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Knowing When to Discontinue a Ritual: My Sincerest Apologies to the Jade Emperor!

This is a follow up to my previous article "Connecting with Saint Expedite." So I messed up and pretty bad! I inadvertently insulted a very important spirit that I've been working with for over a year now... He's not just any spirit! He's the illustrious Jade Emperor! The Jade Emperor is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He is the director and chairman of the Celestial Treasury and it is said that all forms of wealth pass through his hands. He is very benevolent and kind. He governs the cosmos and resides in a magnificent palace in the highest part of heaven along with his large family and entourage of ministers and officials. The Jade Emperor is the supreme ruler of Heavens, the hades and the protector of mankind according to Chinese folklore religion and the highest-ranking deity of the Taoist pantheon. Therefore it was absolutely foolish of me to try to invoke another spirit to help me manifest money! Foolish and disrespectful! But I understand why it all happened... It was really all a big misunderstanding. I believe both Saint Expedite and The Jade Emperor realize this and so they have forgiven me.

You see, before I decided that I wanted to perform the Saint Expedite ritual, my good friend/ roommate had already taken the initiative to listen to Saint Expedite's audio and connect with his energy. He had been doing this for weeks. So it's obvious to me that I empathically picked up on this energy and somehow thought that I was supposed to set up an altar for Saint Expedite and start connecting with his energy. This was not the case! I simply got caught up in my roommate's energy, thoughts and manifestations. In fact, it makes absolute sense to me now why my roommate started attracting situations that were offering him the exact amount of money that I was asking of Saint Expedite. My roommate is supposed to be dealing with Saint Expedite and I am supposed to be staying loyal to the Jade Emperor.

I should've realized there was a problem after I woke up one morning and my meditation pyramid was torn apart. There had been an earthquake that morning and supposedly my cats went crazy and were chasing each other so aggressively that they practically destroyed the pyramid. I'm not sure how that is possible? My cats never did anything like that ever before. Pieces fell off the pyramid that should have been tightly secured. When I woke up and saw how bad the pyramid looked I felt that something super natural had to have happened. I thought that perhaps Saint Expedite was in the apartment and got the cats acting wild. But now I realize what really probably happened!

The night before the pyramid was practically destroyed I had wrote a long introductory note to the Saint telling him how happy I was to work with him.... How much I looked forward to receiving his blessings, etc. I placed the note under his statute on the altar on my balcony. I'm thinking that the Jade Emperor had to be upset. Afterall, my offerings to him had slowed down. I had become so engulfed in kabbalistic prayers that I started disregarding him. I even accidentally left rotten fruit on the altar a couple times which was a big no no! I'm not even sure how that happened but it's obvious that I wasn't paying enough attention to the altar. The Emperor had been asking for things that I wasn't providing, for example... My cats jump up on the altar....especially my cat Roscoe. I think he does it to get my attention. I knew that the Emperor and my ancestors didn't like it, but I felt so overwhelmed with life that the idea of fixing this problem felt too tedious to me. I felt like the Emperor wasn't providing me with the money I wanted fast enough. However, this is because I wasn't doing what I needed to do. In summary, I wasn't doing my job. I wasn't being a good loyal servant of the Emperor... and even worse I was searching for abundance from other spirits! I was giving up on the Emperor or so it seemed. And even worse then that, I actually placed the statue, pendant and candles of Saint Expedite on my Jade Emperor altar to give them energy. That was super disrespectful of me! But I didn't realize it at the time! I wondered if it was okay with the Emperor but I never really cared to ask which was wrong of me... But I'm learning. I'm getting better. The Emperor is super powerful. He knows that I've been feeling overwhelmed. He's benevolent and has a beautiful generous spirit. But he still had to let me know that what I was doing was wrong. I did need a wake up call! Like a father chastising his daughter.

So back to the story... On the days leading up to my ritual I had some doubts and concerns. I was concerned about rain. I was concerned about wind. I was concerned that something or someone was going to try to intervene with the ritual and not allow it be successful. I was concerned that the glass of water might fall and break. I was concerned that the Saint Expedite altar was to close to my solar altar which it was (and still is). I was concerned that the candles wouldn't last for 7 days so I purchased several back up candles. I was concerned that the Saint might not like bees, afterall I have a bunch of bees that I feed on my balcony daily! On the actual day of my ritual to Saint Expedite I didn't feel so good. Something definitely didn't feel right. I was not in the right state of mind, but I did not wish to give up on the ritual. I had already spent so much money and time getting everything prepared. When I sent reiki distance healing to the ritual I knew for sure that something was wrong... but once again I didn't want to give in to that intuitive feeling. I was being hard headed!

