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Full Moon Eclipse/ Shadow of Retrograde: The Animals Know!

It all started a few days ago when I heard two cats howling outisde my balcony window. Ahhh! It's that time of year again! We are in the shadow phase of a Mercury Retrograde and about to go into a full super moon lunar eclipse. Yeah! So I went onto my balcony and started talking to these two cats. I could see both of them slightly through the tree branches and leaves. I recognized them! They were both females. One lives in my building and the other belongs to a couple living in a house on the other side of the fence.

I knew the name of one of the cats. "Raven", I called out to her. I said something to the effect of, "Be nice. Get along. I know were in the shadow phase of retrograde. Everything's going to be okay." My neighbor's probably think I'm crazy but I don't care. I started sending reiki distance healing to both cats as they continued to howl at one another. I felt the unbalanced energy in my left hand. Perhaps the cat on the left side, I believe it was the cat that lives in my building, was having a bad day.

Pretty soon a squirrel appeared on the power lines. I called out to him. I've been feeding a bunch of squirrels at my building. I think I've actually become famous with the squirrels. Some of my neighbors seem pretty impressed with me as well! I've managed to get one squirrel to sit in my lap for nuts. So I asked this squirrel on the power lines if he wanted some nuts. I think he understood what I said because he immediately jumped into the tree and just stood there waiting... I think he wanted to grab some of the reiki energy I was sending as well. He sat right between me and the cats in the tree. Pretty soon the cats stopped howling and disengaged.

I stepped away from the balcony but decided to return to survey the scene. The squirrel was still sitting in the same spot in the tree! So I grabbed some nuts and started throwing them at him. But he was unable to retrieve any of the nuts. I had an idea! Something I wanted to try for a long time. I took one of my cat's toys, a small fishing pole looking thing, and I tied a long string to it and tied a walnut to the end of the string. I lowered it down to the squirrel in the tree. Lo and behold, the squirrel walked over to the nut and started eating it as it was dangling on the string. When he was done he jumped back onto the power line and started making all kinds of squirrel noises. I think he was amazed that a nut just appeared out of thin air. And I was amazed that my plan actually worked!

The next day I go outside to feed my one squirrel that has learned to sit in my lap. I meet a nice lady, one of my neighbors, who happens to love cats and squirrels. We start having a great conversation as I'm feeding this squirrel. I run out of nuts but the squirrel won't leave me alone. I could feel a ton of energy running through me. I think it was this lady neighbor. She had a ton of energy. And I think the squirrel could feel it too!

So now I figured I would try my next move with this squirrel. I told the squirrel to jump on my leg as I was standing up. I patted my leg the way I pat my lap when he sits on me. He understood what I was asking of him but ofcourse he was hesitant. It didn't take too long though before I got him to climb my leg! I think he would've climbed my shirt but it wasn't thick enough. The neighbor I was talking with was amazed. I had the squirrel climb my leg one more time but then he bit my finger hoping it was a nut! He didn't bite it too hard, but I decided that leg climbing time was over.

All of a sudden I hear dogs growling and fighting. I turn to look and my elderly male neighbor's dog's face is in this other dog's mouth. The aggressive dog's teeth were tearing at her right ear. Both dogs were on leashes but the male owners could not separate them. It was a horrible scene. My neighbor's dog was whining in terror and pain. She couldn't get her face out of this dog's grip. My elderly male neighbor was frantic. It was such an emotionally charged moment and I felt obliged to do something to help this poor dog.

The owner of the aggressive dog told me to get a hose with water. I had no idea where I was going to find a hose with water fast enough to resolve this issue. So instead I threw a bottle of supplements at the dog's head. That did absolutely nothing! But it started my momentum. I did the unthinkable! I kicked the aggressive dog in the head. Nobody seemed upset with my action so I did it a second time a little harder. Voila! The aggressive dog let go and my elderly male neighbor's dog fell back on the ground trembling. My elderly neighbor and I both dove down on the ground next to this poor bloody dog to comfort her.

I wanted to cry. I placed my hand on her head and face and started giving her reiki energy and telling her that everything was okay. She was a bloody mess. Her right ear was all torn up and bleeding profusely. My hands were full of her blood. I was totally in shock. How did I go from playing with a squirrel and talking with a neighbor, to kicking a dog in it's face and then sitting on the ground with a trembling bloody horribly injured dog, and it's elderly owner who seemed to be in shock. I've never seen him so helpless before.

