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Marburg Virus Emergency Warning!

First and foremost, for all those who identify as Jewish or Hebrew Israelite, and who fasted for Yom Kippur this past Sunday through Monday night, I do hope you had an easy fast and Gmar Chatimah Tovah (a good final sealing)!

Secondly, I trust that none of my readers ate any of the cheap fast food burgers being sold last week for National Cheeseburger day! Supposedly they were tainted with the covid vaccine... Ooops!

Well, that's what my mentor told me. Who knows? He did find it quite interesting though that after the cheeseburger event ended there was an E. Coli outbreak all of a sudden. But that must've been a coincidence! Ofcourse that and the bloody fight that broke out between the 49ers and Giants fans right after the cheap cheeseburger event ended! Seems a bit peculiar to me... but okay!

My mentor seems to believe that it's time for everyone to quit eating meat. None of it is safe to consume anymore! I do hope my cat's grass fed beef from New Zealand is still okay! No, silly, I am not eating cat food! I quit eating meat and poultry almost two years ago! So I think I'm in the clear?

One of my mentors also seems to believe that most fruits and vegetables are being injected with parasites to keep people sick.... Maybe not fruits and veggies from fancier grocery stores like Erewhon, Whole foods and Traders Joes, but he definitely wouldn't trust fruits and veggies from grocery stores like Vons! So now I feel a bit bad that I've been handing out fruit to the homeless (and my squirrels) last week! My mentor says that our safest bet is to take fruit and vegetable pills like Juice Plus... so I'm going to look into that! I just have to find a pill without garlic, onions and ginger. Easier said then done! He also seems to believe that one of the safest foods to eat right now is asian foods because the asians know what's going on.... Hmmmm... But onward to the big topic of the month....

Last week my good friend/ spiritual mentor warned me about an upcoming epidemic... something called the Marburg virus. Now I cant be 100% certain that the information he provided me with is correct, but in an effort to perform my duty of saving righteous, pure of heart, compassionate, intuitive, fearless people from impending doom I present you with the following...

Some important information to take a look at:

Please watch the video. Its only 11 minutes. And check out and (both mentioned in the video.) The truthforhealth site contains a Marburg fact sheet which will explain natural cures one can take for the new Marburg virus coming this October. There are two cures mentioned in the first video : Fenben and ozone IV and some other kind of ozone treatment. If you took the covid vaccine you will need to take a cure for Marburg... and the Marburg vaccine is not recommended!

(Update: I could not find the Marburg fact sheet on the truth for health site! I signed up to receive the fact sheet and received a covid fact sheet instead... so I emailed them asking "Where is the fact sheet for curing Marburg?" They never wrote back to me. Supposedly a doctor named Dr. Vliet has the fact sheet but I still couldn't find it. Maybe I didn't look hard enough? Well, my mentor says he is retrieving the information for me from one of his friends/ mentors. I will update this article as soon as I receive the information! In the meantime this looks interesting:, )

I've also been told to turn off all communication devices (computer, tablet, cell phone, etc.) on October 4th and 11th. PLEASE DO SO! MARBURG IS GOING TO BE ACTIVATED THROUGH COMMUNICATION DEVICES ON THOSE TWO DAYS!

(Maybe?) (With 5G)

They mention all of this in the video!

(Update: Well, not quite... As my mentor stated... Do you really think that they are going to tell us the exact dates that they will be blasting us with Marburg? It's just like the World Trade Center situation. They weren't going to tell people the exact date and time that the towers were going down. The truth of the matter is, they've been raising the 5G gigahertz on us everyday and by sometime in October it's going to hit the target of 18 GHz 5G and that's when Marburg cases are supposed to start exploding!)

So I sent these messages (without the recent updates) to my close family members and friends. My dad immediately called me to voice his usual disbelief. I told him that I understand and didn't press the issue. At least he can't say that I didn't warn him! Then I sent him this text message:

"I do pray that your belief system is strong enough to bypass this evil agenda. Shofar so good! You're still here! And in decent health! (My dad is 80 years old) So you must be doing something right! Ofcourse you and all my loved ones are in my prayers daily. In the end I recommend that we all just follow our own intuition. We can never go wrong with that!"

