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Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse

I think my articles are becoming less and less popular lol! Perhaps that's a good thing? However...

I did it again! I couldn't help myself! I shared information that I probably shouldn't have shared! But let me start from the beginning...

My Jewish friend of the family who lives in Israel sent me what appeared to be a very derogatory email about Muslims. I wasn't feeling it. It didn't seem right to me. In my opinion it was offensive. And if the word "Muslim" had been replaced with "Jew" it would've been anti-semitic! There is definitely a double standard going on in the world right now and I think this needs to change! So I told my friend of the family the following, "I personally do not have a disdain for Muslims. But I don't think it's the right time to go into my feelings and beliefs on the subject. It's controversial. Always controversial. I'm glad everyone is doing okay!"

The friend of the family responded basically saying he has nothing against Muslims.... There are many good people who are Muslim. However the problem is the Jihad which is going on worldwide. Once the Christians had the Crusades. Now it’s Jihad. > 1,800,000,000 Muslims in the world. If 5% are Jihadists, that means 90,000,000 and that is what we are dealing with.

So at this point I couldn't help myself... I wrote, "I have something to show you. Two chapters from a book I'm reading right now... The book was copy written in 2018... Two years before the covid pandemic...." I attached two chapters from the book Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse" by Dean Henderson.

The friend of the family didn't take the information so well... claimed it was all lies... anti-Israel... Pro-Hamas... etc...etc... He asked me where I was getting all this information from?

So I wrote back, "I don't view the information I sent you as anti-Israeli or Pro Hamas. The whole premise of the book is that there's a secret, or perhaps not so secret, small group of evil elite bankers (demonic entities) controlling the planet, causing wars, famines, disease and misery. It is basically them against all of us. They promote hatred and violence between races and religions, men and women, democrats and republicans, etc... They purposely keep us in a low frequency vibration which has helped them maintain their power over us for centuries. They control the media and his-story and feed us lies about what is really going. They are behind the scenes controlling the whole narrative.

This book was handed to me by a close personal mentor who happens to be one of the good guys in this elite brotherhood (of Freemasons, Shriners, Rosicrucians and Zionists) and his mentor who is also a good guy high up in these groups knows the author personally and admits that everything stated in this book is the actual truth. The author is also one of the good guys in the groups he condemns... The book is called "Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse"by Dean Henderson. Maybe it would help if you read it from the beginning? (Or maybe not?) It's important to read all of this with an open mind...

As for the video of the guy describing Israel as Isra-hell. That guy, Jeff Berwick, is not against Jews or Israel either... He is also against the small group of evil people controlling the world. I'm sure it is difficult to see things from a different viewpoint when you've been taught that things are a certain way for your entire life... and when you've been completely invested in Israel, Judaism, your identity as a Jewish Israeli male and all that entails... I'm not saying that this is all 100% fact... but that is what I'm being told by my mentors who do not hate Jews or Israel."

I'd like to mention that they don't hate Muslims either! They don't appear to hate anyone or anything except perhaps IGNORANCE!

The friend of the family wrote back his thoughts on what I said, which I am not going to go into right now, but you will get the idea of the conversation from my response...

"Yes, supposedly these people (beings) have been around for a very long time. It is a bloodline of human intermixed with a race of reptilian beings... "The Nephilim" Thus the name of the book.... "Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse."

Speaking of conspiracy theories... I actually have a poem on my site called "I'm a Conspiracy Theorist!"

The poem explains a lot. Supposedly the term conspiracy theorist was created in 1967 by the CIA to discredit anyone with an alternative opinion to what the mainstream media was pumping out to the masses. Yes, ofcourse there are conspiracy theories... and there are also conspiracy facts! We just have to learn to be able to decipher between the two I suppose?

As for ego being attached to knowing things that other people don't know... regardless of what the information is... conspiracy or not...I think that's just a human condition... for certain humans that want to feel superior to other humans. Perhaps it's an insecurity. I don't feel that my ego is attached to what I know... because in the end... I know that I really don't know anything. Regardless, most of the time when I tell anyone anything that I know that is unconventional I am met with disbelief, outrage, anger and perhaps even pity for my stupidity. This definitely does not feed my ego! lol And yet, I never do learn my lesson do I? I continue sharing information that probably should not be shared with anyone... or at least not with most people!

