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My First Week of Sun Gazing! 9 Days to Be Exact! Part 2

This article is a follow up to my last article "My First Week of Sun Gazing! 9 Days to Be Exact! Part 1." If you haven't read the first article I suggest going back and doing so before continuing to this article... In my last article I explained my sun gazing activities Days 1-5. I will now continue where I left off... at Day 6!

Day 6: I continued fasting on liquids today, and although I went to sleep later than 11 pm the night before, I was till up before my alarm clock rang at 5:30 am. I tried gazing at a different location a little further back. The sun was slightly blocked which made it easier to look at. I counted 45 seconds. No trouble at all! Eyes weren't watery. I stayed outside barefoot grounded on dirt/ grass for approximately 30 minutes. This 30 minutes of barefoot grounding has become the morning norm. One of the squirrels at my sun gazing spot decided to eat out of my hand. I was bonding with new squirrels! I made it through the entire day without needing a nap which is unusual when I am lacking sleep. I met a very nice lady at the grocery store that morning. We talked for a very long time. The interaction was more pleasant than my usual interactions with people. In fact, since sun gazing, all interactions with people have become more pleasant. I broke my fast around 2 pm. I had a light dinner that ended at 7:15 pm after which I felt compelled to take a grounded sunset walk around 7:40 pm. I went to bed early that night.

Day 7: I sun gazed holding my powerful ye ming zhu stones in my left hand and a bag of powerful synergy stones/ crystals in my right hand at approx. 6:30 am. I counted 50 seconds. It was easy. The sun was partially block by trees. But I had a slightly uneasy feeling. Perhaps because I decided to bring my phone with me and it was turned on. I wasn't holding it while gazing though, but I did pick it up to check the time. I decided not to take my phone with me sun gazing ever again! (Well, at least not in the morning) Or maybe it was something I ate the day before? My stomach was a little off. I decided to purchase a magnetic vortexing funnel to charge my water and a beach chair for balcony sun bathing. I decided to sit on my balcony for the last 15 minutes of the sunset (which I had no view of). I noticed that the lights in the neighborhood go on around 10 minutes past sunset and the hummingbirds finally leave to go to sleep at around 20 minutes past sunset. Approximately 8:27/30 pm. That's when I went back into my apartment as well!

Day 8: I received a new pair of comfortable earthing shoes and wore them all day long! I think it made a huge difference in my energy, which I felt the next day. I no longer went through the day feeling groggy and tired. I had significantly more energy than usual... That was on Day 9 though. Back to Day 8... I woke up with some pain (from eating the wrong foods) and I was starting to get a headache. I spent 55 seconds sun gazing around 6:30 am. Approximately 30 minutes were spent sun gazing, but I was outside for almost 40 minutes. Day 8 is when I discovered that my sun gaze counting was off. 46 seconds of my counting actually equaled a minute! I was counting too slow! Oh well! I decided that I needed a stop clock so I can focus on the gazing and not the time. I wanted to be able to recite affirmations while gazing at the sun as well. I never did get that stop watch though... I simply stopped counting... on Day 10...But back to 8....I actually tried to count and recite affirmations that day at the same time which really slowed my counting down. Not optimal at all! I decided that I preferred my 6:37 am location for sun gazing although it's a bit brighter. But the other location is not flat ground and the sun leaves that spot quickly. That morning I wore blue light glasses in the apartment to block the artificial light since my eyes seemed to be becoming more sensitive to artificial light. I actually got head pain when I took them off by a bright light. I also wore Moldavite oil that day. But I didn't carry the bag of synergy stones again. They were way too strong, although I wore smaller synergy stones in a necklace that I wear daily. I noticed that I'm becoming more sensitive to artificial light, especially in corporate shopping stores like Target and whole foods. I decided I would have to wear blue light glasses in these stores from now on. And once again I sat on my balcony to catch the last 15 minutes of the sunset that I couldn't actually see!

Day 9: Miraculous! Today I sun gazed while holding my hands together in the shape of a pyramid with my eyes looking through them. I also placed my bare hands on the ground along with my feet and closed my eyes while looking at the sun. That combination seemed to do something! It was a miraculous manifestation day! I also learned the correct way to sunbath that day. I had been sunbathing around noon daily. The correct times to sunbathe are within 2 hours of sunrise and 2 hours of sunset for 30 minutes. And one should wear as little clothing as possible and the clothing should be light colored. I also noticed that my energy was much better because I had started wearing my earthing shoes all day long. I was most certainly more energized than the day before!

