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It Was a Very Magical Virgo New Moon Weekend Indeed!

It all started at the public library this past Friday morning when I managed to get myself into a long winded 2 or so hour conversation with a library patron that I know. It was actually an older man that I've sat next to on quite a few occasions while using the computer. We've been saying "Hello" to one another whenever we sit by each other. I try to change up my seating often though so I'm not so predictable. And I don't always wish to talk to people! It can be draining! But the "Hellos" have recently started turning into conversations. Especially after my week of practicing silence! I think my practicing silence sign intrigued him. This man likes me. That is apparent... although it appears that he doesn't like too many people! He even told me this! He's not a very friendly man... He seems to have problems with everyone. He's admitted this to me... but somehow he is warm and friendly towards me. I suppose it helps that I'm attractive... which he also made sure to mention to me! So somehow we end up talking for two or so hours! I don't know how it happened... but we both seem to be some pretty chatty talkative people. This man actually reminds me of my dad a bit. He is charismatic... and quite amusing! And so I found myself thoroughly enjoying our conversation.

At some point late in the conversation the topic of spirituality emerged. I showed him a book I had just finished reading called, "Synagogue of Satan" by Charles W Schaefer. It's an excellent book by the way! This man said something like "Oh, yeah, I've been there. I've read books like that before." And he smiled. I explained to this man how I blend together different spiritual practices in order to create my own personal spiritual practice. Namely reiki energy healing, Judaism, Kabbalah, asian ancestor worship and the Law of Attraction to name a few. This man didn't seem to understand how I could intuitively decide to blend different spiritual practices together. I think in his mind there was only one correct way to worship God. He also didn't seem to believe in the Law of Attraction at all. In my humble opinion I felt that he was a little closed off spiritually. But I was trying to open him up to new ideas and awarenesses. He seemed really fixated on "hell" and "demons" and the "devil." I told him that if I was him I would try not to focus on such negative things.

It seems that he never experienced the law of attraction so I told him some of my amazing law of attraction stories. Perhaps his life has not been as magical as my life has been? Then again, you will never find magic if you don't believe it exists! So all of a sudden this man tells me that he prays to the highest creator of everything... and that apparently I don't! I became upset for a moment! I can't stand know it all people who think somehow that they have the credentials to judge my level of spirituality! How dare this man assume that I am not praying to the most high creator... but he is! Even if it were the case... who would dare to say such a thing except a complete a**hole! This man noticed that I was upset and immediately told me not to become defensive. I settled down and explained to him that yes, I pray to many beings, angels, etc...But I also pray to the most high... And if everything is connected, which it is, then no matter who or what I am praying to I am still praying to the highest force. Everything is one!

So out of nowhere another man, who apparently was eavesdropping on our conversation, walks up to us and enters the conversation! He was sitting at a computer nearby. The man I was talking with becomes visibly upset that someone else has entered our conversation uninvited. He starts mumbling his complaints. But this man who appeared out of nowhere had the most peaceful angelic energy! He was a bit overweight and seemed to be homeless... He had a suitcase with him. But I didn't see that! I saw an angel in disguise! And I told him that he was an angel! This angel handed me an open book with a highlighted paragraph to read. I can't remember exactly what the paragraph said but it was something to the effect of us all being one with God. It was very spiritual and resonated deeply with me. I actually read the whole paragraph out loud so that the annoyed man I had been speaking with could hear it. But his ears had gone deaf from anger! And he started accusing the angel of being a demon. The angel apparently didn't hear him and didn't care! All of sudden I realized in that moment that I had an angel and a demon in human forms vying for my attention! Crazy right?

The real demonic energy was vibrating through the first man I had been speaking with who had the audacity to accuse the angel of being a demon! Apparently the first man I had been speaking with had become possessive over me. The angel kept mentioning the word "possessive" to describe him. The angelic man who interrupted our conversation with spiritual truths was not possessive at all! He was very open and saw exactly what was going on! I was laughing at the whole thing. I was actually quite entertained! The guy with the possessive demon was so angry that he actually walked away to use the bathroom. When he returned, to his dismay, I was still talking with the angel! lol

So long story short, the possessive guy finally leaves the library and I am left to speak with the angel again... alone! The angel was super spiritual. I'm thinking he may have been a Projector in the system of Human Design... just like me! He entered a conversation without the invite to provide guidance and received a lot of flak for doing so! Sounds like a Projector to me! So although this angel seemed to talk quite a bit and in a very slow quiet tone that made it difficult to listen to him all the way. I was still absorbing everything he was saying! He actually reminded me of myself! I could tell that he was very special and so I took the time to listen to him and show him respect. I was a bit tired and didn't really wish to talk anymore... but this man was on a seriously Godly vibration. If I ignored him or ended the conversation it would be like ignoring or ending a conversation with God. I couldn't do it.

So based on his energy I decided to give him my blog to read. The next thing you know I hear him crying. He had read my article about euthanizing a bee and he was very touched. I could feel his emotion running through me and I started to tear up. I realized that I was sitting next to my brother! A sensitive empath just like me! And although he was a bit overweight, not extremely attractive, talked in a bit of a mumble and appeared to be homeless... I wasn't really paying attention to all of that... because in reality none of that really mattered! He was actually beautiful...more beautiful then anyone I had met in a while! So this kind angelic man looks at me and in a soft tone he says that he wants to tell me something to make me feel better. He told me that he read in a book something to the effect of "there's no unholy acts." He was basically letting me know that it was okay for me to euthanize the bee.