But as my poem states... I am simply a "truth seeker." There is no ego in seeking the truth. At least I don't think there is? I question everything! I also genuinely just like to share information with people hoping that it will help them to have a greater understanding of whatever it is they are trying to understand... and more importantly help them to live a safe, protected, healthy, strong and happy existence on this crazy planet. Although this kind of information usually causes more shock, anger, outrage and disbelief... And then I look crazy and stupid! But then if we can get beyond that initial reaction... and actually open our minds to a potential truth that lies dormant deep within our consciousness... then maybe perhaps conditions on this planet can start to improve....or at least conditions in our own life can start to improve...? Or at the very least, we could just stop blaming the wrong people for our world's problems!

But yes, history does tend to repeat itself! That I can agree on. Now the big question is... how do we stop the negative repetition?"

"I just wanted to add another thought that came to my mind this morning regarding being considered a conspiracy theorist... Besides being met with disbelief, outrage, anger and pity for my stupidity (Fyi, on a side note, my mom has been calling me stupid for as long as I can remember...) I have also been considered paranoid, delusional, insane and brainwashed by most people I share any of this information with. FYI, I had to stop sharing all of this information with my mom and dad. They can't and won't listen to anything I have to say that is contrary to the mainstream news. But I do feel that I have to share this information with someone... so you get to be the victim of my so-called insanity. I do appreciate that you are taking the time to even acknowledge my emails and not condemn (at least not too harshly) my unusual way of thinking. It is not an easy road that I travel... nor is it for any so-called conspiracy theorist. Most supposed conspiracy theorists who are brave enough to voice controversial views opposing the norm are typically ridiculed, ignored, persecuted, met with harsh judgement and/or censored. So how would that feed the conspiracy theorist's ego? Why would anyone in their right mind choose to place themselves in such an awkward position? Why would anyone wish to subject themselves to such negative criticism? Supposedly many famous people who spoke out against the establishment have lost their jobs, their income, their bank accounts have been frozen, etc. Is it even worth trying to wake people up who can't hear or see anything besides what they've been indoctrinated with their entire lives?

I also want to add that I apologize for bringing up this topic altogether. I feel that perhaps it's an inappropriate time. I've been insensitive. You and your family are grieving. I feel a bit guilty. Bouncing thoughts off of you is helping me to gather my own thoughts and write articles... which was not really my intention but just how things work out. My articles are like a diary for me. In reality, I don't think many people read them anyway... I don't market my blog... perhaps for fear that my controversial opinions could cause backlash which could cause me personal harm. (*Not fear... That is the wrong word. I do not fear anything! Rather, I am just being cautious!) I am not trying to put myself out there like that... This is why I can really respect people who go out of their way to speak against evil tyranny. Someone has to do it!

Anyway, thanks for considering my thoughts and engaging in this conversation with me... even if it goes against everything you believe. I appreciate you!"

And likewise, whoever is reading this... Thanks! I appreciate you too! Your attention to this matter is helpful to all of us! If enough of us wake up to the truth, then perhaps we have a good chance to change things on this planet for the better! I pray for positive change! May righteousness and truth prevail!

UPDATE November 7th, 2023: Here's an interesting new narrative that my mentor just sent me...

Gaza sacrificed for lucrative Ben Gurion canal that will cut across Israel to the Red Sea

A competitor to the Suez Canal is being planned to cut across Israel and connect the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea.

This canal would give the U.S. and Israel control over a key chokepoint in the world for military ships, grain exports, energy and other commodities.

The planned route of the canal goes right through northern Gaza, and many analysts believe that Gaza is being destroyed and wiped out right now to make way for the construction of this canal, which would bring in billions of dollars a year for Israel (and grant Israel control over its access).


Update November 20th, 2023: Here's an interesting video that one of my mentors shared with me: Israel is a Racist, Supremacist State

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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