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My Soul Realignment Session with John Bradshaw

I was recently introduced to a man named John Bradshaw, or rather he was referred to me by a friend/ business associate. You see, originally I received a text message from John in regards to applying for a loan. However, when I read his text message I was super surprised at the positive energy I felt coming off of the text. It seemed quite unusual to me to feel such wonderful energy coming off of what appeared to be a group text from a loan officer/ banker. I immediately knew that John was a good person and I guessed that he must be a pisces like me. Turns out I was right! My close friend/ business partner spoke with John on the phone first. That's when I found out that John is a spiritual reader and healer of the Akashic Records. He does something called "Soul Realignment." When I found out this information I just knew that I had to schedule a consultation with John, not for the loan, but for the reading and healing!

You see... I have been dealing with spiritual issues for a long time. Not just spiritual issues, but mental, emotional and physical health problems as well... Entity attachments, low energy, anxiety, money issues and difficulty manifesting what I want out of life. I tried a ton of things and spent a ton of money. I've invested in all types of special medallions, crystals, stones, healing books, healing music, healing/ clearing/ protection sprays and oils. I've tried anything and everything! If you've been following my blog articles then you are quite aware of this! I even became a Reiki Master Energy Healer! Don't get me wrong, I've made a great deal of progress, but there were still some issues that needed to be resolved and it was about time for that to happen! So I went online and scheduled a free phone consultation with John. I was super excited!

However, when the day arrived to speak with John I actually had quite a bit of anxiety. I was nervous about the phone conversation for some reason. I don't talk on the phone very often as I suffer from EMF sensitivities. I'm also super empathic and moody. I have to be in the right mood to talk on the phone and the energy needs to feel right. I wasn't sure if my mood and energy was correct to talk on the phone that day but I went ahead and continued with the plan. So John called me and when I picked up the phone and heard him talk I was blown away by his phenomenally high energy. It was super powerful. My energy was immediately boosted! John was pretty cool! He was very funny and down to earth. We talked and laughed for over 2 hours. Towards the end of our conversation, when I decided that yes, I would most definitely try his reading and healing, some strange things started to manifest around me. I felt that it was the negative side trying to disturb the energy of our conversation and throw me off. During the conversation John had told me that he would remove any negative entity attachments and negative spirit guides that were connected to me. Turns out that I was dealing with both, and I'm pretty sure that these vampires were not very happy about the idea of getting removed! I could feel it! But regardless I agreed to John's reading and healing and then we hung up the phone, a very difficult thing for me to do by the way! His super positive energy was quite difficult to disconnect from!

So I was really happy and excited about this reading and healing that would occur within the next few days... But then anxiety and doubt sunk in! Something was trying to tell me not to go through with this reading and healing. But intuitively I felt that this something was a negative entity that did not have my best interest at heart. I struggled with this uncomfortable feeling for a little while, but I didn't submit to it. I would not cancel this session with John. I ended up getting a headache. It could have been from the anxiety I was feeling, but it also could've been from the high frequency energy that I was exposed to by speaking with John for over 2 hours. As I recall, every time I took a reiki energy healing class I ended up getting a headache! Some call this a spiritual headache. I'm just super sensitive to energy.

I ended up voicing my concerns about John to my close friend/ business partner who was also about to do the reading and healing with John. My friend advised me to go through with the session. He had spoke with his (our) spiritual mentors about it and they agreed that the reading and healing would be very beneficial for both of us. So I calmed down and patiently awaited the day when John would text me to tell me to schedule another phone call with him to review the results of the reading/ healing. In the meantime, my friend got his reading/ healing done and he told me that it was one of the best readings he ever had. When I heard this I became super excited!

