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The Best Natural Migraine/ Pain Medicine & Mood Booster You Probably Never Heard of!

If you’ve been following my blog articles then you know that I’m no stranger to pain. I’ve been suffering from migraines and joint pain for as long as I can remember! Mood disorders too! I used to take Tylenol and other conventional meds to no avail. I finally gave up on conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals altogether. I changed my diet and started experimenting with vitamins, supplements, herbs, acupuncture, reiki and more!

I’ve come a long way! But the migraines and joint pain is still a very serious issue for me. It all starts with a pain, usually in the right side of my shoulder and neck. The pain gets worse and worse until it crawls up my neck and into the right side of my head at which point I have a very difficult time functioning for a day or two or three! This used to happen approximately once a month, however lately the pain seems to be getting worse and worse and happening more often! Perhaps it’s the recent implementation of 5G or the fact that I've been taking a break from acupuncture and asian herbs? Regardless, I cannot give up searching for a solution…The pain is just too unbearable!

But every time I try to take a natural pain killer it either doesn't work or it does work but I am unable to function while taking it. I seem to either get completely exhausted and fall asleep or I get high. Yes, magic mushrooms at approx. 1.4 grams takes away the pain, however I end up laughing hysterically, crying and having deep spiritual conversations with my cats all day long. Fun… but not optimal nor productive! Oftentimes a pain killer may work once or twice for me, but then my body seems to adjust to it and the cure stops working! It's very exciting to think I found my answer and then disappointing when I realize that I haven't!

I started making an effort to eliminate the headaches and joint pain altogether instead of just trying to kill the pain. You know… get down to the bottom of the problem… not just place a bandaid on it! But it’s been a very long and bumpy road to say the least! There’s quite a few natural supplements available for pain and inflammation, specifically for migraines. I am currently taking some of these supplements: magnesium glycinate, feverfew, Vitamin B5 Pantethine, B complex, etc… However nothing has really started working yet in terms of preventing the migraines… Like I said, something will start to work and then it will stop working. My energy seems to constantly be fluctuating. It's almost as if I have to keep changing my methods and tricking my body and mind into feeling good.

I recently reintroduced an excellent curcumin supplement back into my daily regimen. Something told me that it was time to try it again. As I recall, these curcumins really helped my joint pain in the past. So recently, at the height of my migraine, I took six 750 mg curamed curcumin pills with my dinner. My back and neck pain did seem to subside a bit… however the migraine felt like it got worse! Wow!

So as I continue to experiment with all these migraine/ joint pain/ inflammation supplements, I still need a reliable pain killer to take away my pain and suffering in the meantime while I try to get down to the bottom of this! I mean seriously… the pain is beyond upsetting at times and even induces depression and suicidal thoughts. That's actually what I was dealing with recently. Depression, suicidal thoughts and horrible physical pain. It was so bad that I couldn't work. And not being able to work or generate income in and of itself becomes depressing for me. Bills pile up and I start to think that I just don't have it in me anymore to continue like this. It's very stressful! Yes, I am also empathic and there seems to be a depressing death energy looming in Los Angeles, and perhaps even worldwide, ever since the Kobe Bryant incident. But that's a whole other subject.

I had an Aha! moment recently when I realized that the solution had been right in front of me for quite a long time. Well, not necessarily the solution for solving the underlying issue that is causing my pain… but yes, a solution to instantly… or somewhat instantly knocking out the pain. But I’ve had mixed feelings about this natural pain killing remedy. On the one hand… it works… and it works pretty damn fast! It doesn’t put me to sleep or make me high. It actually boosts my energy and makes me feel euphoric… and I can function… function optimally in fact! It actually puts me in a great mood! And no pain!

