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The Cough That Never Dies...Until You Do! (Alternative Title: "The Fog of Death!")

As I begin to write this article, on Monday April 10th 2023, there is a strange heavy fog coating the Los Angeles landscape. (Poisonous vapors sent on a deadly mission to attack vulnerable lungs!) Supposedly this fog is so thick that in certain areas of LA there have been quite a few car accidents reported. Thank goodness I did not experience any issues on the road while driving my step daughter to school this morning. I did however experience a cough that sneaked up on me just as I waved goodbye to my step daughter at the gate of her school. Speaking of coughs...

Last night my good friend overheard some neighbors talking at the swimming pool at our building. Apparently there is a cough going around that is very difficult to get rid of. In fact... some of the neighbor's older relatives have already been admitted to the hospital. As I mentioned in my previous bronchitis article, unbeknownst to the public, millions of people have already died of bronchitis! Many more will probably die!

In fact, ever since I was diagnosed with bronchitis a few weeks ago, after taking a 2 hour walk with my step daughter around the Griffith Observatory (Planetarium) at high altitude in heavy fog, (and had to take conventional medication to remedy the situation...first time in years!), I often feel a tickle in my throat as if the cough is attempting to take me over again! Something is quite amiss! And so I know that I must be on guard at all times against this strange cough creature that lurks in the foggy streets of Los Angeles! In fact, when I finished taking my doses of prescribed conventional meds I started taking Christopher's Lung and Bronchial Formula twice a day! I am quite confident that this remedy has been most helpful for me! Yet, I do tend to experience a mysterious chest pain (and back pain) when I breathe deeply and cough. And it gets worse when I take certain supplements. There is no doubt in my mind that the antibiotics I took have affected my stomach in some way that may be causing these pains... but I try not to give this much thought. I've already taken quite a few probiotic pills to repair my stomach and I have not encountered any bowel issues. So I'm sure these unpleasant sensations will simply go away shortly!

So what is a girl to do at this point? I realize that the air in LA is no longer fit to breathe....especially on mysteriously foggy days! It is in fact dangerous to breathe! I recently purchased more colloidal molybdenum on Etsy and was surprised to find a whole write up on colloidal silver in the package! I've purchased colloidals from this seller many times before but never received such a write up. So I decided to scan it real quick since I am already aware of the benefits of colloidal silver, but perhaps the universe wanted to remind me of something I forgot? Or something I didn't know. Well, I received my answer when my eyes immediately touched on the words "bronchial", and I read that colloidal silver could be inhaled using a nebulizer to subdue/ heal bronchial issues. Eureka! I never thought to inhale colloidal silver! Or did I? I cannot remember!

The universe/ G-d (our higher self) sends us messages and answers to our questions at all times...but do we listen? Only if we are open to hearing/ seeing the message/ answer! Only if we remain teachable! I remind myself all the time... I do not know what I do not know... So I must stay open to learning more... even possibly re-learning what I thought I already knew! I asked myself- Why am I receiving this write up on colloidal silver now? When I've already read so many of these colloidal silver write ups in the past! I should already know everything there is to know about colloidal silver right? But then again, I am receiving this write up right now at this very moment for a reason so I better read through it and figure out why! And I did!

I spent around 40 minutes looking for the perfect nebulizer on amazon and I think I may have found what I'm looking for: Portable Nebulizer, Nebulizer Machine for Adults and Kids, Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer of Cool Mist, Ultrasonic Nebulizer with Self-Cleaning Function for Breathing Problems, Used at Home, Office, Travel This nebulizer is now sitting in my cart! Should I buy it?

In the meantime my spiritual mentor suggests that I wear a mask out on foggy days! I can't stand wearing masks... but I will take his advice and do it anyway! Til next time.... If you start getting plagued by a mysterious cough that just won't go away... DO NOT wait until the very last minute to remedy the situation! Beware Chemtrail Bronchitis! It's in the air!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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