But ofcourse, if the ritual wasn't meant to be it just wouldn't happen, right? Well, I struggled to keep the candles lit. They kept going out. The wind kept blowing them out! Even before I started reciting my actual written prayer to Saint Expedite the candle blew out! I've never done this before and had no one guiding me so I just kept relighting the candles. I later found out that if the candles go out you DO NOT keep trying to relight them. That is not correct. Well, on the 2nd day of my Saint Expedite ritual I performed an invocation and offering to the Jade Emperor and personally explained to him that I was connecting with Saint Expedite and I hoped that he was okay with that. Well, apparently not! On Day 3 I woke up and the candle had blown out ofcourse! But this time when I tried to relight the candle it wouldn't even relight. Yes, that should've been a sign to quit, right? However instead I switched candles and brought a brand new unused 7 day red candle to the altar. I proceeded to light it. But at this point I knew something was terribly wrong and that I needed expert help!

Thankfully my roommate was on the phone with his spiritual mentor and I was allowed to chime in and ask questions. His mentor immediately started asking me why I chose to work with Saint Expedite. I told him that my roommate (his close friend) shared voodoo music and books with me... Saint Expedite was mentioned in a few of the books. And that's how I became interested in working with him. Supposedly he answers prayers and very quickly! He seemed like my kind of guy! So then he asked me why the altar was outside in the wind? And why was it placed so close to my solar altar? Did I ask Saint Expedite if he was okay with this location? I told him that it was the only location that seemed to work. I was short on space. If I had set up the altar in the apartment it would've been unsafe to leave the candle lit for 7 days. I read that the Saint likes to have his altar placed next to doorways so outside next to the balcony door seemed logical. I also read that having his altar set up in the bedroom is a bad idea because the Saint will keep you up all night while he's working. He asked me if I read the Jade Emperor books? I told him that I couldn't because the books are too expensive. They cost around $1500 to $3000. I think some of his books are even more expensive. I need to manifest more money so I can afford to buy his books. So then he asked me if I even considered the fact that the Jade Emperor felt disrespected that I reached out to another spirit for financial help. And that's when it hit me! What I did was very wrong and I had to apologize to the Emperor and to the Saint. I had to make this right! However, before I ran off to give my heartfelt apologies to both spirits I was given more information and advice.

I was told that the Emperor is known to bully other spirits. I wasn't aware of this. So it's possible that he was bullying Saint Expedite. If that's the case, I feel bad for putting Saint Expedite in that position. I was told that I should've taken a class before trying to perform the Saint Expedite ritual. The Saint may not be in my bloodline so he may not be the spirit to call on. However, considering that I'm already working with the Jade Emperor, I should go back to working with him. I was told that I need to get out of the apartment more... for 3, 4 even 5 hours a day in nature! The Jade Emperor needs me to leave the apartment for long periods of time during the day because he is a very private spirit and can't work to help me if I'm home. I was told that I had to wipe the slate clean and press the reset button. I had to stop trying to perform the Saint Expedite ritual. It wasn't meant to be. I had to stop wearing all my high frequency jewelry and only wear one medallion at a time. I could continue doing a few things I was doing but I really had to slow myself down. It was a very emotional conversation but it was super helpful.

I knew what had to be done next. I tearfully apologized to Saint Expedite and to the Jade Emperor. I explained why everything happened and asked for their forgiveness. Then I proceeded to hand the altar, candles, oil and Saint Expedite pendant to my roommate because he is the one that is really supposed to be working with him... not me! However since I promised Saint Expedite that I would give him certain things if he provided with a certain amount of money I let him know that the deal was still on. It would be wrong and perhaps even dangerous if I didn't come through with my end of the bargain. I explained this to the Jade Emperor and felt that he understood what I was saying. I had to keep my word to the Saint, but after this first and final offering I would never work with him again. Then I proceeded to give the Emperor what he asked of me. I won't go into specifics right now, however the Emperor and my ancestors appear to be very pleased with my new gift. Something they've been waiting for me to do for a very long time. I suppose it took a spiritual crisis to make it happen so it all works out in the end! Thank the heavens! Invoking another spirit to help me manifest money? Now that's a mistake I will never make again! You live you learn!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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