(My personal thoughts: How can a person have the proper use of their intuition when they've been purposely dumbing down the entire population (with bad foods, drugs, alcohol, pharmaceuticals and environmental toxins) and calcifying people's pineal glands with the covid vaccine? Then there is really no intuition available for one to follow! At least not their own! So in summary, many people right now are so closed off that they cannot even comprehend or believe anything that's being stated in this article. So be it!)

My dad sent me the thumbs up sign...and then I wrote him this:

"You know, the Jews were supposedly warned about the holocaust but many decided to stay in Germany because the holocaust wasn't in their belief system. Thankfully many did finally manage to escape at the last moment when they realized that there was a real problem! Could you imagine how many warnings they must've received from family and friends and yet they chose to ignore the warnings! The whole idea of a holocaust had to be totally unbelievable...until it happened!"

My dad never responded.

My mom ignored my texts and when I spoke to her on the phone she said that she wasn't worried and that she's more concerned with a back surgery she's scheduled to have. My best friend from college simply "Liked" my messages and didn't say anything.

So I decided to look up Fenben. It's a drug (fenbendazole) that kills parasites. So apparently a parasite cleanse is in order! In all honesty, I intuitively believe we should all be doing a parasite cleanse right now whether vaccinated or not. My friend/ mentor started taking 'Purge Suddenly' recommended by our mentor and Alex Jones. Our mentor also told him to buy Fenben on amazon so he ordered it. My "Purge Suddenly" pills are on their way now!

And just for the heck of it... I'm going to put my 3 cats on a parasite cleanse as well with PetAlive Parasite Dr! Why not?

So I decided to text my family members and friends again about Fenben (which may possibly be the cure for Marburg!) This is what I wrote:

"I realize that you are not worried and don't believe that a terrible sickness is about to hit the population, and that is a good thing because no one should sit around worrying about negative events occurring in the future. However, if you do start to feel very sick, G-d forbid, then fenben 444 mg may help. Its being sold on amazon for 129 dollars. It may be a good idea to buy a bottle in advance and have it handy just in case, G-d forbid, amazon runs out amidst a crisis. Supposedly, fenben also sells cancer cures!"

"FenLAB 444 | mg, Purity >99%, 90 ct

FenLAB 444 | mg, Purity >99%, 90 ct "

So my dad called me up immediately and left me a very upset voice message. He wasn't upset about Marburg... He was upset because he felt that I was being misled by scam artists... etc...

So I wrote him this:

"I'm sorry that my messages are upsetting you. I am not fearful of anything. I'm just trying to help my loved ones to be prepared for all possibilities and/or inevitabilities. Many things I have mentioned have come to pass but cannot be seen by the majority of the population. Yes, there are many scams out there, and thank the heavens I did not fall for the worst one. Regardless, we live in a virtual reality and there is no real death. Even suffering is an untruth... so why should we fear anything? I don't! But if you heard through your spiritual mentors, who are in a fraternity with government officials and world leaders, that a health crisis was about to occur and that there is a known cure, would you decide to withhold that information from me just because I probably wouldn't believe you? On that note, let's hope that nothing happens just like all the other times that nothing supposedly happened. I won't mention anything about this again (unless you ask me)! I am also writing an article with updates if there ever comes a time when you want or need to review the information."

No response!

My mom didn't respond and my good friend didn't respond but simply "Loved" my messages.

So that's the story! You've been warned!

Finally... Congratulations to all you brave fearless souls that didn't take the covid vaccine and boosters! Are you ready for your next test?

This article will be updated with more information when obtained! To be continued...

UPDATE (September 27th): My friend/mentor decided to keep our daughter (my step daughter) out of school on October 4th just to be safe! You may consider doing the same! Perhaps the 4th will also be a good day to stay home from work? And keep your phone off!

So I've discovered that the parasite cleanse is an absolute must for everyone... Vaccinated and unvaccinated!~ The main issue is that they've been putting nanobots and parasites in the food supply... mainly in meat, fruit and vegetables. There's also nanobots in the air and in the water. Supposedly farmer's markets are the worst. The food is full of nanobots! This explains why some of the main CA farmer's markets (and probably other cities/ states as well) have a program with Cal-fresh (food stamps) that provides Cal-fresh recipients with up to $60 extra in food stamp vouchers that goes towards the purchase of only fruits and veggies at the farmer's market. Oy! I've been shopping at these farmer's markets! Double oy!