The lady I was talking with thought that the elderly guy was having a heart attack. I didn't feel that energy but I asked him if he was okay. Yes, he was fine... just in shock! So the two male dog owners started to talk about what happened. The aggressive dog owner had been badly bitten on his hand. Nothing quite like what happened to my elderly neighbor's dog. And she's such a sweet rescue dog. She didn't deserve this. I apologized to the aggressive dog owner for kicking his dog in the face. I told him I would never do such a thing but I didn't know what else to do. He told me that it was okay and that I did the right thing. FYI His dog was totally unharmed, not bleeding at all and just standing there like nothing had happened. Unbelievable!

I offered to get some peroxide for my elderly neighbor's dog. He agreed and so we all (him, the dog and myself) walked up to my apartment where I got some peroxide and cotton pads to try to stop the bleeding. But the injuries were too severe. This dog needed medical attention. So we parted ways. I found out later that evening that my neighbor's dog was spending the night at an animal hospital in South Pasadena. I spent the rest of the evening trying to get the whole scene of terror out of my head!

The next afternoon my elderly neighbor and his dog show up at my door to thank me for all my support. This poor sweet dog! So I started giving her some reiki but she walked away. It was too much energy for her! That's okay. Animals are very sensitive to energy. Then my elderly neighbor tells me that he woke up at 4am having a panic attack. He had a delayed response to the whole situation! I was a little concerned about him.

But I couldn't believe what this guy told me next. He's going on vacation for a week. And leaving his traumatized dog at the vet in a cage! I was shocked. How are you going to leave your beloved dog, who needs your support now more then ever, for a whole week in a cage? But then he told me that one of the neighbors was going to walk him daily. I still felt that this action was not correct. But there's really nothing I can do about it.

So now my cat Roscoe wants to take a walk out the door. He likes to go down the stairs to the back alley. I thought about all the weird energy and how something could happen to Roscoe, but then again, I can't keep this cat trapped in the apartment. He lives for adventure! So he goes out the door and doesn't come back for a while. I get concerned and start looking for him. I spot another cat in the back alley. I think it was the cat from the other day (the one that lives in my building) that was having a howling confrontation with the other cat I know.

So this cat runs from me back to its home on the other side of the back alley. I'm yelling out, "Roscoe"! So Roscoe all of a sudden magically appears in the back alley with no collar on. As it turns out his collar was caught on a fence that had a big hole in it. He must've had a strange interaction with this other cat and ended up hiding on the other side of the fence. The other side of the fence was a very badly kept back yard full of weeds! A great hiding spot for a cat! I was glad to find that Roscoe had no scratches or injuries. He's not a fighter though. He will avoid confrontation at all costs. That's why he was hiding in the hole in the fence!

When I went back to find his collar, there was another cat in the back alley named "Gus" who was having a stand off with a little nervous dog on a leash. Gus is a very dominant cat. Everyone at my building knows Gus. So I show up right in time to break up the weird energy. Gus disappears and I end up having a nice conversation with the little dog's owner.

Anyway, yes, this is quite a long story... I'm going to stop here...But my point is... the energy is intense right now with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde coming up. The animals can sense the intensity and they are reacting. We can learn a lot from their reactions. Animals are super sensitive and very much affected by astrology. Humans are also affected by astrology. By watching how animals behave and interact we can develop a better understanding of how energy works. We also have to remember that all of our energies affect one another! The planets affect us... and we affect us! There's so many variables!

Things are supposed to get even more intense as we step into the Mercury retrograde phase. If animals are becoming more aggressive... what do you think is going to happen with people? So my recommendation is to be aware of the energy that is upon us... Do your absolute best to stay balanced, peaceful and positive in the weeks to come. I recommend avoiding confrontations, rallies, protests, marches... Really if you can... just avoid people! You have choices... you can behave like an animal... you can behave like a human... you can also behave like a God! Knowledge is power! Don't let this crazy energy get you acting crazy! Take this energy and transmute it into something positive! Blessings!

UPDATE MAY 30, 2021: Just found out why tons of animals are acting crazy. It's their chip getting hit with 5g. Supposedly the vaccine has a chip in it too! I would minimize the use of all electronics even though your gonna get hit with 5g no matter what. Investing in a bunch of shungite to neutralize emfs is another good idea. Try to stay away from crowds. I've been ordering whole foods grocery deliveries on amazon prime. No waiting in lines or dealing with grumpy people in masks. Amazing!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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