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A Most Profound Communication With The Earth: The Ground is Trying to Breathe!

Last Thursday morning, after reciting my first two morning prayers, I noticed a large spider hiding in the crack between the wall and ceiling of my bedroom across from my bed and right over my closet door. I was excited about my new visitor. Spiders are a good omen for me. They actually visit me during magical times and always seem to position themselves around the same place on my bedroom wall. They usually stay there for a few days, without a web, as if they were specifically sent there to watch over me. When their mission is complete they simply vanish from the room. They are always peaceful and never attempt to approach me or my bed. They are a welcome guest. So on Thursday morning I blessed my new visitor with reiki energy healing symbols on its beautiful little energy field and then I went about my day awaiting the magic.

So a few hours later, as I walked out of the library, I noticed a tiny plant growing out of a crack in the cement on the ground of the parking lot. Upon further inspection I noticed more green plants attempting to grow out of cracks. All of a sudden I experienced a troubled energy... a sadness if you will. It was as if the plants and the soil and all the earth were communicating with me simultaneously stating "We cant breathe"! "The concrete is suffocating us." "Help!" But what could I do? I wasn't in a position to free them from their concrete prison at that moment. I am however in a position to write an article and express this message that I received. I thought to myself... What right do we really have to pour concrete everywhere and stop nature from procreating and expanding and expressing itself? As we pour cement on nature and suffocate it, likewise we suffocate G-d... or rather the G-d energy that exists in everyone and everything. We suffocate ourselves!

But nature is persistent. If there's a will there's surely a way. These tiny green plants creeping through the cracks and crevices of the cemented parking lot prove this. We can only stifle nature for so long until nature finally decides to fight back and avenge this human curse. One day this blessed land will be free again. The shackles of cement will be lifted and the ground will be able to breathe again. The earth is hopeful and patient.... Awaiting a new age of peace when we can all breathe again. The concrete must be broken. It will be messy but it will all be worth it. And the earth will rejoice yet again. Thank you for that message thoughtfully delivered to my psyche from the imprisoned life awaiting expression underneath the cemented library parking lot! I too am quite hopeful and look forward to your release from bondage.

As I was just about to change my thoughts and drive away, a tiny little flying insect appeared right outside my passenger window as if to say, "Please do not forget the message you just received from the planet today!" I said to myself... "Oh no, I will surely not forget." At that moment the little creature happily flew away and I pulled out of my spot and peacefully drove away enlightened with the conversations that had just taken place.

But the communication didn't end there... In the early evening I received this text message from "To be whole and free is to live and manifest on the material and immaterial planes in harmony with the spiritual laws that govern all that there is. It then becomes our duty and responsibility to transmit and reflect in our daily lives, and to our utmost ability, the highest vibrations of the universe and of our Creator." Dr. Lonnie Edwards

The next day, Friday, was a New moon! The spider was still sitting in the same location on my bedroom wall Friday morning. But this time he wasn't trying to hide in the crack in the wall. His body was spread out and he appeared to be very comfortable. He knew very well at this point that he was a welcome guest in my room. A few hours later I read this quote on a bumper sticker while waiting to use the atm machine at my bank: "Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are." I thought to myself... "So now the earth is communicating with me through bumper stickers I see!" The thought continued... We ARE all a part of nature! We are all connected! And how we treat nature is inevitably how we treat ourselves! So perhaps we should consider our actions just a little bit more and gain respect for everyone and everything around us.

So then, just a few hours later, I received a voice message from Peter from Friends of the Earth calling because tomorrow (Saturday) is world bee day. Peter went on to explain that bees are in danger. Pollinators are responsible for 1 in 3 bites of food we eat. Friends of the earth is committed to stopping the pesticide industry from contaminating our land, etc. Donate to help protect pollinators and preserve our fragile food system. To make a donation go to

I thought... So now the earth is communicating with me through voice messages! Interestingly I receive emails from this group all the time... but this was the first voice message they ever left me! Hmmm....

Finally, on Friday afternoon, I finished reading "The Prosperity Bible" of 1268 pages! On the last page of the book Emmett Fox writes these wise words, "We are all living in some kind of prison, some of us in one kind, some in another; some in a prison of lack, some in a prison of remorse and resentment, some in a prison of blind, unintelligent fear, some in a prison of sickness. But always the prison is in our thought and not in the nature of things." Amen to that! I walked back into my bedroom and to my surprise my spider was gone! I thought to myself... Perhaps this is the end of the communication with nature for now? Nature must've got its point across?

Well, it appeared that way until Monday morning... After shopping at Whole Foods I noticed that the cashier had snuck a free bag of samples into my grocery bag. One of the samples was a bar of soap by the brand Dr. Bronners. In huge bold letters the soap read "HEAL EARTH!" And in small letters under that it said "regenerate soil-farms-communities-ecosystems-climate-planet-life!"

Then I received this email.... (Well, the email was actually sent on Friday morning during the Magical New Moon, but I didn't read it until Monday):

Hello A Lover In The Land Of Hell Book team,

Hope you all are doing well!

I was looking for some information on sustainable gardening and pollinator pathways today, when I came across your excellent page

It was super helpful! Thank you!

We actually published pages about RoundUp and RoundUp Alternatives that I think would be very helpful to your community of gardeners in keeping our pollinators safe.

I think they could be great additions to your page since it not only includes how RoundUp can pose a risk to humans and animals, but also what organic alternatives are available on the market today and home recipes that readers can try. Would you consider adding these links to your website to help us spread awareness? Hope to hear from you soon,

Arianna Delarosa | Outreach Coordinator 1 S Orange Ave. STE 200 | Orlando, FL 32801

I responded and said, "Thanks for the info! I will definitely add this to my bee article as well as my new article that publishes on Wednesday (this article)!


They responded back rather quickly stating:

Jennie, hi!

Thank you for your response and for reviewing our resource, I appreciate your time in doing so!

We are thrilled to have your support and hope to be a beneficial resource for your web visitors who may be seeking the information we provide.

Thanks again!

Have a wonderful day,

Arianna Delarosa | Outreach Coordinator 1 S Orange Ave. STE 200 | Orlando, FL 32801

Then on Monday afternoon I received a package from my dad's wife. It was a whole bunch of seeds for my step daughter to plant. Amazing synchronizations don't you think?

Finally my spider reappeared on the floor by my kitchen. I almost stepped on him! Poor guy was a little freaked out when I gently lifted him up on a napkin and escorted him to the balcony. I just felt he might be safer out there away from my 3 cats!

So there you have it folks... That was a powerful New Moon communication with the planet! I am truly grateful for the experience! I hope we will all do our part to listen to the planet just a little closer and do the right thing to help nature thrive! Afterall, if we are one with nature (which we are), then it is in our very best interest to treat nature kindly!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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