So you're probably wondering what the problem is with ingesting parasites and nanobots... well, right now, nothing! Except that parasites will keep you sick! But the combination of parasites and nanobots together is going to be quite the force to be reckoned with once the 18 Ghz of 5G is activated in October. Supposedly people and animals are going to start acting crazy...seriously crazy! Animals are going to start attacking their owners and people will be attacking each other... We're all going to be affected whether we like it or not... but it's supposed to be much much worse for the vaccinated! So I'm preparing to do a parasite cleanse with "Suddenly Purge" which supposedly contains some fenben and my 3 cats are about to do their parasite cleanses! I've also been told that they make fenben for cats and dogs! So that's something to seriously look into!

Our mentor also recommends cleansing the blood. He is going the extra mile and doing some kind of blood transfusion to clean his blood! Sounds intense! I will probably just take some neem... I already take Thorne Brand Curcumin which also cleanses the blood! More updates coming soon... stay tuned!

Another Update! Okay... I finally received the Marburg fact sheet! It was on the site... but hidden well! I've highlighted the cures/ supplements to take! Here we go...

FACT SHEET: Hemorrhagic Fevers (Marburg, Ebola) “Viral Hemorrhagic Fever” (VHF) refers to a group of highly infectious severe viral illnesses caused by over 20 different small particle pathogenic RNA viruses in four different viral families. Examples include Yellow fever, Lassa fever, Ebola, Marburg and others listed in the Table at end. These highly infectious viruses lead to a potentially lethal disease syndrome characterized by fever, malaise, vomiting, mucosal and gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding, edema, and hypotension. Clinical and epidemiological data are very limited because outbreaks have been sporadic, few cases, and typically limited primarily to Africa or Asia.

Public Health Threats and Transmission: The hemorrhagic fevers of most serious concern, particularly Marburg and Ebola, are spread through person-to-person contact, including respiratory droplets from people who are actively sick (viremia phase) and are coughing or sneezing. Infected people with symptoms (viremia phase) can spread the virus to uninfected people when the infected person’s secretions (saliva, respiratory droplets, blood, vomit, stool, vaginal secretions, and/or semen) contact mucous membranes (mouth, nose, eyes, rectum, vagina, or breaks in the skin) of someone who is not infected. There is no well-documented evidence of spread during the asymptomatic prodromal phase, as discussed in the article cited below. Family members can be infected as they care for sick relatives. Healthcare personnel can be infected if not using proper protective equipment that covers them from head to toe. Hospitals also use the decontamination strategies described below.

For more detailed information on the potential public health threats and spread of these illnesses, see the important 2002 consensus review article “Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses as Biological Weapons: Medical and Public Health Management” from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Working Group on Civilian Biodefense:

Symptoms and Progression of Illness: Onset: Symptoms may begin abruptly within five to 10 days but may take up to 30 days following exposure/infection with the various viruses that cause Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers. In addition to these symptoms, these viruses cause added damage by suppressing the immune system.

Early signs and symptoms of Viral Hemorrhagic Fever include: • Fever, chills, fatigue, weakness, severe headache, joint and muscle aches

As the HF viral illness worsens, symptoms become increasingly severe, including: • Cholera-like diarrhea, watery progressing to bloody; mucus-membrane bleeding, Chest pain, sore throat, cough, difficulty breathing • Abdominal cramping, jaundice, and upper GI pain, severe weight loss • Red eyes, nausea and vomiting, skin rash • Mucus-membrane bleeding, usually from the eyes, and when close to death, bleeding from the ears, nose and rectum

As the VHF illnesses progress, symptoms and signs become more severe: • Bleeding, leading to hypovolemic shock leading to damage to critical organs • Delirium, seizures, coma, and death

Complications in Survivors: Recovery can be long and slow since the viruses remain in the body for weeks. Ebola and Marburg viruses have been identified in semen for 82-101 days after illness onset, which shows how long the virus potentially remains in the body. It may take months to regain weight and strength. People may experience: • diffuse muscle weakness, severe fatigue, sensory changes/nerve damage, headaches, hair loss, inflammation of eyes (particularly the anterior chamber), damage to the heart, lung, kidney, liver (hepatitis), ovaries and testicles.

