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3 Months in the Waiting!

It all started about 3 months ago when (after I had committed myself to a strictly vegan diet), I went out of my way to spend around $500 or more on my step daughter's 7th birthday party. I did all of the party planning and shopping. I created invites... purchased pizza, cake, ice cream, an arts and crafts project, decorations and I even dressed myself up as an LOL Doll clown! I felt bad because my step daughter told me that she never had a real birthday party before and that she really wanted one.... But not just a regular birthday party... She wanted the best birthday party ever... Better than all the rest of her friend's birthday parties! Yes, this kid is pretty competitive! I tried to explain to my step daughter that the party doesn't have to be better than everyone else's party... that she should just be grateful to be having a birthday party in the first place. But that was a hard sell!

My step daughter's father grew up poor and never had a real birthday party as a child... His own mother still to this day has never had a real birthday party... or a birthday cake for that matter! That's what she says! In February, around 3 weeks before my step daughter's 7th birthday, her father was still complaining about spending over $1000 on her birthday at Disney Land last year. He was not ready to accept another extravagant birthday bill. However, my step daughter's mother had recently passed away and then my step daughter was separated from the rest of her mother's side of the family when she moved in with me last July. All that was left for her was her dad, myself and our three cats. After all this child had been through I felt that it was absolutely imperative that we provide her with the best birthday party ever. I was the only one willing to make it happen so I stepped up to the plate and hit a home run. The party was amazing! Quite the success! And my step daughter was beyond over-joyed! I really felt good about what I had done. This party must've been one of the best good deeds I ever performed! I made this party happen out of the kindness of my heart. I really didn't expect anything in return except a happier, healthier step daughter and a more peaceful home. That was all that I was hoping for!

However, the next day, after achieving a successful birthday party for my step daughter, her father told me that all the money (and effort) I had spent on the party would come back to me... I would be rewarded for my good deed. Soon after that he informed me that he had purchased a very special, magical, powerful, healing, manifesting stone for me from China... A stone that's actually alive!... A stone that I had wanted for a long time, but I wasn't sure when I would be able to afford to buy it or even access it for that matter. These stones are very expensive and not easy to obtain if you don't know someone whose connected. I was told that the stone would take a few months to arrive from China. I was beyond excited and couldn't stop thinking about my new stone. I was very willing to be patient and wait the allotted time for the arrival of my special stone!

Perhaps a month or so later I found myself in a predicament with a sick squirrel... Not just any squirrel... but a very special squirrel that I cared for greatly. I was sure that someone had poisoned her. As I was sending reiki energy healing to this squirrel... my beloved Ms. Perfect Patches... I instinctively asked my stone (the one that was on it's way from China) to help heal and protect my squirrel Patches. I felt an immense energy and knew that my stone was present although thousands of miles away. I could feel my stone's powerful healing energy. My squirrel appeared to get a little better but then she simply disappeared. I was very worried about her but my spiritual mentor told me that Patches was ok. Supposedly she just left the area for a while to be in safer surroundings and was fasting to heal herself. I was told that she would be back soon. Sadly, I haven't seen my dear squirrel since then, but I do pray that my special stone is watching over her and keeping her safe. I think it is!

However, soon after losing my squirrel Patches, I purchased a hummingbird feeder for my balcony and attracted a cute little fellow with a funny little feather that sticks out from his right side. I named him Henry. Henry (and all his little girlfriends) have been keeping me company on my balcony and helping me to feel better about Patches. Henry is also very entertaining for my 3 cats to watch. Most of the day he just sits on the power lines across from my balcony and keeps an eye on his hummingbird feeder! He's quite territorial over it!

Around 2 months later I was wondering what my stone's name was. The name immediately popped in my head followed by another form of the same name. One form had an ia at the end of the name and the 2nd had an ie at the end. I chose to go with the name with the ie ending. That same day my step daughter mentioned that same name that popped in my head with the ie ending. It was an odd synchronicity that allowed me to understand that I really did channel the stone's name. However I still wasn't entirely convinced until I met what seemed to be a very mystical young man at the park one day. It appeared that he just came out of nowhere and was waiting for me outside the restroom. There was something different about his energy... like he was sent to that park to see me. Something told me to pet his dog and ask for its name. When I asked him what his dog's name was it was the same name as my stone but with the ia at the end. I was receiving signs from the universe that my stone was already with me even though it hadn't physically arrived yet. I figured out that her name ends with ia but she likes being referred to with the ie form. Its less formal and more endearing, almost like speaking to a pet, a very wise pet! Thus the dog at the park with the same name! A mystical man's mystical pet dog! And I shall be the mystical woman with the mystical pet stone! Although, it may actually be the other way around... I may be the stone's pet! A mystical stone with a mystical pet human! LOL The stone is supposedly way more powerful than I am! It's more likely that I would be its pet... and my name ends in ie!

