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Happenings of the Week!

It's been an interesting week... Then again, there's never really a dull moment in my world! There's always something interesting at hand. This week, after almost two years of eating strictly kosher foods, I broke my kosher oath to myself (and to the spirit) and ate a delicious juicy medium rare grass fed burger with a gluten free bun and fries cooked in rice oil. Healthy fast food! It was amazing! The reason this happened is because the night before I ate the burger and fries I dreamt an inspiring dream whereby my spiritual mentor recommended that I eat a burger and fries. In the dream he told me that the burger and fries would help me recover from pneumonia and make me healthy and strong. I also intuitively felt that by having the MTHFR gene mutation, my body could probably benefit from eating a little meat. I was once told by a nutritionist that most people need to eat animal protein at least once a week to stay healthy. All these thoughts had crossed my mind.

Then when I woke up, my one mentor mentioned to me that our other mentor recommended that we eat fast food once a week to stay healthy. Sounds a bit odd right? Supposedly we all need to eat a bit of junk food every so often to help our immune system to stay in good working order. That way the body doesn't become shocked if we do ingest something that's not so great for us.. or if we somehow pick up a germ or virus or sickness of some kind. The body will be ready to handle the imposter! The recommendation was so on point and synchronized with my dream that I felt it was absolutely necessary for me to eat a burger and fries that day... Even more amazing is that my spiritual mentor (who relayed the message from our other mentor) actually did me a favor and paid for the whole meal! Wow!

But then my health seemed to take a strange turn for the worst... I was already dealing with chest pains and a small cough... but after the burger and fries, my cough progressed into a stronger cough! So much for the burger and fries improving my condition! But it did make me feel happy...for a moment! So I decided that it was time for me to visit the hospital emergency room again just to make sure that the pneumonia was totally gone. I planned a visit for Monday, Martin Luther King Junior Day. I wasn't sure if it would be packed or empty but something told me that Monday would be a good day. So I woke up around 7am on Monday, prayed, meditated, packed a bunch of fruit and water and headed to the hospital.

I arrived at the hospital around 10:15am. It was miraculously empty! There were only two other people in the whole room. Wow! I was overjoyed! I received an EKG within minutes. After 20 minutes of being there, the waiting room started to get packed up but I was in my own room with a bed and a gown on in no time. Finally the results were in! Pneumonia was completely gone! But I had the flu! The doctor and the nurse told me I looked really good for having the flu. I was told that my lungs looked excellent and that my oxygen levels were excellent. After approximately 3 and a half hours I was sent away with a prescription for cough medicine which I didn't even use. I told the doctor that I was planning to go to my guy in Korea town for acupuncture and herbs. Her eyes lit up and she told me that her husband is an acupuncturist. The doctor and I were totally on the same page! Overall, it was an excellent visit to the ER! Perhaps the best visit I ever had!

Besides all that, I started meditating every morning with special noise cancelling ear muffs that I found on amazon for only $13! Wow! Amazing! I was dealing with some serious anxiety and irritability recently when I couldn't block out tiny noises while attempting to meditate. It was making me think that I needed to stop meditating altogether. It was sooo bad! But thank the heavens...I think I've finally mastered my morning meditation. So after I rise from sleeping and recite a few prayers in my mind, use the restroom, wash hands, drink water... I make sure that I do not talk to anyone, engage in any conversation or walk into the living room. I have to stay in my own energy otherwise my energy could get thrown off. So I sit in my special meditation chair with a pillow curled behind my back in such a way to keep my back straight and cozy. I have a special orgone meditation pillow under my butt, earthing socks on and plugged in, an emf hood hat over my head, noise cancelling ear muffs on top of that, ear plugs in my ears, an eye mask to block out light, all my synergy stones in a small necklace around my neck, my ye ming zhu stone around my neck, a pure copper bracelet on my wrist and a device that plays my vowel intonations in my lap so I can intone the right pitch before ascending to the celestial sanctum where I recite positive affirmations. All this while I immerse myself in reiki healing energy! Wow! Best meditation ever! I feel like doing this has made a huge difference in my days! I've also been sure to only read positive/ productive law of attraction reading materials... and recite positive affirmations upon waking and upon going to sleep. Yes, I can feel myself become stronger again. I'm going to get it right this time! No more sickness! No mores struggles... Only the best of everything from now on!

Besides all Dad turned 81 today! He's on vacation right now with his wife living the good life. Happy Birthday Dad! :)

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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