Rx TREATMENT OPTIONS: (see references at end for more information)

1. Triple monoclonal antibody therapy, Inmazeb, is the most effective treatment available we have at this time for Ebola. It is available in the US national stockpile of medicines under control of the Federal government to be used in national emergencies. Inmazeb is a combination of 3 monoclonal recombinant human IgG1-kappa monoclonal antibodies: atoltivimab, maftivimab, and odesivimab-ebgn. The antibodies bind to the glycoprotein on the Ebola virus surface and block attachment and entry of the virus on host cell membranes. For more information: AND

2. From the US Army Field Manual for medical treatment used by our Special Forces: These additional medicines have been listed as potential Rx options for VHF illnesses, in emergencies if other medicines are not available. Since there have not been many outbreaks of either Ebola or Marburg, we don’t have clinical studies to provide more data, but we list these options that have been used by the US Military:

Albendazole (FDA-approved “de-wormer”): 400 mg once when using for parasites; available in the USA by prescription, dosing not established for Marburg virus

Mebendazole (FDA-approved “de-wormer”): 100 mg BID for 3 days when using for parasites; available in the USA by prescription; dosing not established for Marburg virus

3. Fenbendzole (same class of medicines as above, but it is an approved Veterinary product, not approved for human use. Veterinary products available on-line.

3. Ribavirin is both an oral and IV agent that has some in vitro and in vivo activity against two of the four VHF families, but not the Filoviridae (Ebola and Marburg) or Flaviviridae families. Small trials have shown that ribavirin may reduce mortality after infection with Lassa fever and select New World arenaviruses. Oral ribavirin has been licensed for treatment of chronic hepatitis C and because of ease of oral use and availability, it was recommended by the Johns Hopkins Working Group on Civilian Biodefense in 2002 as an off-label treatment option in a mass casualty event from outbreak of HVF when IV resources would be limited due to large numbers of patients needing help at the same time.

4. In the absence of access to the above options, practitioners in other countries have reported some clinical effectiveness using Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin for viral hemorrhagic fevers, with dosing similar to therapy for COVID. If there are no other options, health professionals may elect to use these existing medicines off label, rather than do nothing. But again, with limited outbreaks, and small numbers of cases, we don’t have clinical studies to provide more data.

For Hospitalized Patients: The mainstay of treatment for Viral Hemorrhagic Fever is rapid implementation of supportive medical care with meticulous attention to fluid and electrolyte balance and maintaining circulatory volume and maintaining blood pressure in the face of fluid and blood loss. Oxygen therapy, controlling abnormal clotting or bleeding, treating secondary bacterial and/or fungal infections and complications are also critical supportive medical care strategies. Prescription medications have to be individually tailored to the specific patient and what is happening clinically. These can include pressor agents, antibiotics, anti-virals, anti-inflammatory medicines, anti-coagulants (only if abnormal clotting is present, obviously not used if uncontrolled bleeding is occurring), and other medications in the clinical judgement of the physicians. Some studies show possible benefit of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, fenbendazole but there is not much data on this since there have been so few outbreaks and so few cases, especially in the United States.

To improve Health and Resilience and reduce risk of infections: Supplements and Nutraceuticals: These have research-based evidence for anti-viral, antiinflammatory, immune-boosting, and neuro-protective benefits in the spectrum of viral illnesses, COVID vaccine injury, EMF radiation damage, and other inflammatory conditions. We do not have sufficient clinical research data to document benefits of these supplements and nutraceuticals in the hemorrhagic fever spectrum of illnesses that includes Ebola, Marburg, Lassa fever and others. But since these supplements have such significant benefits to reduce inflammation, improve immune response and improve cellular oxygenation, we include them here as part of an overall plan to improve health and resilience and reduce risk of infectious disease.

