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Are You Pro-Israel? Pro-Palestine? Pro-Hamas? HOW ABOUT PRO-PEACE?

and then warns me to, "Stay away from pro-Israel rallies!"

So I respond: "You don't have to tell me, I already know. I don't wish to have anything to do with any of this Israel Palestinian bs. There's a creepy energy with all of it!

I'm not angry and I would like to stay that way! Watching/ reading the mainstream propaganda machine is detrimental to all of our health!

Regardless, I am not pro-Israel nor am I pro- Palestine... and I'm not pro-Hamas, G-d forbid! I am pro-peace, truth and justice! That's my stance!

This is all about divide and conquer. I am not falling for it! The true enemy is not who anyone thinks it is! In the end the true enemy is hate!

If you're feeling angry, hateful, violent, sad or any negative emotions right now then the dark side got you! The most important thing anyone can do for themselves right now is stay away from all the drama and think positive thoughts otherwise you/ they will most likely become consumed by the negative hive mind!"

Did you hear that folks? Don't get caught up in the drama! Staying neutral, peaceful and pro-humanity appears to be the most righteous choice of thought and action right now! Unplug yourself from the matrix of madness lest you become consumed by it! You become the thoughts you think! You've been warned!

Hopefully I am not sounding too harsh or heartless? Yes, I care about the world. I care about what's happening to the innocent civilans, both Israeli and Palestinian. None of this is right. And ofcourse it shouldn't be ignored. My point is... It is not neccessary to show up to a (aggressive/ angry) war rally to show support for innocent victims of war, nor must we become completely engulfed in negative emotions (anger, hate, sorrow or vengeance) to show our support for victims of war, nor should we be condemning either side of innocent civilians whether Israeli or Palestinian... If talking badly about Jews or Israelis is anti-semitic, then talking badly about Palestinians should not be tolerated either. There should be no double standards in this. But my point is... There are more constructive ways of being supportive and helpful in a time of war and injustice... Like I said, we need not be consumed by the negativity of it all!

"When it comes to nullifying the harmful consequences of our own discordant thoughts, we need only to recognise them for just what they are at the moment they spring into our mind and to transmute them into positive and constructive thoughts.

We cannot combat a negative thought by repressing it.

Rather, it is much better to bring it to light for ourselves, to analyse it, acknowledge it and replace it with a thought of opposite nature.

Wanting to conquer headlong our own negative thoughts would, on the contrary, amount to giving them greater importance yet, more life and to intensifying even more their pernicious effects.

Therefore, it is wiser, I repeat, to replace them with constructive thought and thereby proceed to a mental and emotional transmutation."

"So, when we happen to have a thought of hatred, even if only for a second, we must put a thought of love within our heart and hold it there for a long time.

If the shadow of jealousy or envy hovers over us, let us replace it with the light of shared happiness. If the spectre of vengeance looms behind our emotions, let us transform it into a living image of forgiveness.

By doing this mental and emotional substitution systematically, we will neutralise the destructive effects of our own negative thoughts and experience peace of heart.

When we feel assailed by the negative thoughts that other people may hold about us, it is up to us to ignore them or, at least, not to give them such importance that they finally end in giving rise to thoughts just as negative within us.

If we were to do this, we would then become the willing victims of others’ wickedness by creating, on our own and within ourselves, the foundation of our own mental poisoning."

"In conclusion, I would like to say that when God becomes the centre of our conscious activity, when we acknowledge God’s presence within the heart and body of every living thing upon Earth, when our soul is pure enough to reflect God’s glory, then verily we shall receive the blessings of Peace Profound.

Henceforth, we ourselves shall become an agent of the Divinity and have at our command the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual influx needed to help all those who are still fighting a battle against themselves or who are being subjected to strife which other people inflict upon them."

"It is therefore our duty, as soon and as often as we can, to direct thoughts of strength, health and vitality towards all those who suffer from bodily ailments, and towards all children, women and men whose physical beings are suffering from the ravages of war, hunger, sickness, barbarism and all the ills which prevent them from experiencing peace of body and generally speaking, happiness."

I selected the previous quotes from a Rosicrucian article called "Peace Profound"- An adaptation of "Peace Profound" by Christian Bernard, Rosicrucian Beacon, December 2013.

May peace reign on earth and within every living being. May we all be blessed with Peace Profound!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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