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What Really Happens When We Go to Sleep and Dream?

I've recently become fascinated with the dream world, particularly because my dreams have become so vivid and amazing lately. I started taking a supplement called ormus last week. Ormus contains a concentrated proprietary blend of trace minerals obtained from colloids, dead sea, himalayan, hawaiian, mediterranean sea and other salts. Well, anyway, since taking this ormus supplement I've been having tons of incredible dreams! So I can't help but wonder...what is really going on when I'm asleep and dreaming?

According to the mystical Zohar: "During sleep, people who have made a sincere attempt at spiritual growth and positive change during the day will see their souls elevate to the highest of heights in the spiritual atmosphere during the night." "These souls are given a window through which they can perceive the future. "When we awaken in the morning, if our soul ascended great heights during the night, our sense of intuitiveness and foresight is acutely enhanced." "We make the right decisions as we are guided by our intuition."

"Conversely, those who remain spiritually complacent who have no regard or care for positive deeds and spiritual growth, their souls elevate, but are immediately engulfed by negative forces." "If ...., our souls are enveloped by negative forces, these entities whisper lies and speak falsehoods to our soul." "These words of deception distort a person's reality during the day, so that life appears even more confusing, more chaotic." "We find ourselves at the wrong place at the wrong time." "Our thoughts, ideas, ands decisions lead us down the wrong path." "This otherworldly journey occurs each night, whether or not we are cognizant of it."

Yes, I quoted all of that straight out of the Zohar! Book 3 Pages 83 and 261. Fascinating isn't it? My spiritual mentor had this to say about dreams recently, "Those infinite and different worlds all dwell within your DNA. This is why you go to worlds when you sleep and call it dreams... You are surfing your own DNA!" Wow!

After I became a reiki energy healer in 2013 my dreams appeared to intensify and escalate to a whole new level. I did in fact start to receive information in my dreams that I could use in my waking life. One time I actually had a dream that I was giving reiki energy healing to a little elf-like man in the forest. After he was healed I woke up. Could I have actually healed someone or something in another dimension? Or was I healing myself in another dimension? I wonder!

Another time, after memorizing the Kabbalistic Ana B'choach prayer, I had a dream that my 3 cats and I were in a house when an earthquake hit. The house started to slide as if it were about to fall down into a pit. I became frightened and started to recite the Ana B'choach prayer. I didn't even make it to the 2nd line of the prayer when I woke up out of the dream. It was as if the prayer saved me from what was about to turn into a nightmare! I was amazed! How did I even think to say this prayer in my dream?

One time I had a dream that a magical group of women were having a meeting to teach me some important things. They were showing me some green glowing energy that was floating in the air. When I woke up I had the name of two green crystals in my head that I knew I was supposed to get. One was called "peridot" and the other was called "green malachite" which turned out to be just malachite (they're all green I think). I forgot all about this dream for a while until one day, a month or so later, something told me it was time to get these crystals. I went on etsy and found a necklace with a pendant that had both the peridot and the malachite together coiled in a copper wire. I instantly knew this was the necklace I was supposed to purchase. Wouldn't you know I still wear this necklace to this very day with a piece of shungite and a Tesla Purple plate attached to it as well. I put them altogether! Amazing energy!

A few months before corona virus/ covid hit (or at least went public) I wasn't feeling so well. I had a dream that I was shopping in the supplement aisle of a grocery store. Something telepathically guided me to two supplements. I didn't actually see them on the shelf but I was told what they were. I woke up remembering the names of both supplements. Sunflower lecithin and zinc picolinate! I purchased both supplements immediately. I was already taking zinc orotate, but as soon as I started the zinc picolinate my energy picked up. Zinc is great for the immune system (especially for corona virus/ covid). I also found the sunflower lecithin to be quite useful as well. Turns out that I needed both supplements!

But one of the absolute craziest prophetic dreams I've ever had was right before covid really hit. I had wrote an article about my guardian angel appearing to me in a reiki meditation. In this article I thanked my guardian angel and basically told him he was welcome to visit me anytime. Well, right after I wrote that article he appeared to me in a dream. "He" was actually a "she" in the dream but I knew she was my guardian angel. I just knew. She came to me with a warning message. The dream had me feeling as though I had to hide from something evil. I was a bit frightened. My cat Roscoe was in the dream as well. He was panting like he couldn't breathe. He appeared as if he was in shock at what the guardian angel was trying to tell me.

After I woke up from this dream I was feeling a bit creeped out. I felt that there was something negative I had to protect myself from. I was trying hard to figure out what the dream meant. What evil did I have to hide from? Then I read a chapter in "The Essential Zohar" book that spoke of Noah's Ark. Everything made sense to me then. The angel of darkness was on her way. When evil has reached a critical mass even the innocent can be overtaken by the angel of darkness (death). I wrote a poem/ article about this dream. Then I felt the angel's presence in my bedroom while I was half asleep in my bed one night. It was not a pleasant feeling at all. She knew I was on to her plan! Then Kobe Bryant died and corona virus/ covid-19 went public!

I had finished writing this article but then I remembered a prophetic dream I had just the other day. In this dream I gave a gift to a man. He immediately took the gift and threw it on the ground in disgust and walked away. He did not want my present. A similar event took place twice the other day. I gave a copy of the Ana B'choach prayer to an unhappy lady who gave off a negative and jealous vibe towards me. I felt like she needed the prayer. But after I gave it to her I'm pretty sure she threw it away. I felt that she was disgusted by my presence and the fact that I had the audacity to even give her a gift. Her energy was rotten. Perhaps she didn't deserve the gift? But I was trying to be helpful.

Then I gave the prayer to a man I met in Staples while making photocopies of Zohar prayers for my family members. I don't know how I got myself involved in a conversation with this negative spirit but he was basically telling me that I would go to hell if I didn't accept Jesus. He was trying to debate with me and question me. It was really an awful experience- an energetic attack! Super negative! I gave him the Ana B'choach prayer and left quickly. He probably threw it away as well. After all, why would a Jesus fanatic be interested in a Kabbalistic prayer from the Zohar? I didn't connect the dream with the reality until I wrote this article! Interesting huh? Perhaps I need to stop giving gifts to people who don't want them. This could be the message I was meant to receive. As they say, "No good deed goes unpunished!" Story of my life!

I've had many more fascinating dreams, but those are the few I selected to share with you. What kind of dreams have you been having lately? Are you becoming super intuitive or is your life confusing and chaotic? If the answer is confusing and chaotic then it may be time to raise your vibration and consciousness! Til next time... Wishing you amazing sweet prophetic dreams!

Jennie H is a Reiki Master Energy Healer, Co-Founder of Self Saviorz Society California Non-Profit 501(c)(3), Poet, Author and Entertainer with goals to help raise the vibration and consciousness of humanity!


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