We recommend having your individual physician or other trusted health professional check blood levels of vitamins and supplements that may be detrimental if used in excessive amounts, such as Vit D, zinc, B6, B12, magnesium. Then an individual dose tailored to your needs can be decided based on objective lab data. Basic List of Nutraceuticals with documented anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immune boosting benefits:

Vitamin D (in oil): 5000 IU AM and PM

• N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) 600-1200 mg daily

• Glutathione, Co-Q-10 and resveratrol

• Vitamin C with bioflavonoids 2000 mg (increase if symptoms times a day

• Magnesium 400 mg once or twice a day

• B complex

• Zinc sulfate 220 mg daily (50 mg elemental zinc)

• Quercetin

• Green Tea

• Monolaurin (derived from coconuts)

• Immune-boost Mushroom complex powder (Lion's Mane, Turkey Tail, Reishi, Maitake, Chaga etc.) • Aspirin 81 mg prevention dose, 325 mg full-strength anti-platelet dose (to reduce risk of blood clotting. If abnormal bleeding is happening, do NOT use aspirin, or supplements that have anticoagulant effects such as Vitamin E and fish oils).

• Blackseed oil (N-sativa seed)

Hygiene practices and environmental management:

Personal Hygiene: Use the basic principles of 1) wash your hands 2) Avoid touching the “T zone of your face, and 3) Refer to our TFH FACT SHEETS on oral and nasal antiviral/antibacterial oral and nasal flushes to reduce viral and bacterial illnesses. Good hygiene practices and the decontamination strategies below can significantly reduce the spread of infectious disease. AVOID TOUCHING THESE AREAS IN THE T-ZONE. Always wash your hands before touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, especially when you are exposed to sick people

Environmental Management: Decontamination Strategies Adaptable for Home Use

At this time Chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) is the leading agent used for environmental decontamination to control the spread of Ebola outbreaks in West Africa by the US Miliary. Chlorine dioxide solution has been used safely and effectively in cleaning and sterilization efforts in the medical, agricultural, and industrial communities for decades. You can learn more about use of chlorine dioxide in Ebola decontamination (similar to Marburg illness) by visiting the “Health and Resilience” page on our website, and also read this article:

There are many patents related to the safe use of CDS for purifying water, treating wounds, sterilizing of medical equipment and much, more. The two solutions used to make the activated CDC are easy to purchase, inexpensive and stable to store. Read more about it on our website under Health and Resilience section. There are many references and resources described in the video and resource guidebook.


PREVENTION and rapid early treatment are keys to survival, especially for the viruses with high mortality such as Ebola and Marburg

Selected References (in addition to those cited in links above) Marburg virus disease: A summary for clinicians. International Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2020;99:233-242. doi:10.1016/j.ijid.2020.07.042 Mangat R, Louie T. Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers. PubMed. Published 2021. https://www.ncbi books/NBK560717/ Consensus review article from 2002: “Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses as Biological Weapons: Medical and Public Health Management” from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Working Group on Civilian Biodefense: Ebola: Care, Recommendations, and Protecting Practitioners, a Critical Images slideshow, to review treatment, recommendations, and safeguards for healthcare personnel. Patient education resources: First Aid and Injuries Center, as well as Biological Warfare and Personal Protective Equipment. Ebola virus and Marburg virus - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic Radiation Sickness Symptoms and Causes – Mayo Clinic References and resources to be added regularly to our website: Check back for new information

UPDATE Tuesday Oct. 3rd:

"They’re saying that turning off the phone won’t stop the frequency! (I'm still turning my phone off starting this evening! I am extra sensitive.) They're going to be hitting everything tomorrow sporadically... not at any one particular time like some people are saying. There's really nothing that can be done to stop this. It is recommended that if you own a Ye Ming Zhu Dragon Pearl stone than you should wear it. The Ye Ming Zhu stone provides protection from this frequency. I will be wearing all three of mine! In fact, I am wearing all three right now! If you took the covid vaccine/ booster I would pray and meditate and visualize yourself being protected from this frequency. And if you haven't done so already, I would immediately begin a parasite cleanse! I am on day 3 of my 10 day cleanse with "Suddenly Purge." My 3 cats are also on day 3 of their parasite cleanse! My blood cleanse arrives tomorrow! I'm also thinking that being plugged into an earthing device may be somewhat helpful? Vaccinated or not, I definitely would not be traveling around tomorrow. I think staying at home with family (and loved ones) is the best plan of action!