I realize this article was only supposed to go up to Day 9, but I want to share a few more goodies with you... Day 10 I decided to try wearing solar eclipse glasses instead of looking directly at the sun. I noticed that the effects of sun gazing with the solar eclipse glasses on were not the same and I was disappointed with how I felt afterwards. However, there was actually a miscommunication between myself and my mentor. I was told to get the solar eclipse glasses so that I could sun gaze safely at other times of the day. My usual sun gazing time is actually safe without the glasses... 30 minutes to an hour after sunrise and 30 minutes to an hour before sunset. Also on Day 10 I started making and drinking sun charged water. You simply need a glass container, preferably with a glass top, and you sit it out in the sun for 5-8 hours.

On Day 11 I started sunbathing in the morning for 30 minutes at approximately 7:30 am-8 am.... 15 minutes over the 2 hour morning window! So be it! I also learned about the 126 hertz and 396 hertz frequencies of the sun. 126 hertz is for the morning physical sun and 396 hertz is for the afternoon spiritual sun. Listening to these frequencies makes you in tune with the sun's frequencies whether you are out in the sun or not! On Day 11 I sun gazed with my bare eyes again but this time I didn't count. I just allowed my intuition to guide my gazing. I also spoke to the sun and recited affirmations while gazing approximately 6:35 am-6:38 am. I also learned about the Gayatri Mantra for the sun on Day 11. I took a sunset walk and at approximately 9:30 pm I started playing the 396 sun frequency throughout the apartment.

On Day 12 I switched the frequency to 126 hertz after sun gazing in the morning. I also started reciting the Gayatri Mantra : Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha, (Om Maha Jana Tapa Satyam), Tat Savitur Varenyam, Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi, Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat (Let us adore the supremacy of that divine sun, the god-head who illuminates all, who recreates all, from whom all proceed, to whom all must return, whom we invoke to direct our understandings aright in our progress toward his holy seat.) (Oh, Self-Effulgent Light, that has given birth to all the lokas (spheres of consciousness), who is worthy of worship and appears through the orbit of the sun, illumine our intellect.) (We meditate on the glory of the Creator; Who has created the Universe; Who is worthy of worship; Who is the embodiment of knowledge and light; Who is the remover of all sin and ignorance; May our intellect be enlightened). By Day 14 I had this Sanskrit mantra completely memorized. In fact, I could barely get it out of my head! Very powerful stuff!

Day 13 This day marks a milestone for me! I caught the sunrise and the sunset. In fact, it was such a magical day because the sun was hidden behind clouds in the morning and the clouds actually opened up for me to allow me to gaze at the sun at the exact time that I needed to. I only receive about 3 or so minutes of good unobstructed sun from my location in the morning. And some obstructed but still decent sun. 8 minutes total. After the 8 minutes it is past the hour and no longer safe to view the sun... unobstructed or not. I was able to sun gaze a little longer at the sunset location. By the time I arrived at sunset the location I had around 7 minutes of unobstructed sun, but for some reason the sunset sun was easier on my eyes and I could gaze longer. Between sunrise and sunset I should be sure not to exceed the recommended 15 minute maximum of gazing for the day if I stick to my gazing times. Approximately 6:35 am- 6:43 am and 7:33 pm-7:40 am.

Day 14 I decided to remove the dead grass from under my feet where I sun gaze in the morning. I read that one should only sun gaze standing on dirt/ soil or sand... not grass! Well, most of the grass is dead at this location anyway, but I actually created foot print spots to stand on! Even though the sun never appeared for me this day I still stood standing and gazing at where the sun was supposed to be. I actually stood there longer than usual. It was a strange day. Oddly, I had way more energy than usual. Maybe the Gayatri Mantra was doing something? I couldn't seem to get it out of my head! My friend and step daughter also stayed at a hotel the night before and didn't come back until after my morning gazing. So sleeping in my own aura may have helped? I woke up extra early and meditated before I went sun gazing... and then I recited my morning prayers outside in front of the sun instead of while sitting in my meditation chair. By Day 14 it appeared that my whole morning schedule... and evening schedule had flipped around to accommodate the sun's appearance and disappearance. I watched the sunset again on Day 14 and practiced silence the rest of the night.

In Summary... Sun gazing appears to be changing my life for the better! Perhaps my daily descriptions seem a bit mundane and not so interesting? But something immense is taking place right now. Never in my life have I been able to wake up as early as I've been doing so many days in a row consecutively. I am becoming a happier more peaceful person. I am experiencing more positive interactions with everyone in my life. I feel like I'm becoming healthier. I feel like I'm becoming more connected to the planet and the sun. My meditations have become stronger. I can handle stressful situations better with less or no stress. I am evolving and becoming better.

Interestingly NASA has confirmed that superhuman abilities are gained through sun gazing! So that's the story... The SUN is my new bestest pal! Amaze-balls!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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