Then he went on to tell me a story about a moth! One day he saw a poor little moth hanging out at a window struggling to figure out how to get outside. He was trapped indoors! The man felt sorry for the moth and after a few failed attempts he finally managed to pick up the moth and take it outside whereby the moth joyously flew away! Free at last! This man, this angel, told me that the very next day a moth flew over to him and landed on him out of nowhere. The man looked at me and asked me how this happens? I told him that it's all energy... Everything is connected! And the law of attraction is always at play! This man had been thinking about the happy moth that he had rescued the day before and so he attracted another one! I told him that this happens to me all the time! In reality, everything I was explaining to this man... he already knew it! I was just reiterating his own thoughts!

So later in the day I'm on the phone with my roommate and he tells me that there's a wasp in our apartment. This happens sometimes! For some reason there's some wasps (or a wasp?) that knows how to get into my apartment through the balcony door even when it's closed! But they're actually very friendly and have no problem leaving. So I asked my friend if he needed help getting the wasp out. He's very afraid of stinging insects... I'm not! So he finally tells me that he opened the screen door and the wasp just flew out! So a few hours later I get into my car to drive to pick up our step daughter and I hear something buzzing in the car as I'm driving! I look over to my left and there's a wasp right next to me...inches from my face, sitting on the window struggling to figure out how to get out! A wasp! In my car! As I'm driving! This has never happened to me before! So I slowly open the window and the wasp flies out! But do you see the synchronicities? First I'm listening to a story about a moth trapped behind a window that is released outside and finds freedom. Then there's a wasp trapped behind my window... I open my window and release the wasp so that it may find freedom as well! First I'm listening to a story about a moth that seems to reappear the next day! Then a wasp reappears the same day after my friend tells me there was a wasp in the apartment! it was all very magical!

So the next day is Shabbat and I spend the whole day at home resting and reading as usual... That is until something tells me that it's time to go outside! I had just purchased a skateboard for my step daughter on amazon. The package had arrived and my step daughter wanted to come with me to get it! So we go downstairs to the parcel locker to get the skateboard. On our way to the locker I catch the attention of one of the resident squirrels! She is a very special squirrel actually. Her name is Patches and I've mentioned her in previous articles. So she follows us all the way to the parcel locker hoping to get some nuts! But I didn't take any nuts with me! Regardless she is quite the persistent squirrel. She even tries to see what's in my package! No nuts! Just a skateboard!

So I go back upstairs to get some nuts for the squirrels as more squirrels appear to be gathering around in hopes of being fed! So I come back downstairs and start feeding all the squirrels while my step daughter learns to ride her skateboard. At some point I'm outside by the swimming pool gate feeding two boy squirrels when a female neighbor walks up to me and tells me that she found a lost baby squirrel. I ask her where it is and she points to a spot next to a tree that I'm standing at. So I see the tiniest cutest little squirrel! She had given it some water but it wasn't interested. I handed it a nut just to see what it would do but it was too young! It wasn't interested. It needed its mother's milk. She told me she found the squirrel in one of the garages and pointed in the direction of the garage. So I had an idea of where the baby had come from. This neighbor actually moved the baby pretty far from its original location (never a good idea).

So this poor little creature starts letting out sounds to call its mother. It was nervous, so I decided to start petting the baby to give it some reassurance that everything was going to be okay. The baby seemed to like me and walked over to me. I put him in my hand and started giving him reiki energy healing. He curled up into a ball and went to sleep! Cutest thing ever! So the neighbor brings me a sweatshirt to place him on and tells me I should take him home and keep him warm. With 3 cats! lol Sure... That's gonna work! (said sarcastically) But I couldn't abandon him! So all of a sudden something tells me to check in with Patches to see if this was her baby. She was actually still out collecting nuts and she just happened to be near the garage where this lady found the baby squirrel. So I walk over to Patches and she comes up to me looking for nuts. I place the baby squirrel on the ground on the sweatshirt and step away a bit. Patches walks up to the baby and starts sniffing him. Then she starts rolling him around in different positions. All of a sudden the baby is in her mouth and she's slightly dragging him to a tree. At the tree she sniffs and rolls the baby around some more! All of a sudden the baby is in her mouth again and they are headed up the tree! I've never witnessed anything like this before. And the tree was sooo high up! 2 minutes later, the baby has been dropped off at home and Patches is making her way back down the tree so she can get more nuts from me (like nothing had even happened)! How's that for a happy ending?

That night I read my step daughter a book before she went to sleep... The book was called, "A Prayer for the Animals." How fitting was that? And now I'm going to end this article with a quote from the book... "May all of the animals of the earth And the animals of the sky And the animals of the sea Be at peace."

May we all be at peace! And may we all be blessed with finding the magic in life!

* On Sunday morning I received a blessing from the universe! $33 magically appeared out of nowhere! What an amazing Magical New Moon weekend!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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