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True Happiness is Happiness Shared... with Nature!

I woke up this morning and took a deep breathe

Thanked the universe for this lovely life that I have

Sat in deep meditation surrounded by my cats

The peaceful sound of their purring let me know just where they're at

A warm embrace by the sun as the hummingbirds hummed

a sweet song to my soul, all life and I are one

Then a kind little creature entered right into my space

It was a humble little bumble bee buzzing by my face

He whispered words of kindness

The kind of words that warms one's heart

What a beautiful blessed creature

So amazing and so smart

Then I went to greet my squirrel friends

They all lined up for their treats

So pleased I had not forgotten to bring them food to eat

I smiled ear to ear as they gobbled down their nuts

Overtaken with the joy of nature's abundance

What a beautiful amazing day surrounded by such love

It's the little things in life that we should be grateful of

I get up everyday prepared to make my own way

In this life all is right if we stay positive I pray

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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