So on Wednesday May 24th, a little over 2 months since my stone was ordered from China, I received a magical poem from my spiritual mentor. It was a poem written in Arabic by a powerful Sufi poet in the 1200's? My mentor wouldn't provide me with the Sufi's name. This is apparently secret information. I decided to print out many copies of the poem and charge them up with reiki energy and place them all around my bedroom. Well, the energy was strong! I started getting prickly sensations in my fingertips and a warm energy on my face and head... Energetic shifts were definitely taking place. I've been scanning this Arabic document every morning since I received it!

Soon after I had this experience with the Arabic poem I started wondering where my stone was at! My spiritual mentor explained to me that I could be stressing my stone out and giving her anxiety by putting pressure on her to arrive quickly. This stress could actually delay her arrival. I had been questioning where she was and mentioning her often! I became concerned. After that conversation I sent reiki distance healing to my stone while sitting in my meditation pyramid in my bedroom. I felt bad energy and my concern heightened. I apologized to my stone for asking her to help me with my squirrel Patches before even really introducing myself. I assured my stone that there was no rush in her getting to me and that I did not intend to stress her out or give her anxiety. I told her that she was free to come to me when she was ready. I would be patient. I asked my stone to let me know what I needed to do to make her feel more comfortable and welcome. Soon after I sent more reiki energy to my stone on my balcony and the energy had improved greatly. By Saturday night of Memorial Day weekend, I was convinced that I had to rearrange the top of my meditation pyramid. The energy was off. I think my stone was trying to tell me this?

However, after rearranging the top of my pyramid and then sleeping in it I woke up feeling worse. I was agitated on Sunday morning and went right to work rearranging the top of my pyramid again, after which I recited my morning prayers and meditation in it. Energy was much better! I woke up Monday morning feeling euphoric. It was apparent... my meditation pyramid needed to be reassembled up top! I also added crystals and made a few other energetic adjustments... Energy was improving quickly!

So funny thing... my good friend has a favorite movie he likes to watch called "Blood In Blood Out." In a prison scene one of the inmates aggressively states to another inmate "Give me some of that chocho!" My friend and I always laugh at that part of the movie... My friend just happened to be watching that movie that week... and I decided to watch a minute or two of it with him... Next thing you know... I'm walking through an aisle at Whole Foods and a protein powder catches my attention. It's a protein powder I never saw before called "Pure Chocho!" LOL It actually looked really good so I purchased it... However, I had a weird reaction to this chocho protein powder... The next day, on Thursday morning, I was beyond horny. I felt that perhaps the high arginine levels in the powder were invoking some dormant viruses. So I ingested a big serving of lysine powder. The next day, on Friday, the terrible headache began! There was a full moon on Saturday and then I found out that my stone was finally in LA! Ha ha False alarm! It was in Los Alamitos (Orange County)! Still great news! It was getting closer!

Another interesting thing about Saturday is that I had finished reading my Torah Portion "Naso" early and decided to read the "Naso" portion of the Zohar. For some reason I couldn't put the Zohar down and then I realized why... I finally made it to the page that speaks about covering one's hair... I remembered that I had read this exact passage approximately 1 year ago and that's when I had started covering my hair! I couldn't believe it! Saturday was the one year Torah reading anniversary of covering my hair! Wow! I can't believe I've been wearing head wraps for that long!

So Sunday early morning, around 3am, I had a powerful dream that gave me an incredible business idea. I dove out of bed and wrote it down immediately. That afternoon I met a really cool Columbian guy who worked at the farmer's market. He kept complimenting me on my Solomon's Seal pendant... He didn't speak much English but he sure knew the world Kabbalah! He had a magical vibration. He was more awake then most... It always feels good to meet positive energy (mystical) people... and I get the feeling that my new stone is helping send them to me now! I also feel way more protected from negative energy! I was already protected... but I sense an increase in protection!

So Monday came around and I went to the Hot Springs (mikvah) to cleanse my energy in hopes that my dear stone from China would arrive just in time for the new cleansed version of myself... I was determined to have my new stone in my hands by Tuesday so that I could take her on a trip to the Arcadia Arboretum... My spiritual mentor was telling me that as soon as my stone arrives I should take her to Arcadia... I was also hoping for her to arrive on Tuesday because my mother is leaving town and traveling to Europe on Wednesday and I wanted to send my mom some extra potent energy to protect her while on her trip...

So Tuesday finally arrived and my stone was still in Los Alamitos! No problem! I had actually started feeling a little nauseous and headachy on Tuesday... I realized that the Chocho protein had to be returned to Whole Foods. I really wanted it to work but... but chocho for me! I will probably have to go back to my black walnut protein! So finally my friend gives me the big update... My special stone will arrive between June 7th and June15th! I am very hopeful that she will arrive this week! But no pressure my beautiful stone... No pressure! I very much look forward to meeting you in person! I am so excited! So many people want you and I feel truly blessed that you've chosen me! I patiently await our destiny together!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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