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So What is this Covid-19/ Corona Virus Really?

So I have to be quite honest with you... I never believed in this virus. For me, the corona virus/ covid-19... whatever you want to call it... was never real. My mentors insisted from the very beginning that it wasn't real. We (my mentors and I) felt that covid-19 was a fear tactic created to distract the public, create confusion and anger, destroy small businesses, allow the government to legally take away our rights, implement a communist system, enforce mandatory vaccines, population control, etc.

We believed that the deaths being depicted on the news were false or at the very least they were being wildly exaggerated. We felt that yes, people are getting sick and dying, however people are always getting sick and dying. Now these sicknesses and deaths are simply being blamed on covid. And we have also felt that most covid deaths can be attributed to no treatment or the wrong treatment. Like the great ventilator fiasco! Ventilators were killing people left and right! Now, months later after the fact, most of us are aware that the ventilators are not a proper treatment protocol for covid-19 at all!

But, although the mainstream news is known to lie and make exaggerated claims, it's difficult to deny that there may in fact actually be a virus (or something virus-like). I have personally witnessed the effects of this virus on family and friends. My best guy friend's sister (in her early 40's) recently collapsed in a grocery store after which she tested positive for covid. Now, my guy friend's sister is already very sick so her reaction makes sense. Anyone with a compromised immune system is more likely to exhibit covid-19 symptoms.

The boyfriend of one of my family members also recently contracted covid-19 and he's dealing with quite a few health conditions as well. He's elderly and in his 60's so he's more at risk. His blood pressure had become dangerously high. He went to the hospital for treatment and thankfully he is doing much better now. Quite interestingly, his girlfriend who slept right next to him in bed kept testing negative. Perhaps it's the sovereign silver and some other immune system boosters I sent her that she's been taking! Her boyfriend wasn't taking them!

So what's really going on here? What is this virus really? I've been told that the coronavirus/ covid-19 is actually a nano smart dust virus that was released into the atmosphere with chemtrails and turned on by the AI software 5G! The virus is a smart virus that thinks! It is basically an organic computer program. It is also a mind disease/ robotic parasite that makes you think that you're sick. It's a heat sensitive biological war weapon that travels to crowds. The 5G satellites actually pick up where crowds are located and sends the virus to them. The virus also appears to be programmed to have a special affinity for melanin.

And you know what else? ! The virus is supposedly being loaded onto the covid test swabs! My friend told me there was a study done where they found that most free covid tests have positive results and most paid tests turn out negative! Hmmm! Could it be that they are specifically targeting the poor! (and the elderly) That's what's I've been told. Interestingly my mother took the free covid test twice and was negative both times. But my mother lives in a nice upscale neighborhood and she is caucasian! So that may make a difference!

Speaking of caucasian... My guy friend's brother in West Virginia went to the hospital a while back for covid. He is african american by the way. He tested positive and his caucasian wife tested negative. They gave the wife medicine but not the husband with covid. Blatant racism! This is what's going on folks. In fact, the same friend's sister (african amercian) who collapsed in a grocery store went to the hospital for covid (in Ohio) and the staff were quite nasty towards her. She was very sick and they refused to treat her. No treatment and no medicine! They told her to call her primary care physician. So it appears there's different protocols for different races! And for different socioeconomic statuses as well. Apparently the poor, black, latino and elderly are the main targets for this virus. Not necessarily because of the virus per se, but because of the poor medical care that is being given (or not given)!

So does the mask protect us from this virus? I don't think so and I've been told that it doesn't. The mask is simply a mechanism to take away our individualism and make us conform to a communist agenda. The mask also weakens our immune system by restricting our oxygen intake. You are really better off not wearing the mask and just boosting your immune system. In fact I never wear a mask unless I have to. And I stick my nose out of the mask every chance I get. And you know what? I haven't been sick this whole time! Ofcourse I also boost my immune system way more than the average human.

So what's the best way to protect yourself from the corona/ covid virus? The best way to protect yourself and avoid this smart virus is by staying away from crowds, NOT taking the covid-19 test (especially the free test), stay off the ventilators (I wouldn't even go to the hospital- I suppose it really depends on what hospital...and sadly, the color of your skin and your insurance plan), cleanse your chakras (this is a meditation technique I utilize daily), keep your immune system strong and always have something on you that blocks/ neutralizes emfs (shungite, orgonite, tensor field generators, etc). I actually wear shungite and orgonite jewelry everyday. In fact, I'm wearing a shungite hat right now as I type this article... and a silver hood hat, silver gloves and earthing socks plugged into the grounding port of my outlet! In fact my whole apartment is full of EMF blocking technology. Ha ha! I was made for this sh*t!

Oh...I almost forgot... I wrote an article about magic mushrooms a while back and how they also provide protection from the 5G nanobots. I was recently told that this still holds true. Magic mushrooms are recommended as well as LSD/ Acid. Although I personally have never done acid or LSD so I can't advise on that. I am extremely sensitive to anything psychoactive. But magic mushrooms are good and supposedly create a line of defense against this nanobot/ smart dust virus.

As for my thoughts on the vaccine... well, perhaps you should read my article "Take the Vaccine! Be a Hero! Die for your Country!" Let's just say that there's no way in hell that I would ever take this vaccine. There's better ways to combat this folks! If you're thinking of taking this vaccine i highly suggest reading my vaccine article and all the updates that I've added to it. The covid-19 vaccine is going to be the final puzzle piece to this depopulation agenda! In case you didn't realize... there is an agenda!

So that's the update! There is a virus or something making people sick (although I'd like to believe it doesn't exist and I will continue ignoring it)... but it's not a normal virus. We're dealing with biological weaponry. They are mostly likely trying to infect the poor and the elderly. We need to take precautions but at the same time not live our lives in fear. For me this virus still doesn't exist... Perhaps when you graduate to the 5th dimension you become exempt from getting this virus. If you're still in the 3rd dimension you are still at risk? Well, that's a whole other topic. But I think that belief gives it life. So this virus doesn't exist for me. I can't contract something that I don't believe in right? But that takes some serious mind power. Good thing I've been working on my mind and monitoring my thoughts! Til next time! Stay safe!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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