However, if you are dealing with immune system issues, viruses and/or stomach problems then using this natural pain killer can bring on a whole slew of other issues… Yes, your pain will be gone but there is a cost. Side effects! Yes, even natural medicine may have unpleasant side effects. So I did my very best to stay away from this natural pain killer and try to find something else. But nothing… I mean nothing has ever worked quite like this pain killer. So it seems that every time the pain becomes just too unbearable I find myself reaching for this amazing natural miracle pain killer knowing that I will be dealing with unpleasant side effects the next day… and possibly for the next week or so! But removing the pain seems to be worth it… sometimes! It’s really a desperate move on my part.

However, this weekend, when I decided that I just couldn’t tolerate my full moon migraine anymore, I once again gave in to my desperation and took this natural pain killer… but this time I was ready and I took precautions! I took a whole bunch of natural supplements to counteract the unpleasant immune system response/ side effects that I am so accustomed to…. And voila! My miracle migraine cure was re-invented! My joint pain and miserable migraine vanished within minutes and I was left with a ton of relaxed energy and so much joy. I actually rollerbladed to the farmers market, happily chatted with many of my vendor friends and even got excited when it started to rain freezing cold rain! Yeah… it was like that! I rollerbladed home in freezing cold rain with a huge smile on my face! I was cured!

So, I’ve kept you in suspense for a while now… You are probably wondering what this miracle migraine/ pain cure is… Well, it all started a few years back when I was seeing a doctor who prescribed essential oils for my various health conditions. I actually wrote an article about him called “The Essential Oil Doctor.” One of the oils he prescribed for me was something that I never heard of before. It was supposed to help me with anxiety... and it did help me. It worked amazingly well. I just didn't know until recently that it also works for pain. This amazing super essential oil is called “Copaiba oil” and is made by Doterra- one of the most reputable essential / therapeutic oil manufacturers in the world.

Copaiba essential oil is a stimulant oleoresin made from the copaiba oil-resin of a copaifera tree. There are 35 species of copaifera found mainly in tropical South America. Copaiba oil contains beta-caryophyllene which is a cannabinoid that directly affects CB2 receptors in the body. CB2 receptors support the nervous, cardiovascular, digestive and immune systems and are responsible for healthy inflammatory response. Copaiba resin is the highest known natural source of caryophyllene comprising up to 480,000 parts per million. Another chemical in copaiba oil is called kaurenoic acid which has been reported to exert anti-inflammatory, hypotensive and diuretic effects in vivo and antimicrobial, smooth muscle relaxant and cytotoxic actions in vitro.

Copaiba oil is very similar to CBD. Cannabidiol (CBD), which is derived from Cannabis Sativa, is the other cannabinoid that directly affects CB2 receptors in the body. In my personal opinion, I actually prefer copaiba oil to cbd oil. CBD has not provided me with the pain relief that I need, but copaiba has. A 1:1 blend of THC to CBD has worked well for me in the past, however, the large amount needed to eliminate my pain also seems to make me feel a bit higher than I'm comfortable with. I actually decided to stop using the 1:1 oil altogether. I believe the olive oil it was mixed with started irritating my stomach. Copaiba, on the other hand, makes me feel euphoric but in a very natural way that seems to resonate quite well with me. Copaiba is by far the best natural pain remedy I have found to date! And perhaps the best mood enhancer as well... L-theanine is pretty great for the mood too!

Now it's typically recommended to use copaiba oil topically and not to ingest it, however the Doterra line of oils is a therapeutic grade oil therefore it is actually safe to ingest! The bottle says to take 1 drop of copaiba oil in 4 ounces of water. During my last migraine I took 10 drops directly under the tongue and chased it down with some water (reverse osmosis, reverse osmosis alkaline or spring water in glass ofcourse!). Maybe an hour or so later I took 5 more drops. Yeah... that's a lot of drops! Some people may need more and some may need less. I suggest experimenting and finding an amount that works for you! If you're just planning on taking the oil for it's mood boosting benefits, then one or two drops may suffice. By the way, copaiba oil also works topically to reduce and eliminate pain! Sometimes I use it topically and sometimes I feel that it is necessary to ingest it. I just go with my intuition.

