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Raising a Spiritually Minded & Enlightened Child!

Perhaps the easiest way to raise a spiritually minded & enlightened child is to be spiritually minded and enlightened oneself? That always helps! I would think that that's how it typically happens! Children tend to pick up and absorb everything in their environments... as do adults! So if one just happens to be immersed in a spiritual environment, then it's a no- brainer! We become the company we keep and we become the environments that we spend the most time in! That's why it's so important to monitor who our children spend most of their time with and where they spend most of their time! We must also monitor what they read, watch and listen to! All of this is particularly important to their developing brain... But perhaps even more importantly, all of these factors contribute to the development of their spiritual mind & body!

My 6 year old step daughter moved in with her father and myself around 4 months ago. Our entire apartment is essentially a temple... A positive energy, healing, spiritual manifestation chamber if you will! My 6 year old step daughter has no choice but to be immersed in spiritual energy! The entire apartment is filled with spiritual symbolism, magical objects, medallions, books, symbols, sacred geometry, positive affirmations, Hebrew prayers, Sanskrit Prayers, spells, altars, crystals, and even a huge mediation pyramid in the middle of the living room! We also have pictures of money on the walls in every room... even in the shower! The walls are actually covered in spiritual symbology, prayers and subliminal messages of abundance!

I pray before and after every meal. I also pray and meditate before leaving my bedroom every morning. My 6 year old daughter has watched me pray, meditate and perform magical rituals with candles and incense. She has even participated in some of the rituals on a few occasions and has burned ancestor money for her deceased mother. She used to say that I pray too much. Now, after 4 months of living with me, she doesn't insist that I pray too much anymore. She has become accustomed to my prayers. At times she will even sit close to me and listen to my words as I pray. And sometimes, as a joke, she will place her hands together and make up a prayer of non sense words! I'm sure that eventually, given enough time in the environment, her prayers will no longer be a joke of non sense gibberish... I believe that one day she will actually be praying... with all her heart and soul!

On Shabbat she does actually sing the "Shabbat Shalom" song along with me. And although it's not perfect, as she does make some mistakes, she sings the song with so much energy and so much joy and so much love, that I know in my heart that she's doing it right! It's not the words of the prayer/ song that necessarily matter, but the thoughts and feelings and energy behind the words of prayers that actually counts! I recite a ton of Hebrew prayers that I don't quite understand... They seem to be much more powerful energetically then the English translation may transmit... Yet, I recite these prayers joyously with love in my heart and a true desire that my prayers will be received and accepted by the most high... and I know in my heart that these prayers are making a difference in my life and in the lives of those I care for... and so that's all that really matters! In the grand scheme of things.. Our thoughts essentially create our reality! Yes, my 6 year old step daughter is always being reminded of the Law of Attraction!

When my step daughter first moved in I took her to a crystal store to pick out some crystals. She loves crystals! She wanted everything in the store! She left with a few crystals and a dream catcher! Our entire apartment is filled with crystals! And occasionally I will find one missing. The missing crystal can be typically found in my stepdaughter's bed! On several occasions I have placed specific crystals on her heart and in her hands. One time I placed a highly energized healing ye ming zu stone under her pillow when she went to sleep. She peed in her bed that night... So I realized that she wasn't quite ready for that powerful stone yet! But she has done just fine with the slab of selenite under her mattress... and the shungite and orgonite surrounding her!

More recently, my 6 year old step daughter started to request, even beg, to sleep in the meditation pyramid in the living room. This meditation pyramid is super duper charged up with all types of healing crystals, shungite, orgonite, tensor field generators and reiki energy! The pyramid is also grounded with earthing technology! And there's an entire 26 volume set of the Zohar in the pyramid as well! So we've allowed her to sleep in there! Her father exclaimed that she sleeps much better in the pyramid then in her own bed. She doesn't toss or turn at all! Well, that's probably because there's no room to toss and turn in the chair that she sleeps in! It's a big ergonomic chair and very comfortable, but there's not much room to move around. To keep her chair from sliding back up into the seated position, since she's so light weight, I've had to place some heavy books behind her head. So she's sleeping with "The Prosperity Bible" and The Holy Bible Hebrew Israelite Edition KJV"... and she's absorbing all of this as she sleeps! My step daughter has stated that she feels more energized when she wakes up after sleeping in the pyramid! At this point she has pretty much taken over my meditation pyramid! The only time I use it is now is on Saturday afternoons! That's okay! I still have plenty of high frequency stones, crystals and gadgets to play with!

