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I'm Back! Did You Miss Me? Were You Worried?

First off... Happy Gregorian Calendar New Year! Hope you enjoyed the Holiday Season! Welcome to 2024! Now, if you're still following this blog and haven't given up on me yet... you're probably wondering why I haven't posted any articles in around 4 weeks. Am I right? This is very unlike me! I've been writing one article a week (that always publishes on Wednesday) for around 6 years now! How could I allow 4 weeks to go by without writing anything? Please allow me to explain... I have a great excuse!

I was planning on going into the whole story of what had happened to me...but let me get straight to the point, since I have 8,966 unread messages in my email account! I am quite behind on life right now! So just as I was preparing to write a very intriguing blog article about the LBGTQ movement/ agenda, which was explained to me so wonderfully in a book I read called "The War on Conservatives" by Mark Dice, I became quite ill. I'm thinking that at first I must've had the flu, since my good friend/ roommate and his daughter (my step daughter) both tested positive for the flu not too long ago... But that wouldn't have been so bad... I ended up testing positive for bronchitis (again!) If you recall, back in March, I had a terrible case of bronchitis. But wha wha wha gets worse! After taking antibiotics and an inhaler for bronchitis I end up experiencing terrible chest pains. Turns out.... I caught bacterial pneumonia and so I had to take even more antibiotics! I've been done with the antibiotics for about a week now... Yet, at this exact moment I'm still trying to recover! The cough is not completely gone yet... and taking deep breaths is not completely comfortable for me yet!

How could this happen you may ask? Well, I asked myself this same question and received a few answers... First off, I had been super focused on a parasite cleanse, blood cleanse and then I added a heavy metal/ chemical binder cleanse to the mix. I think I may have been going a bit overboard? You think? For some reason, I expected that I needed to protect myself from parasites... not the flu, bronchitis or pneumonia! So perhaps intuitively, I knew there was a sickness I needed to protect myself from... I just didn't pick the right one to focus on!

Another slip up is that this parasite cleanse (which I stayed on for way too long) utilized warming herbs which, according to my korean acupuncturist, should never be ingested because I already have too much heat. So basically I lowered my immune system by ingesting herbs that I knew I shouldn't ingest. I did this to myself! But perhaps I had good reason to do this to myself? Perhaps I was aware of something important subconsciously? Perhaps I realized that things had to change? And the only way to implement these changes was for me to become terribly sick? I wonder...

Mercury Retrograde is an interesting time. It's technically over except that we are now in the last shadow phase which could be even more intense/ severe than the actual retrograde (let's hope not). Mercury Retrograde is an important time to rest... and I sure did get a whole bunch of rest! I think I must've needed the rest! Besides receiving temporary rest, I've changed up my schedule so I can sleep longer in the morning time and get even more rest. We are now paying a neighbor to take my friend's daughter (my step daughter) to school every morning. No more tedious mornings trying to drag myself out of bed! It's been horrendous! I do still have to pick her up after school though which is not so bad!

The final change is one that I am still wrestling with... My spiritual mentors believe that I must stop practicing Judaism... or at the very least, change the way I practice it...especially when it comes to Shabbat! They feel that the prayers must be changed because the name Adonai (and all the names utilized in the prayers) actually represent a demiurge/ demon.... not the most high divine creator. I realize what I'm saying is quite controversial... especially if a religious Jew were to read this. And I'm sorry for offending anyone. This is a tough pill for me to digest as well. I feel like I'm turning my back, not only on G-d, but on my ancestors as well....and my supposed Jewish people! Although, to be quite honest, I haven't had the greatest experience with most Jews... but that's not my point right now. If this G-d I've been praying to really is a demon like my mentors say it is, then I can't be tied up in that kind of energy. And truth be told, there have been quite a few Shabbats where I've encountered negative energy and disturbing occurrences, but this usually only happens when my roommate/ daughter are around. Shabbat has been beautiful and so magical and wonderful without them. But I suppose I have a family to think about and we have to keep things peaceful. So I suppose Shabbat is going to have to change in order to keep the peace.

My mentors are also saying that anyone caught up in religion right now may end up getting trapped in the 3rd dimension and when they pass away they will reincarnate right back here to the 3rd dimension of fear, superstition, war and religion instead of graduating to higher dimensions. So my mentors are trying to save me. I get it. I'm not trying to enslave myself to the 3rd dimension or have to come back to live on such a low vibration planet again. It's just tough because I really felt my energy getting boosted by the Hebrew prayers and when I stopped saying them I felt that immense energy leave me. It's as if the Shechinah departed from me. But if the Shechinah is a demonic force, then I suppose it needs to leave me right? Well, I've been feeling a bit depressed about the whole thing... But I'm sure it will all work out in the end! I'm still going to observe Shabbat Friday night through Saturday night...just a little differently. I'm still going to read/ study the Torah portions and I'm still wearing tzitzits. I'm just going to do my best now to channel a better more positive higher frequency energy that is not associated with a demiurge/ demon. I do hope I'm making the right decision here! So in the end, maybe I needed to get really sick so I could have some time to meditate on and implement such new and difficult changes? There's always a blessing in the curse!

UPDATE! Bummer! My mentors just told me that I can't read the Torah or the Zohar anymore because it will continue to connect me to the Demiurge. Also no more verbal prayers during Shabbat... Just silence and intentions and meditation. I'm also going to be playing the highest G-d frequency while the candles are lit. I'm not supposed to tell anyone what this G-d frequency is called. In fact, my mentors won't even tell me the name of it. So, sorry, I can't share that info! I've also been told that Friday and Saturday are to be considered rest days in preparation for Sunday which should involve sun worship all day. I plan on playing my Tybro solar attunements all day on Sunday. I haven't played those in a long time! Wow! Shabbat will never be the same!

Another UPDATE! I forgot to mention one more very important reason why I believe I became so sick. I was dealing with some super negative neighbors directing super toxic energy at me... Every time I came in contact with one of them my sickness would get worse! But more on that later! I could write a whole article about the c#cks#ckers at my apartment complex!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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