So the day arrived to have my conversation with John. I had quite the peculiar dream that morning while performing a heart chakra meditation. I actually dreamed that I was banishing a negative entity from my life. I kept saying over and over again "I banish you back to where you came from." I was even performing reiki in the dream. This man, an over weight caucasian blond man did not want to leave me. Then I woke up. I thought that was pretty interesting! Perhaps that was one of my entity attachments that didn't want to leave me? And he knew his time was up! So at 3:30pm John called me. I decided to have the conversation with John in my bedroom where my spiritual altar also happens to be located. l do prayers and ancestor offerings at this altar every night. It's actually a dresser full of clothing that I also use as an altar!

So the session began...and ofcourse John had me laughing almost immediately. He let me know that's he's very serious about his healing/ reading work but that he can also make serious jokes. I like that about John, because I too am serious but with a sense of humor. I think having a sense of humor is very important, perhaps even necessary to have in these crazy times. So John started telling me about my soul profile. I have feminine energy and my dominant energy center is number 6 which embodies Divine Truth. We all have 8 energy centers that are not chakras but astral/ spirit centers. So as a dominant number 6 I embody divine truth/ truth of our divinity. I also have a gift of channeling in the moment. I often say words that people need to hear without even thinking of the words, they just come out of my mouth. This is very true! He's says I need to stop suppressing my channeling in the moment. However this is difficult to do because not everyone wants to hear what I have to say. And not everyone is ready to hear what I say! But yes, often the words just slide out of my mouth anyway! And they are usually the exact words that the person needs to hear. I believe I also channel in the moment when I write songs and poetry and rap verses. The words of my songs and poetry just seem to write themselves!

Next John told me that there's 12 different soul groups that we all originate from. Four of the 12 are Annunakis. I just happen to be an Annunaki Blueprint Technician. Blueprint technicians can be worker bees. We are here to study and experience our own creation and promote expansion of consciousness. We make excellent teachers because we study how things work and have developed a thorough understanding of our subject matter. We also make excellent engineers, doctors, scientists and software developers. We forever want to know about how things work. We are highly intelligent although more intellectually than emotionally. John told me that Annunaki technicians view the human race much differently than most people. Most people are caught up in the rat race. But I can see the maze, so I rise up above the energy of most people on the planet. I agreed with everything John was saying. It was 100% spot on.

John told me that my soul vibration rate is a 6.8. In fact, in all of my 187 lifetimes (136 of them being female) my soul vibration rate has been a 6.8. This sounded a bit stagnant to me! 187 lifetimes with the same vibration rate! lol Perhaps it's time to raise this rate! John told me that after his reading/ healing my vibration rate will be raised to the double digits. He said this would be done in approximately 30 days. Woo hoo! However, John told me that less than 10% of people on the planet have my current soul vibration rate. It's already quite high. John told me that most people are vibrating at a 4. Even highly conscious people usually do not vibrate higher than a 5. 5 is usually as high as people go. So being a 6.8 is pretty impressive...

We discussed something called Spheres of Protection, which are more like spheres of intention. I started this life with 3 spheres of protection but I added 2 for a total of 5. The more intentional one is the more spheres they have. 5 happens to be a high number. We also discussed white lights and blue lights. Supposedly these lights are beings that take our intentions to heaven to be fulfilled. I have 30 white lights and 4 blue lights. Most people have less than 30 white lights and no blue lights. And if they have blue lights it's only one or two, rarely three. Blue lights are way stronger than white lights. They are called for back up when the white lights need more help to manifest one's intentions. Well, ever since I learned about the Law of Attraction I've been very intentional. And I pray for a long list of family and friends everyday. So this makes a lot of sense.

John explained that there is a silver cord connected to everyone's heart chakra which brings divine source energy through the Godspark. Everyone has 1 Godspark (that's turned on if they are a positive being) that's connected to the silver cord. Chakras all run on divine source energy. My Godspark (at my heart chakra) just happened to be damaged. John repaired it for me. However, he told me that I had developed a 2nd Godspark on my third eye (chakra 6). So I actually have two Godsparks. Most people only have one Godspark, however if it becomes damaged a 2nd one can develop over another chakra. He said I must experience a lot of sensations on my third eye. This is true. In fact I experience a lot of sensations all over my head, not just at the third eye. He also told me that when you put a lot of pressure on one chakra it takes divine source energy from other chakras.