Besides that... I would like to add a correction from earlier in this article: Right now mexican food is the cleanest food to eat, followed by asian food and then Indian food (at least in California on a Vegan diet). Everyone should be on a vegan diet at this point in time!

Okay folks... I wish you all the best! Let's see how this all plays out! Remember... There is nothing to fear but fear itself... And there is no death... Matter and energy cannot be simply changes form! Thoughts create your reality! Stay positive and all will work out for the greater good! Blessings!

UPDATE October 5th:

So one October 3rd I received this email warning which I am just now reading on October 5th....

Dear Friends,

I need to circulate this warning and encourage you to do the same... please turn off your phones, tv's, radio, and internet for the two hours from 2pm to 4pm EST (1pm to 3pm CST, 12 to 2pm MST, 11am to 1pm PST, etc) as there is supposed to be a government activation of 5G towers that many people in the Truth movements and Whitleblowers inside the governments say is going to either trigger dormant ingredients in covid vaccinated people to either release other superbugs to infect and make people sick, sparking deaths or another pandemic. 5G towers were first "activated" in October 2019 in Wuhan, China, and you saw masses of people drop dead in the streets in bizaree videos. This is what we all saw that shocked us and made us consent to "stay home for 2 weeks" when the government told us to... So in short, another pandemic of illnesses and deaths will be started today and/or perhaps even some type of zombie activation mechanism. They say the covid jabs edit a certain gene that edits one's ability to cognitively think properly and also increases the obsessive urge for biting. I know this sounds really bizaree, but it is based. I have researched it and it is definitely based. To find out more watch the following videos, but please heed my warning and turn off all electronic connections from 2pm to 4pm EST. I hope I many of you will get this in time, but if not you can turn off your devices and then plug them back in, turn them on, after this short two hour window of time, and then watch and find out more details about the warning after the intermission. Also you are encouraged to download the raw video file directly to your computer hard drives, so that when they are deleted off the internet you can prove to people in the worst case scenario that you and I were right and then your friends and family and coworkers will remember you were the one warning them and come back to you in these troubling times. We are definitely living in "end times" - the end of an era or the end of the world as we know it and the transition into a world of awakening and awareness but people are being squeezed and tested to see what they are truly made of and the agnositcs are being forced to chose a side. The war between God and the Devil is real and it is no longer a battle but a war, and the main part of the war is an Information War. Arm yourself with the Truth and the right information and please share it with others. This first video is less than two minutes in length and get's straight to the point: A big event is planned for October 4th | Everything you need to know, by Jason Shurka: And this video is more detailed with the entire back story and history and all the proof you could ever need: OCTOBER 4TH - What is happening? What are EXPERTS doing? - Seth Holehouse, Todd Callender, Clay Clark: The way I see it - maybe it won't happen, and then you woke other people up, and maybe it will happen and you warned people and the destruction that takes place is overall in the long run God's tool to wake people up and again, spiritually test every single human on earth and to find out which side they chose to be on. I will have more company updates with our contract law and UCC and Secured Party information in the coming days or weeks, there has been much we have been working on which is why we have not sent out any e-mail announcements in the past 16 months. Too busy but will give you can thorough and detailed updates soon. For now, stay safe, stay informed, and stay in Prayer. When you pray, do not pray, say, or add the name "AMEN" at the commencement of your prayer as Amen is an ancient pagan diety which demanded blood sacrifices from the ancient egyptians and others. Basically AMEN is working for the Devil and many Christians have been tricked and deceived to pray simultaneously to Jesus and to Amen, which partially cancels out the power of your prayer. This can be verified by googling the name "Amen-Ra" and just looking for a few minutes at the results such as the wikipedia or other results, etc. The bottom line is do not say the name of those you wish to avoid giving power to. Say your prayers to your God but not to be tricked to give power to unknown God's which demanded babies to be sacrificed. As always, Godspeed, -Tyler with UCL In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth (You are receiving my email because you opted in and went out of your way to subscribe and ask for them by filing out the form on We generally do not read or reply to e-mails from this particular e-mail address, instead this is only a one-way announcement list. You may unsubscribe to stay uninformed from any important announcements like this or promotions for discounts on learning to exercise your rights under the common law, UCC, or debt relief remedies, if you do not care about this topic by clicking the unsubscribe link below. Also, do not send us any mail to the postal address below. On our website it has information on how to contact us such as phone numbers to speak with us directly if you have a serious inquiry.)"

