well known Florida water has toxic chemicals in it! It contains two dyes... Yellow dye # something and Red Dye # something? I was shocked and disappointed... but then I hurried up and went on Etsy. I had a feeling Etsy would sell a more natural version of Florida water. Sure enough I found a few natural versions! I purchased two of them! One in a regular glass bottle and one in a glass spray bottle.

As I waited for my Florida waters to arrive in the mail my week started going to hell! I was hit with an incredible wave of mood disorder and odd pains in my body. My best guy friend told me that they had just connected 5G with Haarp and we were all getting hit with a massive intense dose of radiation. Well, I felt it alright! And I went insane! Screaming, crying, anger, depression, anxiety, panic... and it didn't help that I was still taking a few supplements that were totally wrong for me. So on particularly horrible day, this past Saturday, after taking Quinine and Pine oil on Friday (which I now realize I cannot ingest), I was screaming and crying and going crazy. And I was directing all of this at my best guy friend and roommate. A few things he had done (or rather didn't do) had made me quite angry.

My friend took it pretty well though and basically ignored me after a moment. He knows that I don't go off like this too often. This is not a typical day for me. I was immensely affected by some type of energetic attack and the wrong supplements that I had ingested. I was experiencing pain in my ears, chest pain, random electrical pains in my body and the worst mood disorder ever. I knew my energy was terribly off and so I decided that I needed to go back for acupuncture and herbs. But I probably wasn't going to get to the acupuncturist until at least Tuesday. What was I to do in the meantime?

So all of a sudden I look in the cabinet and I find one last emergency bag of herbs. I take it. But it doesn't settle me down. Now I'm feeling even crazier then ever! I'm screaming...crying...and I can't stop! All of a sudden the spirit speaks to me... not in words but in energy. I had remembered that one of my bottles of Florida water had just arrived the day before...and I had placed some on my arms and face to no avail... and on my bed... But I had not placed it on the four corners of my home yet!

So I'm screaming and crying while walking around with a bottle of Florida water trying to get each of the four corners of my apartment. But the four floor corners were a bit weird because one corner is a bath tub. That's not a real corner! So that didn't work! So I decided that I had to do the ceiling corners. So I'm all upset...still screaming (not cursing)... But I wanted to curse! Crying... angry... disappointed... depressed... suicidal thoughts... and I'm dragging this stool around the apartment so I can wipe some Florida water on all four corners of the ceiling. All the while my friend is on his computer ignoring me.

So I finally get to the fourth corner of the ceiling in the bathroom. I wipe down the corner with Florida water and this weird calm energy sweeps over me. It was the strangest thing ever! I thought to myself, "Did this Florida water actually work?" I wasn't angry or sad anymore. It felt like something had left me. I felt empty... in a good way. I stopped screaming. I stopped crying. I was exhausted. I had no appetite and no thirst. I sat down for a little while in complete awe and then finally I decided to take a nap in my mediation pyramid. I slept for a few hours. I hadn't ate anything and I only had one drink of water that day with my asian herbs. I decided not to take my melatonin that night. I knew it was wrong for me. It was one of my old supplements that I had decided to try again... But it was all wrong for me. Another Mercury Retrograde moment reliving a mistake from the past!

So my friend, who I was yelling at earlier, had been trying to me fix my laptop. He was unable to fix it so he gave me another laptop to try. But this new laptop wouldn't work with a keyboard and mouse plugged in it. I have emf sensitivities so I really can't touch laptops without having a problem. I always need to use an external keyboard and mouse. I decided to try to use the laptop anyway while wearing grounded silver gloves and having my feet placed on an earthing/ grounding mat... along with the rest of my crazy emf protection outfit...silver hat, face shield, crystals, blue light glasses... and shungite hat! didn't work! The laptop didn't work and touching the laptop didn't work either....even with the gloves on and the rest of my protective gear! A wave of insanity swept over me. I was highly irritable. I placed myself in my meditation pyramid while wearing grounding socks. It didn't work. I was exhausted and ready to take a nap before touching the laptop. Now I was ready to murder someone. I couldn't even take a nap. I was too wired from the energy of the laptop. Even worse I started biting my nails. I had a realization that my nails had actually been growing since I stopped using a laptop. My nails were starting to look nice. Was this the real cause of my nail biting habit? Emfs emitted from my laptop! As I pondered this question while ripping one nail apart and trying not to destroy the others, I started to itch. This is weird. Why was I itching?

Well, it got worse. I couldn't get to sleep that night because I was itchy all night long. I didn't take my melatonin pill and I was suffering from constant itchiness! Could lack of melatonin be the reason I wondered? After this experience I knew that I could never use another laptop again... not even touch one... not even with an external keyboard and mouse attached to it.! And so I'm at the Library right now typing this article on a real computer and I'm feeling pretty decent.

I almost had a crying panic attack this past Monday when I had to get to my Myofascial Massage session and I was waiting for a jump start because my car wouldn't start. I thought I would never make it in time. Yes... when it rains it surely pours don't it? I felt euphoric after my Myofascial Massage session, however that euphoria came to a crashing halt after spending too much time shopping in Whole Foods.

Finally, this past Tuesday I made a last minute appointment for acupuncture and herbs. Thank goodness they had a slot available for me! Dr. Kim at Kyung Hee Acupuncture and Herbs always saves the day. Whenever I totally mess up my energy I know I can count on Dr. Kim to fix me and bring me back to normal. This time Dr. Kim prepared some special herbs for me to help balance my sleep cycle and self imposed mood disorder. I was totally excited to see how this would work out! I know I can count on Dr. Kim. Every time I go back to see him everything improves.

So Tuesday night after taking my evening herbs I started to feel much better. But then when I went to sleep I was itchy again! Was it the 2 hours I spent on the computer at the library? Did this make me itchy! Then I had a revelation! It was the Florida water! The amazing Florida water is terrible for my skin! But this was a somewhat confusing lesson because I was using two different Florida waters at this point that I had purchased on Etsy. One was in a spray bottle and one wasn't. Well, I figured out that the spray bottle Florida water was good on my skin but the one without the spray top was not good (on my skin). It was however excellent on the four corners of my wall! So I suppose I'll be using different bottles for different purposes then! Good to know!

Now, today, Wednesday, I feel phenomenal. I still went to sleep late last night and woke up late, however my mood is significantly better today. Like a full 360 better! I even folded laundry that had been sitting around forever waiting to be folded! After breakfast I was super energized and euphoric. I started to sing. I even took some time to sit in the sun at the park next to the library! Wow! What a difference! Seriously amazing! Yeah! What an extreme month!

So in summary... what did I learn this Mercury Retrograde? I need to stop taking supplements that I know are not right for me. This is a lesson I've had to learn over and over again. Why do I keep having to retest old supplements? I don't know? I did start taking some wonderful new supplements this retrograde though... namely Trimethylglycine (TMG) and NAD+ but I won't be discussing these supplements right now. Perhaps at a later time though? Florida water is quite magical and I need to use it more often....but I must be careful using it on my skin! My nail biting habit could very well be attributed to laptop use. Laptop use may also be a contributing factor to my mood disorder. I will never use another laptop again. When I finally buy a new computer it will have to actually be a whole computer... And as usual, Dr. Kim is the absolute truth! When in doubt... acupuncture and herbs! Til next time... Hope your Retrograde hasn't been as tedious as mine has been! But hey... it's all learning lessons right? There's always a blessing in the curse! Stay well!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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