John then explained to me that we all have a Golden web. A Golden web is what we use as spirits to have individuality. The Golden web gets damaged during trauma and so does the chakra. 2-3 tears in the Golden web/ chakra are common. I had 4 tears. My first tear was around the age of 11 at chakra 3, my solar plexus which affected my ego and goal setting. I was judged harshly by someone in clergy. This created self-criticism and self-doubt. So as the story goes... I was one of two Jewish girls in a church choir at the time. My Jewish friend and I were laughing about how we didn't believe in Jesus and one of the church members overheard us and got upset. We were both reprimanded for this. I didn't realize how affected I was by this situation. But I do remember feeling bad and embarrassed.

My second tear occurred when I was around 15 years of age on my throat chakra which created judgment, limitation and loss to my speech center. My boss told me to stop talking. Ha ha! A lot of people have told me to stop taking throughout my lifetime! So I had to take a moment to ponder this. I think this may have occurred at the sleep away camp I attended. I also life guarded there. I think the head counselor may have told me to stop talking in front of a whole group of campers which was quite embarrassing. This happened a long time ago so it's difficult to recall exactly what happened. But I think this was the situation.

My third tear happened to my third eye around the age of 17 or so when I psychically saw my friend get hurt. I could've stopped her from getting hurt but I didn't do so. This caused obstruction, pain and restriction to my intuitive center. I remember this one so clearly. I had a best girl friend at sleep away camp. She was very upset and told me that we needed to talk. If we didn't talk at that exact moment than we were no longer friends. I felt pressure. I couldn't breathe. I was panicked and I couldn't do it. I walked away. Our friendship was never the same after that. I was very sad about what happened. But she put me on the spot. I didn't like how she did that. If you don't do this than were not friends? Not cool! I walked away from the friendship. I just didn't realize how badly it affected me.

Finally my fourth tear was at the age of 28 at my sacral chakra which is connected to sex, money and physical manifestation. This tear invoked shame, timidity, suffering and worry. The story is a bit personal so I'm not going to go into it. But the idea of money and evil were part of what happened. I ended up losing my sex drive after this event occurred. I also inadvertently hired a negative spirit guide which John removed from me. I also had placed an etheric implant on myself on chakra 2, the sacral chakra. John removed this implant as well.

Then John told me that 27 lifetimes ago I had a healing contract with a church official. I was a healer and treated super well, almost like a goddess. I saw that the church was doing bad things but I decided to stay and work with the church anyway. Because I didn't wish to see what was happening around me I actually placed a negative etheric implant on my third eye which caused self-doubt. The church official also ended up attaching to me as a negative entity bringing worry. The contract I had with him was an attaching mechanism. So John removed the church official, the contract and the negative etheric implant. I took a moment to think about this situation and all of a sudden I felt a bunch of sensations on the right side of my head. Then tears came to my eyes. It was a strange feeling, as if I subconsciously remembered the whole situation. And I couldn't believe it took me 27 lifetimes to figure this all out and resolve the situation, thanks to John!

Turns out that another etheric implant was placed on my crown chakra 47 lifetimes ago when I was sold into a marriage. I made a vow to my husband. The implant and vow was there but not the husband. John told me that the husband should've been attached to me to but he wasn't. Perhaps I managed to remove him? The vow was bringing judgment and lack. John removed the vow and the implant.

John told me that I also had a portal way that was open to a negative race of beings. He closed the portal. I told him how I had been harassed by negative entities on many occasions. He said that the entities may have been coming through this portal just to mess with me. Crazy!