In the apartment we always have positive affirmations and/or healing frequencies/ music playing in the background... My step daughter always requests sleepy music when she goes to sleep, but her father doesn't want her sleeping with the tablet. So recently I started handing her an mp3 player with spiritual healing music. Now she is starting to specifically request the healing music on my mp3 player. She has been listening to one audio called "Inner Peace." This audio starts with "You were born in the mind of G-d and you will never die." How's that for positive spiritual programming? The other night she requested going to sleep with "The Prayer of Greater Miracles" audio, and now she's continuing to request this audio to sleep with. This is a very powerful sanskrit prayer that I recite twice daily.

Besides everything I just mentioned, I have also been adding a powerful holy water and The Noble 8 Elixir to my step daughter's water. The Noble 8 Elixir contains colloidal Gold, Silver, Platinum, Rhodium, Palladium, Osmium, Iridium, and Ruthenium. This mind expanding elixir will most certainly help this young child evolve consciously and spiritually!

My step daughter is a pisces. She is already spiritual in nature... however, it appears that she is really starting to absorb the spiritual environment of her home! She is healing from the death of her mother at a phenomenal rate. She is becoming a much stronger being of light and love. I am witnessing firsthand the amazing changes that are taking place.... And I am proud to be a positive role model for this lovely girl. I am grateful for this opportunity to help this blessed little soul grow into a spiritually enlightened being.

When my step daughter first moved in with us she was very selfish and had no desire to help anyone or share anything with anyone. She also did not seem very grateful for anything! Recently we saw a man begging for money in front of a fast food place. We had gone in to use the bathroom and as we walked out I apologetically told the homeless man that I didn't have any cash on me. But when I got in the car it just didn't feel right. My step daughter announced that she felt sorry for the man. I asked her if she thought we should help him and buy him some food. With a big smile she immediately yelled "Yes." We both got out of the car and with joy we waited on line to buy this sad hungry man a chicken sandwich. We both knew that we were doing G-d's work that day! Afterwards I reminded my step daughter to be grateful for everything she has. I told her that we could just as easily be in that homeless man's position. We should never take what we have for granted!

No, spiritual enlightenment is not just above meditation pyramids, crystals, subliminal audios, prayers, meditation, positive affirmations and reiki energy healing... perhaps in reality none of these things really matter... They are just tools to help us evolve and become more spiritually aware... But in reality...What's most important is what we do when we are out there in the world....A truly spiritually enlightened person will go out of their way to help a person in need (if they have the ability to do so). Contributing to a better world is what this is all about! If you want to raise a spiritually enlightened child who will eventually grow into a a spiritually enlightened adult, then the first lesson and most important lesson of all is to have compassion for your fellow man! Love your neighbor as you love yourself! Teaching gratitude is also of the utmost importance!

I will never forget the time that my father handed a $20 bill to a homeless man in the subway in New York, when I was just a young child, and then he told me that it's important to help people if you can... That image has stayed glued in my mind for my entire life. So now when I'm with my step daughter I help as many homeless people as I can and I always turn to her and say, "If you have the ability to help someone in need then you should do it!" It is my hope that these images of compassion stay glued in her mind for the rest of her life. Who knows how many lives we will change for the better? Small acts of kindness do add up and create a ripple effect! One small act can and will change the world! Raising a spiritually minded and enlightened child can and will change the world! I can rest assured,... I am doing G-d's work!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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