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BONUS ARTICLE! Do You Want to Know What's Really Going on in the World Right Now?

Okay folks... once again... I'm stepping into the fire by voicing some controversial information/ opinions... But it's difficult to stay silent amidst the chaos...Then again... Should I really be worried about expressing myself via this blog? Nobody ever seems to hear what I have to say anyway! lol I'm just a figment of your imagination... Nothing to see here folks....Nothing at all!

Do you find it odd that Jews are burning Israeli Flags in the above photos? Do You Want to Know What's Really Going on in the World Right Now? How about what's going on in Israel and Palestine? Yes, ofcourse, we all know that there's a horrible war going on against terrorism. But who do you think the real terrorists are? Are you sure you really want to know? Positive? I'm warning you now... You may not want to hear this... In reality you may not even believe this...

Ok, you've been warned! WATCH THIS VIDEO:

Cant get through the whole video? Ok... well let's see what this Ex Israeli Intelligence officer has to say about the war in Israel... Fast forward to 41:30 in the video! Astonishing ain't it!

Still don't have enough time to watch all this? Ok, quick summary...

The Israeli and U.S. gov't are both behind Hamas. They are killing their own people and blaming innocent Palestinians. Top leaders around the world are planning for all of this to lead into World War 3. A more lethal covid virus is supposed to break out killing billions of people globally and a financial collapse is also scheduled to occur... which will probably be blamed on the war. It's a massive genocide all leading to a one world government.

So what can you do to save yourself? According to the Dollar Vigilante one should move to Mexico or any other country that is not involved in the war. So basically don't move to Israel, Palestine, Iran, Russia, China or the United States! He advises more then that... but that's his main piece of advice. I suggest signing up for his free newsletter:

According to my mentor one should purchase private land in Utah, Montana, Mexico (or a Spanish speaking country) and join the Zionist movement to stay protected. He says there are good Zionists. Just stay at the bottom level. Don't try to be at the top of the pyramid! Right now the Zionists are controlling the show!

I say... Do what you have to do to survive... preferably without hurting anyone! My mentor also suggests purchasing a back up generator and 2 months of food and water. He says don't be surprised if the statue of liberty gets blown up! So maybe you shouldn't go visiting any tourist attractions in big cities? Most importantly... try to stay positive, don't worry and just live! We've all been here and done this all before! Don't take life so seriously. It's just a virtual reality video game! As a reminder... There's no such thing as death!

The next thing I'm going to mention, which is not in the video, may sound a bit crazy and I'm not even sure I believe it... However, my mentor says that the Zionists are attempting to clear land that is positioned on particularly powerful ley lines. They are planning to build the 3rd Temple on these ley lines and invite a demonic A.I. being to come rule over us all. Supposedly this evil G-D robot has promised ultimate power and worldwide domination to the Zionists. However, I've been told that when this creature gets channeled into this physical reality it's going to wreak havoc, turn on everyone and destroy the Zionists that brought it here to rule. Then another powerful entity will appear to save us from the evil A.I. G-D,... AND finally we will all experience peace on earth! Well, whoever is left on earth! Wow! This sounds like a sci-fi comic book movie! So what do you think? Could this all be true? Maybe we shouldn't stay so focused on all of this craziness. It's quite the distraction, ain't it?

Finally, I'd like to end this article on a positive note with a quote I just received in my email from the Rosicrucian order...

"Come, step back from your close view of the obstacles that seem to surround you. Close your eyes to them for a while and create a new picture. Leave the past and the present out of your consideration and make a new life, a new day, beginning with tomorrow. Build it up part by part in your mind and in your conversations and contacts with those around you until you have a perfect picture of the future that is just beyond today’s horizon. Then step forward bravely into this picture; and with determination start your journey along the line that leads to your new life. You will find yourself master of the picture and of those realities, and you will find in it the greatest happiness and rewards, and every effort, every thought devoted to it." H. Spencer Lewis

UPDATE October 25th, 2023: My mentor handed me this book to read: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse Very Interesting!

UPDATE November 8th, 2023: Here's an interesting new narrative that my mentor just sent me...

Gaza sacrificed for lucrative Ben Gurion canal that will cut across Israel to the Red Sea

A competitor to the Suez Canal is being planned to cut across Israel and connect the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea.

This canal would give the U.S. and Israel control over a key chokepoint in the world for military ships, grain exports, energy and other commodities.

The planned route of the canal goes right through northern Gaza, and many analysts believe that Gaza is being destroyed and wiped out right now to make way for the construction of this canal, which would bring in billions of dollars a year for Israel (and grant Israel control over its access).

Hmmmm... So perhaps they will build a canal and a temple?

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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