John explained to me that all the negative entities that he removed from me were wrapped in love and taken to an astral plane so that they can choose to be back with God if they wanted to be. This sounded really positive. John put a protective shield around me to transmute negative energy into positive and finally he gave me a homework assignment. He told me that it would take 21 days for the physical to catch up to the spiritual, so he would email me a document with a prayer to read everyday with a white candle lit for 21 days. When I received the prayer I was quite impressed. The prayer seems more like computer operating instructions, as if I'm programming my astral computer... or perhaps both my astral and organic computer. The prayer is super powerful and positive. I really enjoy saying it.

So now I would like to explain the positive results of this soul realignment session. First off, I'd like to say that this consultation on the phone with John actually lasted over 4 hours. It's incredible that I even lasted on the phone that long. Secondly, at around the 3rd hour, my cat Felix walked into the bedroom. He walked over to me and started hovering around. Then he sat in my lap and started purring. Now, Felix doesn't normally do this. He doesn't spend a lot of time in the bedroom with me and he never sits in my lap in this particular chair, especially if I'm on the phone. This is not in his character. It struck me as odd. I'd also like to mention that Felix is a healer himself and very sensitive to energy. I became a reiki energy healer because of Felix but that's a whole other story. I have actually witnessed Felix the leave a room because he didn't like the energy of the person in the room. Felix seemed to absolutely love John's energy. But it gets even stranger. That night, after the phone call with John, Felix followed me into the bedroom to do my altar work with me. He actually went under the dresser/ altar and stayed there the whole time I was saying prayers. He's never done this before. Then he slept under there the entire night. In fact all three of my cats slept in the room with me that night which is unusual. But what's even more interesting is that John's energy lifted me up so high that I could barely even sleep that night. I was super energized. I think the cats felt it too! They were all soaking up the good energy that night.

But it gets even crazier! Felix has been following me into the bedroom to do altar work with me for the past 6 nights ever since I spoke with John on the phone. I've even caught him sleeping under the altar/ dresser in the daytime. I think John's energy must have blessed my altar! It's amazing. John also told me that I would be feeling even more sensations on my third eye and head now that the tears have been repaired and the implants have been removed. And he was right! The sensations are increasing... in my head and in my hands. He told me that my healing abilities would increase... and again he was correct. I can feel myself getting stronger and more powerful everyday. And ofcourse my cat Felix can feel it too. I forgot to mention that Felix is on medication and he is battling with some health issues himself. So the fact that he's under my altar everyday is saying a lot. He may be receiving much more healing energy now that John has removed my blocks.

I also want to say that I feel much more protected now, as if nothing can get at me. I was having some weird stuff going on with my car for a while. I noticed that every time I went to this one music studio that seems to have bad energy my car would react. One time on my way to this studio a small pebble hit my window and cracked it. Later that night my car's remote clicker wouldn't work but the alarm worked and I had to get a jump start for my car. Another time when I parked by this studio the remote clicker worked but it didn't make a sound as if it was losing power. I just went to this studio this past Sunday and stayed there for a few hours. It was uncomfortable for me but I felt very protected. I walked to my car wondering what the result would be this time... I clicked on the remote, it beeped and I started my car no problem! Wow! I immediately knew that it had to be because of John's reading and healing. FYI I decided that I wont be going back to this studio anymore. The energy is just not for me.

So overall, I am very pleased with my Soul Realignment session with John. I am beyond pleased! This is exactly what I needed. I had been praying for a solution for a long time and the universe sent me John! I will definitely be recommending John to as many people as I can. What's amazing to me is that John only charges $100 for this service and it's worth well over $1000. His teacher in Los Angeles, who performs these sessions for celebrities, charges $1000! So John is offering an incredible deal right now for a life changing service. If you wish to receive a free 15 minute phone consultation with John to see if a Soul Realignment session is right for you please click on this link to schedule a day and time to speak with John: FYI Try not to allow the negative side to convince you otherwise! You probably have a few negative entities attached to you that would do anything to keep you from meeting John. Please keep this in mind! Til next time! Peace and blessings!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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