So as it turns out, I was misinformed about the phones not needing to be turned off. Phones, televisions and radios should have been turned completely off at specific times yesterday October 4th. The main blast happened at approximately 11:20am on the west coast and 2:20pm on the east coast and lasted approximately 30 minutes. My good friend/ mentor/ roommate was contacted with an emergency text message at approximately 11am being told to turn off all electronics (phone, tv and radios). He didn't realize that the west coast time would be so early. He thought it would be around 2:20pm. He had the times mixed up. I was in my bedroom meditating/ half a sleep holding one ye ming zhu stone in each hand, sending reiki through my entire body, with my powerful synergy stones resting over my heart. I had one ye ming zhu stone placed over a photo of my mother and father on a healing radiator on my altar. I didn't know what was going on... however I had turned my phone off, taken the battery out, wrapped the whole thing in tinfoil and placed it in an emf protection faraday cage bag the night before! My friend heeded the advice of the emergency text message and turned all electronics off. My step daughter was home with us and to her dismay her tablet was removed from her possession and turned off. They proceeded to hear dogs barking and sirens ringing around 11:20am. I was in a meditative state and heard nothing!

So what exactly happened? According to this website: we were all experiencing a nationwide test of the federal emergency alert system.

So what really happened? Supposedly this emergency broadcast was the main blast that opened the nano delivery robots that have been dormant in the covid vaccine. They were just waiting for the pulse vibration of the 18Ghz 5G so they could be activated. Supposedly people with I-Phones will be affected the worst. From this point on small pulses will supposedly be sent out daily. I've been told that vaccinated people are going to start getting sick and dying in approximately 1-3 months, however some will get sick and die sooner. They are not going to call it the Marburg virus. They are going to say that it's a new strand of covid and then proceed to give out even more covid vaccines. When people see how many people are dying this time they are going to be lining up in droves to take these new shots! They already have a new vaccine prepared. So in summary, under the guise of a nationwide emergency alert, we were all beamed with an 18Ghz 5g pulse that awakens the dormant technology in the covid-19 vaccine. If your phone, tv and radio were off during the test then you should be okay? Especially if you didn't take the vaccine and boosters.

So after the whole ordeal was over I contacted my mom and dad to find out what they did.... My mom and her partner/ boyfriend got hit with the iphone and the car radio. My mom turned both off immediately. My Dad and his wife got hit with the iphone and the tv. I didn't find out if they turned it off. It was upsetting but also expected since neither my mom nor my dad listen to me or believe anything I tell them. My mentor told me not to voice any of my beliefs to them anymore because they may end up being gone soon, and since my energy is so strong I could make that happen faster. Instead I should focus on their beliefs. I agree with this recommendation and I would recommend it to anyone else who is dealing with a similar situation with their family members and friend. My mentor even said to talk to my dad and ask him about his beliefs. After talking with my mom and dad on the phone, I text messaged my mom, her partner, my dad and his wife and told them that it was a false alarm and that everything will be ok. No one responded. Then today I talked to my mom and told her that it was a false alarm and she told me that she knew that already! So I'm hoping that I put their minds at ease even though I think their minds were already at ease. Maybe ignorance is bliss? I also asked my powerful ye ming zhu stones to protect and heal my loved ones, family and friends and I also sent reiki for protection and healing to all my loved ones, family and friends who took the covid vaccine. So who knows? If my energy is that strong...if my healing abilities are so powerful... perhaps I could achieve a miracle? I believe I can!

Besides that... my mentor recommended another parasite cleanse called Paratrex. We should all continue cleansing ourselves, eating as healthy as possible and staying positive! So that's the story! I am not worried! And whether or not you took the coivd vaccine...and whether or not you were exposed to the 18Ghz frequency... I would stay positive and not be worried because everything is going to work out exactly as it should! There is a divine plan. You are part of this divine plan. You are divine... Remember... Don't Worry! Be Happy!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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