So here's the deal... the side effects... If you have a compromised immune system, viruses and/ or stomach conditions you may experience a reaction to the copaiba oil as I have. I believe the oil is warming and a bit spicy, which goes against my acupuncturist's protocol for my liver yang rising/ liver fire condition. His protocol has been quite accurate for me, but unfortunately it has not relieved my joint pain and migraines so I had to start experimenting and going against some of his recommendations. However, I figured out that I can counteract the warming side effects with cooling herbs and other supplements.

I realize this article is already a bit long so I'm going to try to briefly sum up what I take along with the copaiba oil to neutralize the side effects. For immune system issues my first recommendation is to take lysine powder ½-1 teaspoon (perhaps more) 2-4 times a day, 5-10 minutes before meals and also before bed. Other great immune system supplements are cat's claw (also beneficial for lyme disease), sovereign silver, food grade hydrogen peroxide, andrographis, BHT, NAC, zinc (picolinate), a high does of lipsomal and buffered C vitamins and licorice root.

For stomach conditions I recommend taking a dandelion root (not leaf- or you'll be urinating all day long!) supplement a few times a day and once again licorice root and cat's claw. Also, andrographis, cat's claw and food grade peroxide provide energy so don't take them before going to sleep at night! Licorice root may make you feel tired, unless the copaiba oil makes you feel a bit too energized or hypo-manic, in which case licorice root may be good for you to take during the day to help you relax. Lysine taken at night may provide extra energy but this can easily be counteracted by taking an herbal melatonin called “herbatonin.”

Anyway, final thoughts... after taking the 15 drops of copaiba just a few days ago I no longer have a migraine (it didn't come back!), my joint pain has improved greatly, my energy is high and I am no longer feeling depressed or having suicidal thoughts. It also appears that I don't need to sleep 10-11 hours a night anymore. I am sleeping 8 hours a night now and waking up with energy. Before it seemed difficult for me to get out of bed. I think the food grade hydrogen peroxide also has something to do with the increased energy. I just started taking that as well to counteract the immune system response from the copaiba.

So after taking all of my recommended supplements for my immune system and stomach issues (and more supplements that I haven't mentioned-cause there's just too many!)... the only side effects I experienced was some sneezing, a little chest pain, some tingly/ itchy feelings that went away pretty fast and perhaps a bit too much energy (at least more than I'm used to). But hey... that's pretty incredible!

So I definitely plan to continue experimenting with copaiba oil. I have some ideas for other supplements and oils that I may take along with it as well. I may attempt taking copaiba oil on a daily basis instead of just every time I'm suffering with pain...but I'm unsure right now of the route I'm going to take with this. Regardless, it's great to have a natural pain killer that I can actually rely on. Til next time... Have pain? Why not try copaiba oil?

UPDATE March 4, 2020: Unfortunately, once again, my body developed a resistance to this wonderful pain killer! 4 days later my migraine returned and the copaiba worked marvelously... However, 2 weeks later, when my migraine returned yet again, I suffered for 4 whole days! I ended up taking 155 drops of copaiba oil over the course of those 4 days! It definitely took the pain down a bit but did not eliminate the problem! Oh well! The search for a migraine cure continues yet again! This is not to say that copaiba won't work for your pain. This oil is fabulous! But for me, the universe just won't let me off the hook so easily. I still have my work cut out for me. Til next time!

UPDATE January 5, 2021: I think I just found my new migraine cure thanks to Monte Potts on etsy! Colloidal Molybdenum! I was suffering with a massive migraine and I was starting to get hot and nauseous. I took 1 drop of this colloidal molybdenum and felt a cooling sensation all around my head. The nausea and hot feeling went away and the migraine dissipated! These migraines I'm experiencing must be from rapid detoxification and toxins being released into my body. Molybdenum helps the body detox and removes the toxins. Good to know! I've been taking a molybdenum pill by Thorne. It's done nothing for my migraines. Pott's Colloidal Molybdenum appears to go right into the cells! It gets the job done! So if you suffer from migraines you may want to try this! Here's the link to Monte Potts' etsy store:

Monte Pott's is my new hero!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!

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